Update 11/13! I re-archived "Home" and "The Letter from Jiggy Pepper" to this collection, and added a couple of new poems. I also fixed the formatting on previous chapters.

The first was requested by MoonfireHikari (best wishes on your exams, darling!). The second was something I had in my head as I was writing the first one. Midterms and other leisurely and business-like pursuits kept me well-occupied last month. Sorry it took so long. I hope it's to your liking. :]

I don't own Tegami Bachi. I'm also just borrowing Aurum and Argentum. :3

Thank you everyone! :3 Enjoy!

A Lucky Star (Aurum/Argentum - OCs)

We entered into this life
under the same lucky star.
Our hopes and dreams so pure
and our futures malleable,
one and the same, silver and gold.

We shared memories so warm
under the same lucky star.
Our light we held close by
of that everlasting hope
burned brightly through those passing days.

We endured sorrows so dark
under the same lucky star.
Our parting imminent
and a fated sacrifice
shadowed recollections of joy.

We'll fade into forever
under the same lucky star.
Our lives' bittersweet end
and our legacy's loving start,
the trail of light we blazed behind.

Whispers (Gauche)

The whispers in the night
that carried his heart so well
invoked such lucid memories
and feelings none could tell.

Our thoughts stayed with him still
long after the whispers hushed.
Quietude within that followed
lingered steadily, never rushed.

Through silence, through the dark,
our resounding hearts still fluttered.
With such keen unerring resolve
letters sent were hardly muttered.

Our hopes for a happily ever after
A quiet someday with us
Lingered in those nighttime whispers
And those letters, our hearts' voiced trust.