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Picture Perfect [1-40]

-A photo album of memories taken place in the life of the Titans. Snippits of life at the Tower. [BBRae, RobStar and others]


His brain could compute and retain much more information than a super computer. Sometimes he considered this a curse because even though he had memories of the great things he and his teammates accomplished, he also remembered each and every death of his friends with striking clarity.


"AHH! No wait!" Crash! The ruckus that Robin heard didn't make him look up from his newspaper. What made him look up was the long silence that followed. The only thing that interrupted it was the quiet slapping sounds of Raven placing stamps on an odd Beast Boy sized package.


Starfire didn't understand the point in underlining things. When you write on lined paper isn't everything underlined in blue?


He never really rested. At night he would always be patrolling the city and in the morning he would be devising new strategies and training programs for his team. Midday would be when he finally sat down to enjoy spending time with his family. "Robin would you like to partake in—" Beep beep beep. And then of course the alarm would sound.


"Cyborg?" "Yeah Star?" "Is this…print?" Cyborg glanced at the paper in Starfire's hands. "Uh. No that's written in pen. But you're welcome to use the printer in my room if you want." The alien princess stared at her friend in confusion. "But this is print is it not?" "Nope. That's ink." "Not print?" "No." Starfire drifted slowly towards Raven in hopes of clearing her confusion. "Raven is this not print?" The empath stared at the paper. "Print as in not cursive?" The alien girl nodded. "Yes that's print Starfire." Boy did Cyborg feel stupid.


Out of all the Titans Raven ate the least. He noticed that it wasn't because of some crazy dieting technique; it was simply that she required and ate less food. But he couldn't help but feel uncomfortable when all she drank was tea. But of course she wouldn't accept the tofu he offered either. But sometimes she did, and he knew he would always continue asking.


"Aren't you glad this log was here?" he asked the soaking empath as they clung onto the wood to stay afloat. She gave him a piercing glare as if to say it was his fault they were in this mess. And it actually was. "But of course if it wasn't here you'd be welcome to hold on to me." She sighed and said "Beast Boy, we both can swim. You can transform into a fish if needed and I can simply levitate. The log isn't necessary." "…" "…" "You can still hold on to me if you want."


She allowed Beast Boy into her room willingly only because he wanted to borrow a book from her. Why she didn't kick him out when he lay comfortably on her bed reading she still doesn't know.


They all had color coordinated toothbrushes. So when Starfire wanted to change her color to pink, Cyborg to white, Beast Boy to black and Raven to blue things got just a little confusing and a lot awkward.


One time in a very fierce battle, the green Titan lay on his back in gut wrenching agony with his abdomen literally cut partially open. And by the time the police held back the rest of the Titans from severely maiming and/or killing the persecutor the Changeling walked up to them as if nothing had ever happened.


Surprisingly the Titans got sued by a resident of Jump City for accidently throwing their car into Plasmus. To avoid any more of these problems the Titans sat back and let the villains do their work for a while. When the city concluded that the amount they'd have to pay due to the absence of the Titans was greatly more significant than the cost of the damage the Titans caused to stop the villains they immediately came crawling back for their help.


"DUDE! Hey guys! Look at this!" The youngest Titan opened up a video on the large television screen. A guy with very heavy black eyeliner showed up wearing nothing but a picture of a traffic light taped on his…area. "Teen Titans! GOOOOOOOOO." He yelled, stretching the last word to a point where it got annoying. A girl with bright red hair wearing a bikini walked out giggling like mad and a caption read "Starfire". Then the camera zoomed in on a trashcan and the caption read "Cyborg." Last is showed a girl also wearing swimming gear holding a knife and weeping. The caption read "Raven". Then came in a little boy, barely over 10 who pulled "Raven" into a hug. "DUDE!" he said. Then the screen went blank. "Well at least they got one thing right." Cyborg muttered. "DUDE. What's that supposed to mean?" "…" "That was a terrible satire of us."


When the three of the youngest Titans came to visit, Raven was a completely different person. When the child dubbed Teether waddled over to Raven she picked him up automatically and her usually stoic expression would change to a slight smile. Beast Boy just can't help thinking that one day she would be a great mother.


People complain about annoying neighbors but the Titans don't have neighbors per say. The entire Jump City is their neighbor. And instead of complaining about the trouble it always seems to get into, they just try and help it get out.


They were sure that the way Titans Tower was run wasn't by a monarchy. And it was certain that it wasn't a democracy because even though the majority (four out of five) would rather not have morning training they still had to do it anyway.


It was odd that as big as the Tower was, the Titans basically just occupied the top part of the T. So when Raven screamed at Beast Boy for some privacy she could have easily went to one of the rooms down below. But of course the fact that Beast Boy could sniff her out wasn't the point, the point was she never really actually minded the company. "BEAST BOY!" "Oh shit." But there are exceptions. Like the shower for example.


She knew that they were just a branch of the real Titans. They couldn't really copy the T-Car, but they really would like to have their own mode of transportation. Cyborg already had several things down, the T-car and the T-Sub just some on the list. The only thing she could think of was a truck. Not very fashionable. But maybe if she painted it black and yellow…


"Dude, Robin you're like a lark." "The bird?" "Yeah." "Uh thanks?" "Lark is also a word that can be used to describe a person who enjoys getting up early in the morning and sleeping early in the evening." Starfire piped up. The two boys stared at the smiling alien. "She's been reading a dictionary." Robin clarified. "Oh and I don't sleep early." "Raven enjoys very much to do those things." Starfire quipped again. "Yeah but Raven doesn't look like a lark." "Excuse me Beast Boy? Are you saying I look like a lark?" Ignoring his leader the green changeling continued. "Raven's more like a raven. Except she's prettier." Then Raven interrupted the conversation. "Thank you Garfield for comparing my looks to that of a bird." He smiled at her sheepishly, his cheeks turning a blotchy purple.


