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Picture Perfect [161-200]

-A photo album of memories taken place in the life of the Titans. Snippits of life at the Tower. [BBRae, RobStar and others]


Sometimes she got curious why they always used the word to associate with her. I mean sure she said friend to reference to the people she's close to. But she certainly does not say friend every single time before she says some ones name. On occasion maybe but not continuously. I mean surely they know that I consider them my friends.


One time Cyborg tried teaching Raven how to make waffles and it didn't end up very well. So the next day when he saw a box of frozen waffles in the freezer he was about to go berserk. Frozen waffles! The disgrace. The day after when Raven went to go get a waffle she saw that the box of frozen waffles has mysteriously vanished.


When Starfire showed Raven the game they both had asked the boys to play with them. Hours later they were all intent on finishing the game though none of them were even close to being bankrupt. No one wanted to get up in fear that something would happen while they were gone. So when the alarm sounded they simply did not know what to do.


He would usually feel uncomfortable if he was in the same position for a long period of time. Something had to be happening. But he felt at ease in the silence with her, as she slept with her head on his chest.


It was kind of an awkward time when the interviewer asked the Titans if they believed in God. One by one they gave their answer, the interviewers eyes widening each time.


When he finally came back to his senses he was shocked at the site. People lay dead all around him and his hands were stained with blood. He called out the names of his family members, of the Titans but got no answer. He took a careful sniff of the blood on his hands and tears filled his eyes. It was their blood mixed with all the others.


"Well Rae I got you a gift." "Hm." "You don't like flowers all that much." "Obviously." "So I got you some chocolates." "I'm not in the mood." "Oh, well I got you flowers also." "That contradicts your previous saying." "I also got you jewelery." "I won't wear jewlrey." "Well you have to accept this gift," he said and pulled her into a passionate kiss.

Surrender-Continuation from Conflict (#151)

"There is nothing to admit to. Why can't you see that?" "I see that your hiding behind that wall of yours again. I can sense you're lying." "Whatever." "You feel what I do." "No." "You love me." "No." "I love you." "…" "You're scared." "I…" "I'll tell you a secret." "…" "I'm scared too."


One time he asked her what it was like when she pulled someone into her cloak like she did with Dr. Light. She stared at him with sad eyes and told him to never ask her about it again.


He pushed her against the wall of the training room and smiled at her. "We shouldn't do this here," she said with a small smile. "Rules are meant to be broken," he said and engulfed her in a kiss. A little while later he pulled away and said "What do you think Star and Rob do when there here? Train?"

Rules [x2]

"Please Robin we shouldn't be doing this. It is breaking the rules," the alien princess said as she bent down along side Robin. He was spray painting Cyborgs bench press so that the next time he used it he'd have a big strip of pink paint running down his back. "Don't worry about it Star, it's just a little payback."

Rules [x3]

"Aw man what the hell!" Cyborg was astonished when he looked at himself in the mirror. There was indeed a long strip of pink running down his back. How he didn't notice it on the bench press was his fault. "What the hell do they do in the Training Room! Definitely not train that's for sure. Breaking all the rules…"


He said he'd never stop until he got her to smile. But one day he did stop. He stopped and she regretted that she never smiled for him. He'd never be able to see her smile because he was no longer alive.


When she looked at herself in the mirror she saw a demon but when her family looked at her they saw Raven for who she really was.


She practically killed him when Beast Boy took those pictures of her on their way to Tokyo. But later when Beast Boy gave her the pictures she actually kept them.


The only time he could remember ever biting a villain was when Malchior broke Ravens heart.


"Who's turn was it to order out again?" "Starfire…" "That would explain the mustard pizza." "…" "Remind me never to let her choose again."


Truthfully it really cut in deep when he learned that Raven chose Robin during her father's reign over Earth. It hurt.


He doesn't transform into the Beast at any given moment. He didn't even change into it during their last fight against the Brotherhood of Evil. When he did turn into it though, it always had something to do with Raven. But he was scared. What if he never changed back?


"Beast Boy?" "Yeah?" "What're you reading?" "Comics." "Does…is that…?" "It's about the Titans! Us!" "I see that. Huh." "Yeah and guess what." "I'd rather not." "Raeeee!" "Fine what?" "We kiss."


"I love you so much." Her heart sank. Ever notice how often people say that right before they say goodbye?


