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It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single girl beginning her senior year at Longbourn High School must be in want of a boyfriend. This is a truth that applies to every senior girl at Longbourn. All, except one. Elizabeth Bennet was a smart, witty, compassionate, sociable, lively, and headstrong girl. She wasn't one of the "popular" people at her school, but had lots of friends and was liked wherever she went. And the only one not on the hunt for a boyfriend. This made her more "friend" material for the seniors of Meryton than "girlfriend", as most young men want to be with a girl who tries everything they possibly can to be with him. This had been fine with her. There was one however, who felt the exact opposite. But the only one who can tell this story best, is Elizabeth herself.

"Lizzy!" Jane called me over to our lunch table. I came over and sat down at the table with my friends. There was Jane Netherfield, Charlotte Lucas, my sister Lydia, her friend Catherine Forester (she goes by Kitty,) and Jane's sister Mary.

Jane is the sweetest, kindest, most beautiful, and most modest person I know. Almost all the guys at Longbourn want to date her. Charlotte is sensible and determined, and my best friend. My sister Lydia is a 16. She is irresponsible, embarassing, and acts like a 10 year old sometimes. Her friend Kitty just follows her around all day. Mary is a different story. She's a sophmore, and the smartest and dorkiest person in our whole school, besides Collin Willams, but I don't want to talk about him. The six of us didn't usually sit together, but there was a big party tonight at Meryton's, the most popular place to eat in town. All of them wanted to sit together to talk about what they would be wearing, and I had no choice but to come along, because then I would have to go sit by myself, and that would be no fun at all..

"Lizzy!" Jane said again.


"What are you wearing to the party?"

I sighed. Jane was popular, so she obsessed over clothes a lot. Although I couldn't care less, it was important to Jane, so I tried really hard not to space off entirely whenever she talked about it. That accomplishment was easier said than done for me, who would be fine going to the party in my pajamas.

"Umm... I don't really know for sure..."

"Lizzy?" Charlotte scolded. "You haven't decided what to wear yet? There's supposed to be a bunch of new students coming in from Derbyshire!"

Kitty and Lydia looked at each other and said in unison, " Mmmmm..." And bursted into giggles. I rolled my eyes at how ridiculous my sister and her friend were being.

Mary put her chin up high and said, "Elizabeth, as much as I always express the same emotions as you on not caring about the opinions of others, I think we should leave a good impression. They are coming from a land of sophisticated culture and we would greatly benefit from their importance."

I tried very hard not to burst out laughing, for Mary's sake. She was always talking in an old- fashioned tone.

"Really Lizzy, I think you should wear your green dress that we got you for your birthday! Remember that one?"

How could I forget it? Charlotte and Jane had got me an expensive beautiful olive green party dress for my Sweet Sixteen.

"Sure, I guess I'll wear that one."

I truly was looking forward to the party. I enjoyed being around people, and knew that I was generally well- liked. The part I didn't like was Jane and Charlotte obsessing over my outfit even more than theirs, as this happened every time we ever went anywhere.

Jane squealed. "Great! I have a feeling this will be a great night!"

I smiled at my best friend. "Me too."

I got home and tried my best to look nice for the party. I did my hair carefully and put on my dress. Jane and Charlotte were counting on me to make a good impression, so I put a little more effort than I normally would have for these things. I grabbed my purse and was able to slip out of the house without alerting my mother, just telling my father that I was going to a party.

"Fine Lizzy, leave me here with these silly women. But I expect you to come home before I am driven into insanity by your mother and sister."

I giggled and said goodbye to my beloved father. I got into my car and started the engine, not noticing that I was nearly out of gas. When I was a block from the gas station, my car stopped running. I sighed. This was going to take a while. I was able to pull over and locked the car before walking to the gas station in my fancy dress and high heels. I felt hilarious as I walked in my formal attire past three bikers in leather jackets, who couldn't have looked more different than myself.

One of the men snorted at me and said, "What's with the fancy getup you prissy brat? Where'dya think yer goin', a royal ball or somethin'? This is a convenience store missy."

I smiled sweetly at him and said, "Really? I didn't notice. Well as long as I'm here I might as well get some gas for my car in this 'fancy getup' as you so nicely put it. You should really get some yourself, it might make people less scared of you." The other two men laughed but the one I insulted just turned red and balled his fists and came towards me.

"Why I oughta-"

"Well I would love to stay and chat, but I have a royal ball to go to," I interrupted hastily. "Goodbye gentlemen."

I quickly got the gas I needed and was relieved to see that the scary men had left. I went back to my car and filled it up with gas, putting the container in the trunk. As I shut the lid, I noticed something on the window.

Don't be a smart aleck, missy. We ain't likin no back talk. I knew who it was from and moaned. Now I was definitely going to be late for the party, and for what? Using my wit on three strange men who could tear me to shreds if they felt like it? I sulked back to the store and asked for soap and water to wipe off the graffiti. This night couldn't possibly get any worse.

I had never been more wrong.

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