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*Note: Hijo is son in Spanish and Carlos says three lines in Italic. He is speaking in Spanish but I want the readers to understand what he is saying.

Logical Deduction

"What?" Logan asks his partner, his eyes filled with surprise.

"Kendall's in jail because him!" James yells with ferocity and anger in his voice. The lawyer bites down, clutching his teeth as an attempt to control his overflowing rage. His eyes dart to the close to naked man sitting across the table who's beaming at James with his convincingly sad eyes. James doesn't buy it, knowing that Carlos is a masterful actor and con-man.

"What! When did this happen?" Logan jumps. He thought they were so close to solving the case and proving Kendall's innocence.

"This morning. Apparently, the court sent an email to everyone except us. So the minute we got there, on time, the police ambushed Kendall and handcuffed him." James explained.

"Wait but that still doesn't make sense. We did so well yesterday." Logan denies, recalling his streak yesterday in court. He's pretty sure that they had the case in the bag and had Dak as the next prime suspect. "What did they say was the reason for the overnight decision?"

James growls, glaring at Carlos with his eyes. Logan doesn't need his answer, knowing what James was going to say. "Because of this whore!" James lunges at Carlos with both of his palms wrapped around his neck, pushing him against the refrigerator. The dancer chokes, hands curling around James' fingers, trying to break free but James's determined to kill the Latino.

"James! Stop it!" Logan jumps between them, pushing the lawyer off of his boyfriend. He holds his hands out, defending Carlos as Carlos slides to the floor out of breath. James groans, his knuckles turning white and cheeks burning red. "What the hell is your problem?"

"Did you know?" James yells the question at his partner. The only logical reason James can think why Logan would defend the cowardly liar would be because he doesn't know what Carlos is capable of doing. "Did you know!"

"Know what!"

James screams, pulling his hair as he paces until he notices Logan's phone on the island. He unlocks it and scrolls through the recorded memos, finding the one he wants. "This!" He points the screen to the two of them. Carlos shrinks back against the cold door. He forgot to delete the file. "That whore recorded us having sex and sent it to the judge!"

"What?" Logan catches the phones as James tosses it to him. Pressing it to his ear, he disgustingly listens to it for three seconds before turning it off and stares at Carlos.

Carlos stands up, shaking his head. His mouth opens, trying to voice an apology but nothing comes out.

"Why?" Logan sympathetically mouths to his boyfriend, surprised by his action. Although, now that he thinks about, this was why Carlos's been acting weird, apologizing every minute and doubting his worth to Logan. This was why Carlos was so secretive. "You mean ..."

"Yea," Carlos croaks, eyes glimmering with a layer of tears. His body quakes, terrified that now Logan's going to hate him and push him out. "I'm sorry."

"You're fucking sorry!" James yells, punching the wall, leaving a large, cracked, bloody imprint of his knuckles. Logan quickly jumps in front of Carlos, shielding him from James's rage. "You're fucking sorry? Kendall is in jail because of you!"

"Now, wait James." Logan tries to calm him down but James is passed being calm. He's venting and having the man who ruined Kendall's life in the same kitchen isn't making it easy.

"Get out, Logan!" James wags a finger at the lawyer. "Kendall is in jail because of him. What did Kendall do to you?" James faces the Latino, directing the question to him. "He let you live in his house. You were a part of his family. Kendall was nothing but nice to you! He let a prostitute live in his house!"

"Stop it, James!" Logan yells, stepping forward. "Stop calling him a whore and a prostitute."

"Then what is he? Huh? From what I know people who used sex to get something are whores and prostitutes." James logically argues. "And why are you defending him? He jeopardized our case. Why are you protecting him?"

"I'm not protecting anyone!" Logan corrects and peeks at Carlos over his shoulder. The dancer is scared, looking at the tile floor with guilt. "I just want to get my facts straight and know what happened."

"Ok, sure Dr. Mitchell." James sarcastically throws his hands in the air, mocking his partner. "You want to be a smartass lawyer, fine. Evidence one, that whore recorded Kendall and me having sex. Evidence two, Kendall is in jail. Evidence three, he used sex to get your guard down. Therefore, the court finds me justified in beating the crap out of him!"

