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Chapter 1

Santana storms out of her house, slamming the door closed behind, she slides into the front passenger seat of Quinn's car without even looking back at the house.

"Everything ok?" Quinn asks her, a concerned look on her face which is mirrored by Brittany in the backseat. Santana gives a quick nod, staring straight ahead, her dark eyes burning with anger. Quinn sighs and starts the car, pulling away from the kerb and driving out of the street.

"Where's Rachel?" Santana finally speaks.

"At the library, a least that's what her dad told us when we went round there" Quinn tells her, "What's going on?" Santana sighs, realising her girlfriend wasn't going to drop it until she explained her crappy mood.

"My Mom found the strap" Santana murmers, "Watch the road Quinn" she orders sharply as Quinn's whips around to look at her. "She freaked out, she's still getting used to the fact that I love the vagina" the latina sighs, ignoring the giggle from the backseat, "and now she has to get used to the fact that I'm into 'freaky sex games' as she put it"

"It'll be ok San" Quinn smiles softly. "If my mom can get over me being gay then your mom can get used to the fact that her daughter needs a spanking every now and then" she smirks. "I tell you what, We'll grab Rach from the library and then we can all hang out, you can forget about all the crap with your mom for a while"

"That sounds good baby" the latina smiles, "Britt, if you kick the back of my chair again I will warm that sweet ass up for you" she threatens playfully, laughing when she feels the dancer nudge the back of the seat again.

"I'll go get her" Quinn states, pulling the car into a space, "Be back in a few" she smiles, getting out of the car. Santana smirks when Brittany climbs into the vacated driver's seat and plants kiss on the latina's lips.

"Hi" the dancer chirps, "I missed your sweet lady kisses last night"

"I missed you too Britt" Santana answers, kissing her softly. "It's all good though, the four of us could get out of town for a while, I'm sure there's a few motel rooms out there that need christened" she smirks as Brittany giggles.


"Hey Mr Berry is Rach home?" Santana asks, in a sweet tone that she reserved for parents, as the three of them stand on the doorstep of the Berry house.

"Sorry girls, she's still at the library" Michael Berry tells them.

"She's not there, we just came from the library" Quinn informs him. Michael looks confused.

"Well, you girls had better come in just now" he says, stepping aside to allow them to file in. They all sit in the living room and Michael calls Rachel's cell phone, frowning when there's no answer. "I'll call my husband" he excuses himself from the room.

"I think I know where she is" Brittany murmers,Santana and Quinn turning to look at her. "I didn't say anything because she promised she wouldn't go"

"What Brittany? Go where?" Santana questions, one eyebrow raised.

"There was this audition in Cleveland that she wanted to go to but her both of her dads said no. She mentioned sneaking off but I made her promise not to" Brittany tells them.

"Jesus Brittany, why didn't you mention this before?" Santana snaps.

"I didn't know for sure, you know I can't read a calendar" Brittany whines, causing the latina to feel instantly bad.

"I'm sorry baby, it's not you I'm mad at" Santana whispers softly, wrapping her arms around the dancer. "I'm guessing she took a bus" the latina sighs.

"Guys, let's go, I told Mr Berry that we'd go get her" Quinn says, ushering them out the door and back into the car. "I'll make sure she has trouble sitting down after this" she growls, starting the car, "Getting a bus to Cleveland by herself without even telling anyone where she was going"

"I want to do it"Santana turns to look at Brittany in shock, "It's always me she lies to, she knows that I'll trust her. I'm gonna spank her" Brittany states bluntly. Santana turns back in her seat, a smirk on her face, feeling a little aroused at the stern tone to Brittany's voice.

"Alright baby but remember, if Rachel says no then that's it" Quinn tells her.


Rachel sighs as she steps out of the theatre, she knew that she was under experienced but it still stung that she didn't get the part. She wraps her jacket further round her as she heads across the street to the bus station, stopping abruptly when she notices Santana leaning against the wall. Rachel tries to keep her face neutral as he walks closer to the latina, whose aviators are covering her eyes yet Rachel still knows that their is a death glare being sent in her direction.

"Hey Rachel, fancy seeing you here" sarcasm drips from Santana's mouth. "Have you had a good day sweetie?" she asks in a sickly sweet voice grabbing Rachel's hand and leading her along the street. "We're having something to eat before we drive home, Brittany got hungry during out long-ass drive to Cleveland" Rachel allows herself to be pulled into a diner, Santana gesturing for her to take the inside seat as they sit opposite the blonde's in a booth. Rachel avoids looking any of them in the eye. She knew she was in major trouble.

"What do you want Rach?" Santana interrupts her thoughts, gesturing to the menu.

"I don't have enough money left" Rachel blushes.

"I didn't ask if you did" Santana snaps. They sit in silence after ordering their food, Rachel chances a look at Brittany only to notice the tall blonde glaring at her. She shrinks back slightly, she had never seen Brittany glare at anyone.

"I'm sorry" the diva murmers.

"We'll deal with this when we get home" Quinn states, "Your dads know that you weren't at the library but I called them and said that you had been waiting at my place for me"

"Thank you" Rachel smiles, a smile that fades at the grim expressions on her girlfriends' faces. Yep she thought, major trouble.

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