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Chapter 3

Santana sighs as she looks down at Rachel who is asleep with her head on the latina's knee. She slips out from underneath her and quietly leaves the room, almost walking into Quinn who is outside the door. Quinn nods her head in the direction of the guest bedroom and Santana follows her into the room, closing the door and sitting on the bed.

"Britt's pretty upset" the blonde states, "Did Rachel say anything?"

"No, she cried herself out. We can talk to her when she wakes up. It seems weird though, right?" Santana asks, her brow furrowed.

"Yeah, she's never done that with us, she always wants us to comfort her. It didn't seem like an overly strict spanking, so it's not because Britt went too far with it" Quinn sighs, "And she wasn't forced into it, she knew that one of us would have done it instead" she lays her head on Santana's shoulder. "I don't get it San"

"It's ok baby, we'll talk to her when she wakes up" Santana says gently, placing a kiss to Quinn's head. They both turn their heads when the door opens, an upset Brittany entering the room and joining them on the bed.

"Does Rach hate me?" Santana draw Brittany into her arms at the sound of her small voice.

"She definately does not hate you princesa! She's upset but everything will be fixed when she wakes up" she murmers into the dancer's hair, sharing a devasted look with Quinn.

"I shouldn't have spanked her, I've never done it before" Britt says, her eyes filled with tears.

"Rachel agreed to it Britt. Wait until we talk to her, ok?" Quinn's voice is loving yet firm at the same time, "We'll all deal with it together"


It's more than an hour later when Rachel shuffles downstairs to find her girlfriend's sitting at the kitchen table eating pasta.

"Hey baby girl, yours is in the microwave" Rachel nods, walking to the microwave and turning it on. She doesn't say anything, pretending to be interested in watching her bowl turning inside the microwave. Santana frowns slightly as she watches Rachel sit down in the leftover chair next to Brittany without even so much as glancing as the blonde, concentrating on her food instead. The latina shoots Brittany what she hopes is a reassuring smile, her heart breaking at the sad look on her face.

"Rachel" The diva looks up at the sound of Quinn's voice. "What happened?" Rachel shrugs and looks back down at her food before pushing it away. Santana places a calming hand on Quinn's knee, knowing that people refusing to be vocal whilst she's talking to them was her biggest pet peeve. "Rachel" Quinn's voice is firmer this time.

"What?" the diva asks quietly, looking at Quinn who sighs and looks at Santana who stands up.

"Come on baby girl, let's go have a chat" the latina says, pulling Rachel out of her seat and leading her into the livingroom, sitting on the couch with her. "What happened? Why did you push Britt away?"

"I just...it was too different" Rachel murmers.

"Of course it did, it was the first time that Britt spanked you. She's really upset Rachel, she thinks you hate her" Rachel's head snaps up and she looks stunned.

"How could she think that? She knows I love her, I love all of you" Rachel tells her genuinly.

"I know and we all love you but you know Britt's alot more sensitive than we are" Santana says, brushing a strand of hair from Rachel's face. "And you pushed her away and wouldn't speak to her. What's bothering you baby girl?" Santana watches the diva have an internal battle with herself, trying to choose the right words.

"It felt worse than any punishment I've had, Do you have any idea how horrible it feels to have hurt and angered Brittany enough so that she wants to spank you? I mean it's Brittany! She doesn't even raise her voice to anyone, yet there I was, over her knee!" Rachel sighs, leaning forward, her head in her hands with Santana rubbing soothing circles on her back.

"Rach, the whole point of the spanking isn't just to punish, it takes the guilt away too. Brittany wouldn't have done it if she thought that this would be the reaction." Santana explains. "Instead you've added more guilt to your conscience"

"I made Britt feel like crap" the diva mutters.

"Like I said, added more guilt. Do you feel angry at Brittany for spanking you?" Rachel shakes her head. "Did she do it wrong?" another shake. "So all it was, was that you felt bad that you made Brittany mad enough to spank you?"

"Yeah. It sounds stupid huh?"

"Well, considering the spanking was for lying to Brittany and then running off to Cleveland which made all of, especially Britt mad, You really didn't get the full point of the spanking but I guess you've punished yourself" Santana sighs. "We'll need to teach Brittany the finer points of the pre-spanking lecture huh?" the latina smirks.

"Yeah" Rachel smiles softly.

"So will you please go talk to Brittany" Santana tells her, planting a light smack to her still sore behind. She shakes her head in disbelief at the drama caused and slumps back in her seat.


Santana smiles as she walks into the kitchen hand in hand with Quinn to find Rachel sitting on Brittany's knee, her head on the blonde's shoulder.

"All good?" Santana asks.

"Yeah, although I need help practicing my lectures" Brittany replies, a serious look on her face.

"Better to ask Quinn, she can scold for hours" the latina jokes, jumping out of the way to narrowly avoid a slap connecting with her backside. Quinn rolls her eyes and pulls her back towards her, planting a kiss to her lips and gripping the latina's waist possessively. Rachel and Brittany share a smile, they knew that once Quinn was in this kind of mood, they were in for a fun night.

"Bedroom" Quinn husks out to Santana who looks giddily at her girlfriend before practically bouncing out of the room. Quinn turns to see her other girlfriends staring at her with wide mouths. "If I have to say it again..." she leaves the threat hanging, smirking in victory when Rachel literally sprints out of the room.

"Can we use the hand-cuffs?" Brittany asks in a voice far too innocent for what she was asking.

"Yeah sure baby" Quinn grins, taking the dancer's hand and leading her out of the room.


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