"Wait!" Logan lunges forward, blocking James from reaching his victim. Carlos cowers, covering his faced with his forearms. "One and two are true but the third-"

"Oh, go find another whore to fuck!" James pushes the brunette, speaking with the same mocking tone. "He fucking ruined the case and you know it! Stop defending him! You are not his lawyer! You're Kendall's!"

"But I want to get both side of the story."

"Bullshit!" James hammers the wooden island with the same bloody fist, shaking the whole room. He glares at Carlos for causing it, for causing everything and confusing Logan. Logan used to be strong and logical. He would never side with a whore before meeting Carlos. "You know Carlos is a fucking dirty whore. He ruined this case! Why are you defending him?"

"I'm not!"

"Bullshit!" James yells again, pointing at his friend's face. "You are so blind that you don't see what an asshole he is. Get his dick out of your ass and tell me in the eye that Carlos is innocent. How many times did he fuck you to get you to side with him?"

"None! I don't need sex to be on his side." Logan quickly bites his lips, realizing the trap he walked in. "I mean I'm not on his side. I just want to know both sides of the story. Carlos wouldn't do it on purpose." The brunette turns, giving Carlos a reassuring nod.

Carlos is still as petrified as ever. After all of James' lashing and strong words, Carlos can't help but feel worst about himself. He knew Kendall would get hurt and James would be in trouble but this is his son, his own family. Andy is all that is his in the world and Carlos wants to protect his kid. But he regrets, feeling guilty for Kendall and James. And most of all, he hates himself for what he did to Logan, the man who listens and accepts him. There is no way Logan will forgive him now.

"Fine, what is his story?" James asks Logan, wanting nothing to do with the dancer and not accepting his existence. Logan pleads Carlos with his dark brown eyes, those beautiful eyes that Carlos can melt in. This was what Carlos wanted to tell Logan in the first place but now with James yelling at him and the thick tension it's harder for him to say the truth.

"Carlos," Logan nudges him, nodding his head. From the look on Logan's face, Carlos can tell. He can see the unconditional love the lawyer has for him. It's the same look Logan gave him at dinner in James' house or up in the tree. Logan always asks, never expecting Carlos to talk if he is not ready. Logan really is a great guy. Too bad, Carlos doesn't think too highly of himself.

"I ..." Carlos stutters, words choking in his throat. The simple truth seems so easy for Carlos to tell the man he loves but the reality is never as easy. "I-I can't."

"That's because you're a lying whore!" James states, pushing Logan aside and punches Carlos straight in the gut. The dancer topples over, lying on the floor with his arms wrapped around his stomach.

"James!" Logan pushes his friend back and shoots down to Carlos' height, arms wrapped around his hacking body. He strokes his tan back, easing his pain. "What the hell! You can't touch him!"

James grunts, pulling Logan up by the collar, choking his friend.

"Don't hurt Logan." Carlos coughs, struggling to stand up.

"Shut up!" He commands the feeble man as he toss Logan aside, guiding his rage at the lawyer who should be on his side. "Why are you defending him? Don't lie to me, Logan. I know you. You never let stupid things cloud your judgement. Why can't you see that Carlos is a worthless, manipulative whore?" James asks, this time with a gently, concern tone.

Logan looks back and forth between the two. He knows James is right. The reason why Logan is so good at what he does is because Logan never lets his emotions get the better of him. It's the facts. "Ipso Facto" is what he always said in and out of the court. But he loves Carlos. Carlos is his Ipso Facto but in court, that's not a justified answer.

"Carlos, please. Please just tell me why you did it. I won't judge. I won't blame. I will love you no matter what. I will forgive you like you did for me." Logan begs, rubbing his arms where James pushes him to the kitchen counter.

At Logan, all Carlos sees is the honesty that Logan will never hurt him, never hate him. He can tell Logan anything but looking at James is a different story. He knows his side of the story will not sit right with the tall, muscular, strong brunette. The guy can and probably will kill Carlos the second his mouth opens. Tapping his shoes and having his arms folded on his cheat, James is practically waiting for an excuse to beat him.

"Logan," Carlos starts but shakes his head. "I want to but I-"


The three adults stop and listen to the high pitch voice echoing from the front of the apartment. Logan and James share a confused look but Carlos knows exactly who it is.

