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Prologue - A Night Dancer With a Secret

"The defendants are guilty!" The four words rings in Logan's head as he sits in his leather seat watching the dumbest thing ever. He jokes about it, calling it the 'James thing to do'. He crosses his arms, closes his eyes and replays the morning court hearing in his head as the present event is boring to him.

"We, the jury, find the defendants, managers of Strip Away guilty of mal-treatment of their employees Stacy, Valerie, and Candy. We found the defendants must pay each of the three employees a sum of twenty five thousand."

"We are done with the case." Judge slams his gravel, as three women and their two male lawyers jump happily.

"Thank you so much." Stacy shakes James' hand. "I, we couldn't have done anything without you."

"I am happy to help." He winks. Logan rolls his eyes at how charming James is with beautiful women.

"Please come to The Gentleman's Club tonight." She asks. "We want you to celebrate the victory and what better way to celebrate than for us to show you what we do best."

"Definitely!" James answers unquestionably.

"Wait just a sec." Logan grabs his arm, pulling him to the side. "James, we are lawyers. We can't go to strip clubs. Do you have any idea what would happen if people catch us."

"Nothing because we are two adults celebrating with three hot women."

"There are men for you Logan." Stacy yells assuming Logan swings for the other team. And with the blush on his face, the assumption is pretty much inferred.

"We still can't go."

"Light up Logain. I bet you will find the man of your dreams there." James jokes. "And I am calling in the favor for breaking my car, so ya... You have to go."


Logan shakes his head, watching James smugly smiles as three girls dance around him. Disgusting, isn't he? Who would have three girls dance around you? You should, well you only need one. Logan shakes his head again, bored out of his mind.

"And now are the main dancers!" The host yells loudly on the banging, ear killing loud speaker.

Logan checks his watch. It is time for Stacy and her friends to dance. And afterwards they can go home, finally.

"Enjoy yourself!" James shouts holding a hundred dollar bill.

Easy for him to say. James is bisexual and being in a room of semi poorly dressed girls and guys is his fantasy, not his.

"Look Logan. He's cute."

"James I don't-" Logan turns speechless, staring at a dancer. Logan's eyes drop as he stares at the beauty across the room. "Damn it," he says as he pictures James with an incredulous smirk, nodding 'I told you so' at him.

Logan rubs his chin as if the dancer is a science experiment and he is studying it. The dancer is wearing tight leather pants, a tight unbuttoned vest, without a shirt underneath and a bowtie. All revealing his tone caramel define muscles. But even with the God like appearance of the enticing dancer, it's the face that draws Logan. The lips are hiding a story and the eyes are a pool of sorrow. Something isn't right about him.

"So you like him?" Stacy dances next to Logan, surprising him. She smiles and calls him to come over. "Dancer #3!" She yells. The dancer comes over. "Give him a lap dance."

Logan blushes as Stacy winks and walks away.

"I-I a-am dancer 3." He stutters as he throws his legs, his muscular legs over Logan's lap. "P-please don't t-touch."

Logan sinks in the seat, gulping the spit lodged in his throat. Damn it, I'm not supposed to fall for a stripper. He thinks as the dancer swags side to side, hands folded on his jet black hair. Logan stares into his eyes again. In the depths of the chocolate oceans, Logan can't stop thinking that the dancer has a story, a pained story, as if he doesn't want to be here.

"What is your-"

"S-sorry." He flicks Logan's hand off his raised elbow; Logan was trying to shake hands. "N-no touching."

"Wow Logan!" Logan sharply glares at James. "I knew you would have fun. Stacy!"

"Ya James?" She walks over.

"Add to my tab the price to get that dancer in bed with Logan."

"WHAT!" Logan blushes, trying to get up.

"S-sorry sir. You can't touch." He pushes him back in the seat.

"I'm not trying to touch."

"We are not prostitutes James." Stacy adds, jumping on James' lap.

Thank God.

"But a night escort is 800."

"Done!" James winks at Stacy. "Add it, Stacy."

"No problem. But Logan you have to take dancer #3 to your home. Escorting is not permitted in the club." Stacy walks away.

"Logan I don't care. Even if you waste the money not having sex, consider this as a happy birthday, Christmas or whatever holiday I probably will forget to get you a present for. So you better take him home."