"Hey guys look what I learned!" Beast Boy announced one day. He started doing different and intricate things with his hands. "Uh, is that sign language?" "Yeah!" "Nice Beast Boy. Good for you." "I wonder if Starfire could learn sign language by kissing someone." "Shut up Cyborg." A couple minutes past where nobody said anything, except Beast Boy who was using sign language, which no one could understand but still. "I can't believe he could find a way to be annoying and not speak at the same time."


DING DONG. "You know I always forget we have a doorbell." "Whatever just go get the door Cyborg." A couple minutes pass by. Beast Boys ears perk up and he turns to the rest of the Titans. "Cyborg's calling us. He sounds worried." When they reached the door they knew exactly why Cyborg was worried. "Look what the stork dropped in ya'll." "Oh my goodness. It is a little child!" "I didn't know people still do that." "What are we supposed to do?" "How'd they get here. I mean seriously! We live on an island! And now we have a baby! Okay, who knocked someone up?"


Even while facing impending death he would find a way to make them all laugh. Or smile. Okay maybe not even smile but comic relief can help. Accept for Raven. She might just kill him a couple minutes earlier if he bothered her enough.


The first thing people notice when they move into Jump City is the giant T in their bay. They learn why it's there soon enough, usually when they're about to be crushed by some ginormous monster or something.


"How is he?" "Ten fingers and ten toes, absolutely perfect." Yeah and pointy ears and gray skin. Perfectly normal."


"Hey Star did you get a haircut?" "No I simply dyed the tips of it invisible." "Uh." "So you didn'tcut your hair?" "No it grew shorter." "…" "She's been hanging out with Raven too much."


He learned to like and accept her faults first. So when he experienced all the great things about her he just fell in love with her even more.


Sometimes Robin hated being the leader because of all the choices he has to make. Sometimes the line between a good decisions and a bad decision isn't very clear because there aren't always good and bad decisions. There are also times where he has to choose between a less bad decision and a less wrong one.


She stared at the bouquet of flowers in front of her. She always thought that flowers meant "I'm sorry," and chocolates meant "I love you," so she wondered what did he do wrong this time?


She heard the saying "I want to a person who comes into my life by accident, but stays on purpose," and thought it fit nicely into her situation. They met through aliens threatening to basically destroy them if they didn't get what they wanted and that was crazy enough. He didn't leave even after he found out about the darker side of her. In fact he just loves to try and get her to hang out with them and to make her smile.


Just when you think you think you have some time to hang with your family the alarm sounds. Jump City is always in trouble. But I wouldn't have it any other way. Jump City wouldn't be Jump City without its villains and hero's. And of course without the civilians we wouldn't have anything to protect.


He held her photo in his hand. It was the last picture they ever took together. She died the next day in one of their worst fights against a villain. But that was years ago. He heard the common room door open but heard no footsteps. "Hey Star." He muttered. "Oh Beast Boy. We all know you loved her…but it has been years." "I'm living my life normally. But you never stop loving someone. Remember that Star. You either never did, or you always will."


Starfire sometimes found it really hard to be in a relationship with Robin. He was always so into his work. She loved him, she really did but sometimes when he was in his evidence room for hours on end she just wondered if he felt the same. I hope that I cross your mind once in a while just so I won't feel pathetic for thinking of you all the time.


They were in desperate need of a night of girl talk. The two people that they love didn't love them back. "Oh Raven. I fear that one of the biggest mistakes a girl can make is… falling too hard for a guy." "Maybe Starfire. Or maybe one of the biggest mistakes a guy can make is not catching that girl."


He was getting on her last nerve. "Beast Boy. Please just shut up." "Tsk. Tsk. Raven. Ever head of the phrase 'don't fall for words, fall for actions'?" "No, and I don't see how this fits into our conversation. Thanks for your pearls of wisdom though." "No problem Rae Rae." "…" "But I bet you're falling for my actions." He said with a wink. "Maybe. But I doubt that because all you do is talk. You'll have to do a lot of waiting for me then." "Don't worry. I'll wait." "Time is of the essence Beast Boy." "Time is simply something humans created. It doesn't exist. So therefore I have all the time in the world to wait for you."


"You're letting him go?" "If two people are meant to be together…eventually…eventually they'll find their way back." "I hope for your sake eventually is soon…" "Time isn't of importance. He told me that."


"Why is it only the dudes cook in the tower?" "Do you want to get food poisoning?"


He kissed her hungrily and she kissed him right back. After separating she gave him a small smile. "Hate you." "Hate you too."


The sun shines even if they aren't around. Like goes on. Evil reins. Justice prevails. But life goes on. The sky's still blue. Except maybe when Trigon takes over. The sun's still out there. But it shines a hell of a lot brighter when they're all together.

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