"PAPI!" A tiny boy with centimeter long raven hair calls, turning into the corner. The minute he sees Carlos, a smile sweeps across his face as he runs pass everyone and jumps onto Carlos' body. "Papi!" He cries, wrapping his arms around his father's naked body.

"Hijo?" Carlos bends on his knees, hugging his son as real tears form. "What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to see you. I know I'm not allowed to walk into stranger's home but the door was open and he said it was fine." His son confidently answers.

"He?" Logan looks up for his explanation. He studies Andy further, noticing the same beautifully gold dusted tan and deep, rich cafe eyes. He's a miniature Carlos, perfection in an eight year old but Logan returns to his thought of who Andy was talking about.

"Who's he?" James asks the same question after seeing Logan dazing off.

"That would be me." Dak walks in and the two lawyers defensively hold up knuckles. Dak chuckles, eying each man personally through his expensive black sunglasses. "Relax guys. I am not here for business. I just wanted to give Carlos a couple of forms I signed and Andy here wanted to see his daddy right a way. Isn't that right, Andy?" The little boy nods happily.

"How did you know where I live?" Logan asks toxically, eyes glaring sharply.

"Wow, Dr. Mitchell. Chill out." Dak jokes, playing with the dense air in the room. He knows the guys wouldn't do anything stupid or rash with him. "I'm sure you know who sent the tape to the judge and forced her and the D.A. to work overnight. So you know the powers I have in the government. Finding where you live is as easy as making only one phone call, literally."

"Sick ba-"

"A-eh. Language Mr. Diamond. I hope you don't mind 'mister' considering your suspension and that I'll make sure you lose your rights as a lawyer." Dak presses the taller lawyer's buttons, knowing exact what to say. "Someone in this room doesn't need to know what happened."

James growled, holding his knuckles. He doesn't care if Andy knows. Why would he care about the son of the man that helped send his Kendall to jail?

"What are these forms?" Logan reads the cover page, changing the subject.

"Those are the form for Andy to live with Carlos."

"Yep!" The eight year old chirps, locking hands with his father. "Dak got the school to let me live with papi now. Dak said that because I am so smart and worked so hard, the school said I am finally allowed to live with my dad." He explains but he's wrong. The school had nothing to do with this.

Logan darts his eyes at the actor after speeding through the first few pages. "Really? So the school magically agreed to this? You didn't have anything to do with this, did you?"

"I don't know what you are talking about Dr. Mitchell but if you want me to mind my own business then well..." He turns his smug face to the Latino, making him grip his son closer. "I can cross out my signatures."

"Sick." James lowly calls him. He wants to punch, kill the bastard but at the same time, he fears what Dak is capable of doing. If fighting Dak in court caused Kendall to be arrested then he can't imagine what Dak will do if he hates him. Dak fights dirtier than he does.

"No, I'm fine thank you. But you seem sick. Your cheeks are red and there's blood on your hand. Maybe you should get some medicine." Dak recommends slyly, having fun with the two lawyers. Now there is only one other person, he hasn't played with. "But anyways. Bye guys, I got to go."

"Do you have to?" Andy politely whines, pouting with his big eyes; he got them from his father. "But I want to play with papi and papi's boyfriend."

"Boyfriend!" Logan jumps, fully shocked of the word.

"I am Carlos' boyfriend." Dak states confidently. "Every single time Carlos called Andy and video chatted, I was with him. We have always been together although I don't know why he's naked here in your house." Dak questions, raising an eyebrow. Andy does the same, realizing his father's lack of clothes. He was too happy to notice.

"Ew Papi! Why are you in your underwear?" Andy jokes and pokes Carlos' pec.

"I-I ..." He stutters again, a tint of pink clouding his cheek. He doesn't want to tell his son everything that happened last night and in the morning.

"He took a shower and his clothes got wet." Logan improvises, covering for his boyfriend. "We threw them in the bedroom to dry." Logan nonchalantly continues.

"Good save, doctor." More sarcasm and laugh erupt from Dak. "You truly are a great lawyer and con-man. But even you can't beat me."

"How so?"

Dak ignores him, shaking his head as he looks at Carlos and his son. "Nothing. Hey, Andy. I got to go to the bank and do some work, ok?"

