Hey, (waves) Dawn here with a new story! :) There are a few things you've got to know though.

One, this will be a series/multichaptered fic. It's a bit like a connected series of oneshots I guess.

Also, I messed with canon a bit, Dick became Robin at age eight instead of nine, Bruce adopted Dick at age 23 (he's significantly younger than in canon), and yes, Dick is OOC. I do have a legit reason though. The short reason is, that like all kids, Robin emulates his idols/parental figures/etc. Batman is, quite frankly, a douchebag and therefore Robin is going to (try to) act like a douchebag too. Due to his immaturity though, he comes off more like a brat (or Damian). Anyways, enjoy the story~

Warnings: Cursing.

Disclaimer: Anything you recognize, I likely don't own.

EDITED: 12/8/2012

(Or In Which Flash is the Fashion Police, Robin is a Little Bitch, and No One Likes Superman or Green Arrow)

When the Fastest Man Alive (more commonly known as the Flash) first saw the strangely clad boy, he didn't pay him much mind other than the fact that he was about to get crushed by a crumbling building. He blurred over and swung the small child into his arms. The speedster then ran towards a more stable street. After he set the boy down, he immediately zoomed back into the ongoing battle raging just a few streets over.

When he saw the boy next, right around the end of the battle (the League was winning of course), the Flash had an inkling of deja vu and was upset to see that the kid (who really couldn't have been older than seven or eight) didn't seem to have a parent around that he could defer to. The speedster was surprised when he realized the kid was ushering a man at least twice his size away from the battle (and surprisingly, the man was fully complying). Flash didn't get to dwell on this for long though as a laser beam started to chase him across the field.

After the battle was over (and he was wonderfully sore but thankfully not bleeding), the Flash saw the boy once more and was taken aback by the kid's attire. The young boy was clad in a red tunic, black bottoms (were they tights or pants?), a black cape with a yellow underbelly, and a skin tight domino mask.

He couldn't stop himself when he opened his mouth and asked, "Who the hell dressed you?" Flash shut his mouth with a click and a light flush (not a blush though because he was a man) when he realized how rude that had sounded. The kid gave him a look and placed his hands on his hips. The speedster's eyes went wide when the boy responded.

"Does being the fastest man alive make it easier to stick your foot in your mouth or what?" The masked kid sneered and Flash gaped at him. Green Lantern coughed into his hand from where he had stood to watch, though there was no mistaking the laugh that he had been trying to cover up.

"Why you little-" Flash sputtered. When words failed him, he simply crossed his arms and started grumbling to himself.

"What? Can't come up with a good comeback? Brain not as fast as your feet?" The boy taunted, tossing his head back cockily. Before Flash could open his mouth to snap something back (and boy did he have something to say), Superman jumped into the conversation.

"That's enough," He told them firmly, floating towards the two heroes and the boy, "Now; do you know where your parents are?" The boy glared at him and the kind smile on the Man of Steel's face faltered when the boy refused to answer. "What's your name?" The boy glared harder. "Can you tell me your parents' names?"

Finally the boy broke his silence, "My parents told me not to talk to strangers," He informed them mockingly, his voice taking on a slight accent. It was Superman's turn to gape at the tiny boy. By then, other League members had walked (or flown) up to see what had caught the attention of about a third of their team. Green Arrow rolled his eyes and tried to unsuccessfully push the Kryptonian out of the way.

"Let me handle this, Boy Scout, you're going about this wrong," The blond smirked as he crouched down to the masked boy's level.

"Do you know who I am?" Green Arrow asked the scowling child and pointing to himself. The boy raised a disbelieving eyebrow at him.

"Green Arrow," He acknowledged slowly, crossing his arms over his red tunic and the scowl slipping into a frown.

"Do you know who he is?" The archer asked pointing at Flash this time- who waved in response.

"The Flash."


"Wonder Woman."


"Green Lantern," The kid was starting to get visibly annoyed by then.


"Black Canary."

"Your parents' names?"

The boy snorted and uncrossed his arms. He placed his hands back on his hips.

"Their names are 'nice try' and 'none of your business.'"

A tick developed just above Green Arrow's left eyebrow and he ground his teeth together angrily.

"Listen here, kid," The archer growled but was cut off by a laugh from Black Canary. He shot a frown at his fellow blonde, "Aren't you supposed to be on my side?"

"Sorry, Arrow," The blonde beauty laughed, putting a hand on the archer's shoulder, "But you're getting told off by a kid half your size and like a fourth of your age. Frankly, it's pathetic." Green Arrow opened his mouth to reply but was stopped short when he heard a cackle. He turned his glare back at the snickering kid in front of him.

"Even your girlfriend thinks you're pathetic!" The boy crowed with a full blown smirk that Flash thought only the Bat could pull off. Green Arrow clenched his fists. He opened his mouth once more and was about to say something that would probably make the kid cry and that Green Arrow would maybe regret in the morning. Instead, he was once again cut off by an approaching shadow.

"Robin," Batman rasped, "That's enough." The boy- Robin- raised his eyebrows but relaxed his posture.

"Bats!" Flash exclaimed with wide eyes, "You know this kid?"

"Yes," Batman droned, his voice betraying no emotion, "This is Robin, my partner." The present members of the League fell silent and gaped at the Bat with varying degrees of shock.

"Your partner?"

"You actually know this brat?"


Batman crossed his arms and surveyed his teammates. Flash and Green Lantern's mouths were hanging open in shock while Black Canary was looking Robin over with a trained eye. Green Arrow was trying to continue glaring at the kid but his lips kept quirking up in amusement and Superman was frowning as he gave Batman a disappointed look.

"This is monumental! I can't believe it, Bats has a sidekick. I never would've expected Bats to be the type who worked well with kids." Green Arrow exclaimed with an amused grin on his face. He apparently did not sense the glare that had been turned on him at full blast.

"I am not a sidekick!" Robin growled and the archer jumped, turning back to the kid startled.

"As riveting as this conversation is, we must be going," Batman informed the League, sarcasm leaking unbidden into his voice. Robin ran towards his partner and halfway to him, fell forward (giving the League a near heart attack). He tumbled into a roll and onto his hands. He pushed off, doing a handspring, flipping through the air fluidly once- twice- three times. He landed on his feet in front of Batman with his cape fluttering around him.

"Finally," Robin sighed and Batman's mouth quirked up into a smirk of his own. The raven turned to glance back at the members of the Justice League before flashing them a smile. "Nice to meet you, hope we can do this again sometime!" He told them, sounding surprisingly sincere. Throwing back a wave, he shot his grappling gun towards the nearest skyscraper. The League stared after the boy in shock as he let out an eerie cackle.

Green Lantern let out a low whistle, "Damn, B, you've got one crazy-" He looked around and realized that the Dark Knight was nowhere to be found, "How does he always do that?"

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