Eternal Questions

Ever watched the new kid's non-existent aura. Why wasn't it there? And why couldn't she hear his thoughts? She couldn't even see everything about his life when they touched like she did with everyone else. She felt as though he was familiar, as if they had met before. And, every once in a while, she wondered if he was even real.

Why, after all, would a new kid automatically attain a good parking spot on his first day of school? Only rich, popular seniors got them, and he was an outcast junior, even though he was rich. She must be the only person to see him. He knew where every class was and owned an expensive BMW. Where were his parents? What about his expensive clothes? He never wore the same clothes twice, as well.

After a while, these questions faded into the background and she forgot about them, but when she finally knew the boy for what he was, Damon the Immortal, she still wondered. And some stayed buzzing in her head for the rest of eternity.