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The day was brisk and clear. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, which was good, because it fit the mood of the wedding. A gentleman paced back and forth in his study. His only other daughter was getting married. At least this one had planned it out correctly, instead of acting like her irresponsible sister and running off with a scoundrel when she was eighteen. She had talked to him after her fiancé asked for his consent. He was reluctant to let her go, as she had always been his favorite, but she was twenty-four, and able to make her own decisions. Besides, he approved of her choice immensely. They had been together for six years, and the man was like a son to him. Her father knew that the fiancé was completely and utterly besotted with his daughter, and also knew that she felt the same. Mr. Bennet sighed, as he had to leave now or he would be late. His daughter's friend would kill him if he missed the wedding. She had planned it all out, from the dresses to the confetti, and everyone knew not to question Jane Bingley. She was known for her caring heart, kindness, and her strong temper when she was displeased. Mr. Bennet chuckled at remembering the timid young girl she used to be, never raising her voice. Marriage to Charles Bingley had treated her well, providing her with a backbone, and twin babies.

Mr. Bennet got out of his study and walked to the kitchen, where Mrs. Bennet was mumbling something about her hair, nerves, and "Darling Darcy, being so charitable to marry our little girl." The husband and wife got in the car, and Mr. Bennet couldn't help but wonder what it would have been like to walk his real little girl down the aisle, as he hadn't been invited to (or even informed of) the wedding of his youngest, Lydia Wickham. He knew she wouldn't be here, as the last anyone had heard of her was two years ago, saying that she was pregnant with her second child. Mr. Bennet shook his head at the disgrace of his daughter, and focused on tuning out Mrs. Bennet.

"There, all done." Jane Bingley pulled away from Elizabeth's hair. It had to be perfect for the wedding.

"Jane it looks wonderful!" Her friend smiled.

Jane grinned. "I'm not a hair stylist for nothing!"

Jane watched her beautiful friend put on her shoes. So much had changed in six years. She was now a married woman, with two wonderful twin babies, Elizabeth and William. Jane sighed, remembering all the good times. The ice cream fight on her twentieth birthday, Charles' proposal, and Charlotte's wedding. She frowned. Actually, Charlotte's wedding wasn't a very happy memory. Neither she or Elizabeth had been pleased when Charlotte married Collin Williams at nineteen. They knew that Fitz had been in love with their friend, and she with him, but Charlotte had chosen money over happiness. Jane's eyes brightened at the memory of the previous Kitty Forster's wedding to Richard Fitzwilliam. Fitz always had on a smile, but she had never seen him so happy as the day he married the love of his life. She was glad that she and Kitty were the bridesmaids, as Kitty had turned into a graceful young woman after the shock of Mrs. Wickham's elopement wore off.

Elizabeth turned to her. "I can't believe it Jane. Everything has happened so fast!"

Jane laughed, thinking the exact opposite. "That is if you consider six years fast!" The women giggled as Kitty Fitzwilliam knocked on the door before coming in.

"Elizabeth, you look gorgeous!" Kitty squealed.

Elizabeth smiled. "So do you Kitty!"

Mrs. Fitzwilliam grinned, and turned to Mrs. Bingley. "It's time to get going." Jane took a deep breath, preparing herself for what was to come. "Thank you Kitty, we will just be a moment."

After Kitty left, Jane and Elizabeth turned to each other and hugged.

"I will miss you Jane."

"Not that much will change Lizzy, at least between us. Charles and Darcy are together every day anyways, and it will just be more convenient too see you both every day for the rest of our lives."

The best friends smiled as the bride in the white linked arms with the maid of honor in the light pink, and they walked out the door.

Charles Bingley watched his best friend pace back and forth. For some reason, it reminded him of second grade when Darcy had tried to determine whether or not to tell his father that it was him who accidently lost his mother's $200 gold necklace in a game of capture the flag, when the necklace had been used as a flag. Mr. Bingley chuckled at the memory, causing Mr. Darcy to turn to him in surprise.