Logan growls as the dancer jumps off him. "Y-You ready?"

"Ya." Logan answers coldly, walking out of the club, the dancer following behind.

At Logan's home

"Sorry for the mess." Logan leads him into the apartment. It's a single apartment with one bathroom, bedroom, a library (because Logan wants one), a living room and a kitchen. Surely a lawyer with a flawless winning streak should be living in a more welcoming, lavished home but the dancer isn't one to complain.

"Where is the bathroom?" He asks as if it is a whisper. Logan points to the door down the hall to the left as he hangs his jacket in the closet in the hallway.

"You have to go to the bedroom to get into the bathroom." Logan adds as the dancer walks down. Logan pinches his nose, a headache forming, and walks into the library to check his messages on the land line phone.

2 messages.

"Logan, this is your mother. I heard about your win in the Stacy Smith Vs. Strip Away case. They are beautiful women. I think and as your mother suggest you-"

Message deleted. Logan shakes his head. He doesn't want a girlfriend, let alone his mother to nag him about it.

"Logan, HA! I hope you have fun. The Latino is cute and I bet he can tear you a new bed."

Message deleted. I'm not going to have sex. Logan thinks, holding on the delete button. Logan throws the phone back on the receiver and grabs a bottle of Advil medicine he places next to the phone. With past messages from his mother and James, he knows to keep a bottle of prescribed strength headache pills next to the phone.

Dry popping two pills, Logan walks across the hall.

"AHH!" He screams covering his eyes. "What are you doing?"

"I-I'm sorry." The naked dancer blushes on top of Logan's bed. "I thought you wanted to have… to have…"

"No I don't want to have sex!" Logan yells walking into the dresser. "Did you put on your clothes yet?"

The dancer sits there silently, piling the blanket on him.


"I accidentally got them wet in the bathroom when I was taking them off."

"Don't you…" Logan remembers he didn't bring any bags. "Never mind. Wrap my blanket around yourself like a robe." He waits a minute tapping his foot. "Done yet?"

"Yes. Sorry."

"It's fine." Logan answers harshly, slowly peeling his hand from his face. He sighs seeing the man covered. "You do know escorting doesn't mean you have sex right?" Logan asks sitting next to him. He sees the somber expression on the caramel tone face, regretting his harsh tone.

"I know. It's just everyone knows escorting is a nicer way of saying prostitution." He plays with the blanket.

Logan frowns listening to the pained voice emitting from his lips. He watches the dancer's fingers brunching the blanket, creating shape, different stars mostly, as if he is an innocent child. "I'm sorry if I said something mean."

He slowly tilts his head, facing Logan's. His eyes, pure mocha brown, looks as if tears are about to fall. "You didn't do anything wrong. I'm just a bad escort."

"Is there a standard?" Logan jokes playfully pushing him. "Oh sorry, I mean…" He grits his teeth. Great add cold-hearted to the list of Logan's horrible dominant qualities. "You're not bad. You have a hot body." Logan tries to save. He blushes noticing the pink tint on the naked man's face.

"I guess."

"You guess? You mean you know!" Logan tries to cheer him up shaking his shoulders. "I saw you for a second and that was the hottest second." Logan lightheartedly laughs. "Anyone would be lucky to have you."

Suddenly, the dancer thrusts his lips on Logan's, surprising the lawyer. Logan accepts unknowingly, closing his eyes and wrapping his arms around the blanket clad body.

Logan pulls back, whispering "very lucky" before noticing the tears falling down the other's face. "Are you ok?" He wipes the trails.

"I'm fine." He sobs.

"Do you want to talk-"

He cuts Logan off with his lips. Logan moans feeling the warm tongue enter his mouth, stopping his verbal abilities.

"I-I want to have sex." He says unbuttoning the shirt, moving his lips down to Logan's neck. "Don't speak. Let me pleasure you." He adds licking the pulse on the pale neck and pulling the shirt off.

"What is your name?" Logan moans gliding his hands under the blanket, feeling the shaking body underneath.

"Dancer #3" He answers unbuttoning his pants, palming the harden erection.

Logan pulls away the blanket, throwing it on the ground. "Your real name."