The morning after that night with Beast Boy, Raven was really glad that her uniform covered her neck. She'd rather not have Cyborg cause her to blush more then she should. She did enough of that last night.


Melvin knew that her siblings and she were practically the youngest of all the Titans and they would have to, sooner or later, take over for the older Titans. But she also knew that Raven and her friends wanted them to stay innocent a little while longer and because of that she felt safe.


It's not that Robin didn't really enjoy going to the theater with his friends, but sometimes when the actors did crazy stunts on stage, it felt just a little too similar to the circus.


"It must be really hard for Trigon to find shoes." Beast Boy said out of the blue. "…" The Titans stared at him and then glanced at Raven. She shrugged and said "Well probably, considering he has hooves."


"You cheated Cy!" "I did not man! You just suck." "That's not fair! You probably have like five bajillion cheat codes in that brain of yours." "WHAT? I don't need to cheat! I got skills of my own man." Raven slammed her book down and glared at the pair. "Well Beast Boy, Cyborg does have the capacity to hold those cheat codes in his head." "YEAH! Told ya Cy! You cheater." Cyborg stared at Raven in disbelief. "I'm not done Beast Boy. Cyborg may have the ability to have those codes but that doesn't mean he uses them." "That's totally unfair Rae." Beast Boy said in a huff.


Sometimes when insensitive people would give him disgusted looks simply because of his appearance he would feel positively beastly.


He knows he hurts her every time he locks himself in the evidence room and he hates himself for it. It was during these moments that he sees himself like the person he vowed never to become.


"Dude?" "Yeah man?" "How is our window also a T.V.?" "…"


She could articulate words that he wouldn't be able to spell. She could move things using her mind. Her head would always (well most of the time) be running smoothly and her emotions would usually be in check. Her IQ surpassed those of normal humans. But when he pressed himself to her and captured her lips with his she wouldn't even be able to think straight.


While he was undercover as a Hive student he couldn't help but miss his family. As headstrong, goofy, naïve and grumpy as his family could get he couldn't help but think about them.


He thought it would be a one hell of a laugh if he switched up the nameplates on each of the Titans doors. The confusion, embarrassment and awkward moments were totally worth the extra hours of training.


Raven isn't the only one that can read other people's emotions. Animals can actually smell what other creatures are feeling and I guess I inherited that trait (along with everything else I can change into). So sometimes when my friends glare at me to leave them alone, I know they don't really want me to leave. So I guess when Raven sticks me to the ceiling she's just showing how much she cares. No matter how much anger's radiating off her at the moment.


When Terra came back he noticed that when he took one step towards Raven she always took two away from him. And it hurt.


"Love you Raven." She gave a slight smile to the two guys in response and left the room to follow that one certain other guy. Starfire gave her a quick peck on the cheek as she left. They all loved each other, in one way or another.


She hates it when she accidently 'sees' what her family members were dreaming that certain night. It pains her when she feels Robins stress, Beast Boys primal urges and Starfire's confusion on whom she really is. When she awakens from these experiences it pains her some more when she remembers that Cyborg doesn't have to sleep and she knows that one of his deepest fears is to become less human.


"Truth or dare?" "Dare." "I dare you to go steal one of the girl's bra." "Black or purple?" "…" "You've done this before?" "You mean you haven't?"


"Oh hello friend Beast Boy. What is that that you are reading?" "FanFiction Star." "…" "…" "It is about us is it not?" "Well this one is." "It says BBRae. What it that?" "Uh…" "Lemon? What is a lemon? The yellow and very sour thing? This BBRae is eating some lemons?" "Well…" "Oh look! A RobStar. Hm. That looks most similar to mine and Robins name does it not?" "…" "Lemon…this RobStar is eating lemons too? May I see what that is about Beast Boy?" "I don't think so Star." "Limes? Huh. Those green lemons? What is that mean Beast Boy? May I read this one?" "Uh…no?" "Oh. May I see after you finish reading about BBRae eating lemons?" "Uh… Okay sure. But I never showed you any of this okay?"


There was a new leader and the new Metahuman Restriction Act basically stated that any super powered person (alien or not) would be arrested. So as Robin watched his family get carted away he made a promise to himself that either he would get them out at any cost or join them in jail. A family was a family after all.


With all the time he put in to watching to make sure his friends slept peacefully or making sure Jump City was safe, his circadian rhythm was way out of whack. But they all had a certain tune that they all followed and he guessed this was his.


One day when the boys returned home early from their all guys night out they saw an odd sight. Raven and Starfire stood over the stove (and that alone made their stomachs clench up in pain). But the odd thing was that they were mixing a potion that had this pearly sheen and spiraling steam on a large black cauldron. "Ok Star, what does it smell like to you?" "It smells like the flowers that grow on Tamaran, mustard and hair gel." "Ok good, for me it smells like that new never-opened book smell, incense and this musky smell that I can't put a name on." They looked at one another, red tingeing the two shortest of the men, turned around and walked right back out.


Some of the Earthly ways confused this specific alien in a lot of ways. But certain things were just so beautiful, that she didn't care much for what or why they were there.


He'd stare at his hands, or the robotic things that were his hand and think "Life's not fair." But then looking around at his wonderfully mixed up family he'd think "You'd just have to deal with it and move on."

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