"What's so funny?" He asked.

"Oh nothing, just thinking of the past." Charles replied.

Darcy stared at him for a moment, before nodding briskly and pacing again, causing Charles to laugh some more. Darcy looked at him in irritation, which reminded Charles of when he had offered to pretend that there had been a robbery and the necklace had been stolen. Even when he was eight years old, Darcy was the very model of honesty.

"Darce, do you remember when we were playing capture the flag in second grade, and you lost the necklace your father had given your mother for her anniversary?"

Darcy thought for a moment, and smiled fondly when he remembered. "Yes, I remember that. You offered to help me stage a robbery, if I recall."

The men laughed, and as Charles looked at Will he thought, 'I'm going to miss you, old friend.'

The sister of the groom tapped her foot in irritation, her arms crossed. Where on Earth was Henry? She was just about to go looking for her fiancé when a very happy Richard Fitzwilliam crossed her path.

"Georgiana!" He called.

She ran over enthusiastically to her favorite cousin. "Fitz! Have you seen Henry?" Richard groaned. "Georgie, you know that I hate the idea of you getting married, even to someone I like as much as Henry Brown."

Georgiana rolled her eyes. Her overprotective brother and her cousin had both threatened to beat up Henry when they found out they were engaged. Will and Richard were wonderful, but she hadn't been able to really date anyone after Wickham until Richard got married and Will went off to Cambridge with Elizabeth. Georgiana was extremely happy at the thought of having Elizabeth as her sister-in-law. She laughed at the thought that nothing would really change, as Will and Elizabeth had been around each other every day for the past six years. The only time Elizabeth wasn't at the Darcy's house was when Will was at the Bennet's. Her random laughter caused Mr. Fitzwilliam to raise his eyebrow, and made the future Mrs. Brown blush.

"I was just thinking about time, and how fast it goes," she replied to his unasked question. His face softened and he engulfed his cousin in a hug. "So have we all Georgie, so have we all."

He released her and whispered, "And your Henry may or may not be locked in a closet down the hallway." As he ran away Georgiana laughed. Some things never changed. And Richard's affability for pranks was one of them.

The church music began, and Fitzwilliam Darcy's heart nearly leapt out of his chest. It was finally time. After pacing so hard he wore a path in the carpet, he was getting married to the love of his life, the woman he had fantasized about being married to for nearly seven years. He realized with a shock that the wedding was the same day as when he first met her, seven years ago. He couldn't pace in front of the whole church, because half of the many eyes were on him, so he pretended to pace in his head. Mr. Darcy scanned faces in crowd. He saw the Bennets, the Netherfields, a newly married Mary Smith nee Netherfield, his father, Henry Brown, the Williams and their three children, his cousin Anne de Bourgh and his aunt, the older Fitzwilliams, Lou and Lousia Hurst, and (he observed with a slightly smug expression in his mind) a Caroline Bingley who was glaring daggers into his skull. He didn't care, because he was about to become the happiest man on Earth. He had asked to marry her when they had been dating for two years, but she demanded a college degree first. Darcy had just smiled at her persistence, and followed her to Cambridge University.

Mr. Darcy was still lost in his thoughts when the doors opened and the three year old flower girl, his second cousin, Georgiana Fitzwilliam, trotted down the aisle. She then went completely out of wedding conduct and hugged his legs, saying, "Have fun Cousin Dawcy." He laughed along with the rest of the church and leaned down and hugged her, as she took her place with her chuckling grandparents. Darcy looked to the side at her father and Charles, who were trying hard to hide their laughter. Richard grinned at Will who winked in turn. Charles just rolled his eyes at his two best friend's antics.

Fitzwilliam Darcy turned back to the doors of the church where a beautiful Jane Bingley was coming down the aisle with a simple grace, making her husband take a sharp intake of breath. Fitzwilliam admitted to himself that Jane looked lovely in her long pink gown, but she wasn't the woman he was waiting for. Behind her his cousin Kitty and his sister Georgiana were walking together, looking as radiant as always in the same dresses as Jane. Finally the one he loved appeared.