"I can't say." He cries crawling to the headboard of pillows.

"What are you doing?" Logan asks throwing off his pants and brief.

"G-getting into position." He spreads his legs, hands pushing his thighs further apart, staring at the brunette to continue. "This is what you want?" He asks, a tear falls down his face.

Logan watches him, eyes fixated on the teardrop sliding down his smooth face. He taps his legs. "I want you to do me." Logan flips back.

"What?" He sniffles watching Logan stretching his hole for him.

Logan winces as he probes himself. "I want you fuck me." Logan says.

"Are you sure?"

Logan stares into his eyes. His eyes are full of innocence and he's seems hurt. I don't want to hurt him. Logan thinks as he nods his head. "I want all of you in me."

The dancer lines himself up to Logan, gently inching in him. Logan squints as more of the dancer's member enters him. He hisses short breathes.

"I'm sorry."

"No it's feels so good." Logan arches his back, fisting the blanket. "Please go faster."

Quickening his pace, he slams into Logan, making the brunette moan ecstatically.

"Fucking asshole."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't Stop!" Logan shrieks. "Hit there again." Logan grabs his neck with both hands, pulling him down. "Kiss me."

Follow all of his orders, the dancer gently presses his lips on Logan's as he starts stroking Logan's rod.

"Mmm!" Logan moans as he shoots his seeds over his chest. "I love you."

The dancer's eyes shoot wide open as he jumps out of Logan, facing the side of the bed.

"God!" He stokes himself shooting his load on the white carpeted floor. He pants, chest heaving up and down as he collapses back, lying on the mattress.

"Why did you do that?" Logan asks sitting up. "You could have came in me."

"I-I don't want to hurt you." The dancer turns over, face digging into a pillow.

"You're not hurting me. I actually kind of enjoyed it." Logan rubs the back of his head. Damn James for actually getting him something he wants.

"I'm a horrible person." The dancer jumps off the bed.

"Wait." Logan grabs his wrist staring into his eyes. "Where are you going?"

"I don't know." He sobs.

Logan pulls the boy back on the bed. "Stay here with me." He wraps his arms around him. "Please."

Reluctantly, the dancer lays on the bed facing away from Logan, as he tries to fall asleep.

Logan grabs the fallen blanket and tucks them both in. He wraps his arms around him and gently rests his head on the back. "Are you ok?" He asks again, feeling the body tremble and soft weeps.

"I-I'm fine."

"I'm not going to hurt you. I promise." Logan adds giving him a concern squeeze.

"I know."

"Do you want to talk about it?" Logan asks again recalling the escort used sex to stop the same question.

He shakes his head, crying a bit more noticeably.

Logan sighs. "At least for tonight I know you're safe."

"Why are you so nice to me? You don't even know me." He cries shocking Logan. "Everyone is so mean and nasty and you're so… nice and loving. Why me? You didn't want sex."

Logan thinks it over. True, he didn't want sex but after kissing him, something sparked, something clicked. As cliché as it sounds, Logan feels he might like the guy. And he feels like it is his job to protect him. People protect the people they lo-like, right?

"Aren't lawyers supposed to hate prostitutes?" He adds curling his body into a ball.

I'm a stereotypical lawyer that said that. I told James that all day long. "You're not a prostitute."

"An escort is no better." He retorts.

Logan shakes his head against the smooth back. "You're human." Logan says rubbing his palm on his stomach, calming him. "Look I'll be honest. At first I don't want to have sex but the moment you kissed me, I wanted to be with you."

"Everyone that says that wants round two." The dancer cries.

"Does everyone talk about how beautiful your eyes are? How they are deep and incredible." Logan pauses, waiting for a response. "Or talk about how your eyes tell me you're hiding a story?"

"I'm not going to tell a stranger my past." He whispers folding his hand over Logan's.

"I won't ask." Logan cuddles against him. "At least tell me your name."

"I can't." He barely whispers.

"At least tell me the first letter and I promise to let you sleep."

The dancer smiles. "It's C."

A billion names run through Logan's mind as a smile creeps on his face. "Thanks, C." He turns over and flicks a switch on the wall. "Good night." He returns his hands to their place on the Latino.

"Good night, Logan."

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