Elizabeth looked beautiful on the arm of Mr. Bennet in her new white strapless gown with silver ornate decorations on it. The old silver flower in her hair was the same one as she had worn the day at Pemberley, when fate had offered him another chance with her. The blue pendant on her necklace was beautiful, and if he could of seen them, he may of thought about how exquisite the silver shoes that she had borrowed from Mrs. Bingley were. But he didn't think about any of this. All Fitzwilliam Darcy thought was, 'Elizabeth is perfect. And she is almost mine.'

The bride walked through the doors, her heart doing flips similar to the ones it had done when he said he loved her six years ago. She looked straight at her future husband, and zoned out everything except for him and his big brown eyes. Elizabeth didn't hear the music, didn't see any of her friends or family, and didn't feel the soft silk of her wedding dress. All she saw was Darcy. She knew exactly how much he loved her, and she knew exactly how much she loved them. The two young people loved each other exactly the same amount, and they both knew how much. They both loved each other more than they loved themselves. Elizabeth had to focus on his eyes so that she wouldn't stumble under pressure. Looking into his eyes had always made her feel safe, for the past six years. Nothing could please her more than to be with him.

Elizabeth Bennet walked down the aisle on the arm of her teary father and as the reached Darcy, she finally registered her previously most beloved man's countenance. He was crying, and he was sad, and he was happy, but most of all he was proud. She teared up at the sight of him, and kissed him on the cheek. He smiled at her and handed his most prized possession to the person who would now have her for the rest of her life. Elizabeth watched her father sit down before she turned to Darcy, Mr. Bennet already forgotten.

"Ready?" She whispered.

He smiled at his treasure and said softly, "I will always be ready for you."

Elizabeth felt her heart about to burst. She remembered how she would always love him, and always be ready for him. When they quarreled, which they undoubtedly would, she would remember that he was hers and she was his, and that nothing could change that. Elizabeth and Darcy walked up the aisle, and to the minister.

Elizabeth almost didn't hear anything the priest said, she just stared into Darcy's eyes which were full of unshed tears, and she had no doubt that hers were the exact same. The minister asked if there were any objections, as Elizabeth held her breath. There were none. They exchanged the rings that both had engraved on the inside, "You were worth it all. FD+EB", to symbolize all the trouble they went through to have each other at last.

She finally tuned in as he said, "Do you, Fitzwilliam Darcy," and listed all the things he would accept to do in marriage. Elizabeth wasn't worried at him not accepting, all the way back in high school he was able to reassure her that he would always say yes to her.

As the priest waited for Darcy to accept, the man said, "I do."

Elizabeth listened to her vows being read, and analyzed Darcy as she did. He wasn't the same person as he was seven years ago. No, he was completely different. He had changed everything for her. Darcy was now the man she loved and would always love, not the arrogant high schooler he used to be. The minister finished and looked at her expectantly. She said, "I do." Darcy had never ever, in his whole life, looked so happy.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. Mr. Darcy, you may kiss the bride!"

And Mr. Darcy most certainly did.

As the limo drove away, Darcy looked at his beloved Elizabeth, and pulled from his jacket pocket a little card that had been in a bouquet of flowers about six years ago, and had been long forgotten by Elizabeth. The card said two similar things, written in two different styles of handwriting, by two different people who were now one. It said; I love you. I love you too. Elizabeth looked at the card and smiled fondly, before dropping it and moving onto her husband's lap.

As Mrs. Darcy was about to kiss Mr. Darcy, he stopped and said, "I can't believe you are finally mine."

She smiled and said, "You had better believe it, because I will be yours forever."

Her Darcy kissed his Elizabeth. Their struggle was finally over. The pride and prejudice had finally completely disappeared, so that only the memory was left. The end of all the pain and heartbreak was finally official.

The bad times had ended.

It was a new beginning.

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