"Really? But you, papi and I were supposed to go to lunch." The boy whines.

"Sorry kiddo. I have work. Bye guys." Dak waves his hand, growing a smirk at Carlos. "Sweetie. Aren't you forgetting to give your boyfriend a goodbye kiss?"

Logan and Carlos' jaws drop. They didn't expect this from him. Although, James chuckles to himself, arm crossed. He anticipated Dak and Carlos to be partners or up to something.

"Ew! Gross! Kissing is gross!" Andy shrieks, covering his eyes.

"You can't kiss in front of kids." Logan agrees, not because two guys are kissing but he doesn't want to relive watching this stranger kiss and own his Carlos.

"Why not?" James shrugs his shoulders. Logan mouths "not now" to him, but James doesn't care. Carlos is the last person he cares about and if siding with Dak for one second will make Carlos suffer, then so be it. "It's just a kiss. Go ahead, Carlos. Kiss your boyfriend. Oh, wait. Which one's your boyfriend?" James plays. And just as surprised as Logan, Dak smugly smiles, accepting James' unneeded help.

"It's just a kiss, Andy. You know your dad and I are in love." Dak restates and Andy sighs but nods.

"Go kiss him, papi." Andy spins around Carlos and pushes him towards Dak.

"I can't, hijo. I can't kiss Dak." Carlos states, staring at Logan will his watery eyes. "Hijo, stop it. I can't."

"Daddy! It's just one kiss." Andy whines. "I'll close my eyes and cover my ears. I promise I won't watch or listen."

"That's not the problem, Andy. I-I," Carlos can't stop his stutters. He can't fight Dak's smarts and manipulative ways but he also can't do this to Logan again. His past kiss with Dak hurt Logan and Carlos doesn't want to hurt him again. "I-"

"Kiss him, Carlos," Logan shocks Carlos. The lawyer doesn't want to watch Carlos making out with the worst guy in the world but he doesn't want to hurt Carlos and his son. Logan's smart. He knows if Carlos doesn't kiss Dak, Dak will hurt people. Logan is fine with Dak threatening him but to hurt Carlos? Logan can't have it. "You win." Logan whispers to Dak.

Dak gives him a victorious wink and waits for his prize, a lasting kiss with the dancer. James shakes his head disapprovingly but knew Carlos would do it and betray his best friend.

Carlos trembles, walking to Dak, whispering to Logan "sorry" as he brushes by. Logan nods and bites his tongue, knowing the next minute is going to be the worst. He just gave his boyfriend permission to make out with a douche.

"I love you," Dak lies loud enough for the kid to hear, roughly and swiftly crashing their lips together. Carlos holds his stance, controlling his tears from falling as Dak invades him with his tongue, gliding his fingers into Carlos' brief. The Latino jumps with a shriek but Dak muffles his moans. Logan growls, digging his nails into his palm at seeing Dak touching inside Carlos' underwear.

"It's soft, really soft." Dak observes, rubbing up and down the shaft. Logan jumps into front of Andy, hopefully blocking the view of his father being molested. Luckily, the kid closed his eyes and covered his ears. "It feels like you overused it last night," Dak continues and laughs. "You're a whore with a soft dick. I don't need you anymore."

In one push, Dak knocks Carlos back and wipes his lips, spitting on the floor as if the kiss was meaningless. Logan stomps his foot and steps to Carlos' side.

"Well, I'm gone before something crazy happens. Bye guys. Bye Andy."

"Bye Dak," Andy waves.

"And Logan. I never lose." Dak laughs and turns around. But before he walks away, he concludes with a wink and smile at James. "Thanks for winning me the case."

It gets James rallied up, his blood boiling and his face turning red. Without a heartbeat, James lunges at Carlos and chokes him. "You caused all of this!"

"Papi!" Andy cries and runs to him side. He hammers James' leg but nothing can't stop the monstrous brunette. Carlos hacks and nails at James' hands to let go. "Get off!" The kid begs, pushing James.

"James!" Logan joins. With the three of them, James is pushed back and Logan selflessly jumps in front, arms out. Andy hugs his father and cries into his naked chest.

"Don't touch my daddy!" Andy cries, not expecting this. He just reconnected with his father and doesn't want anyone to hurt him. "I-I'll ... I'll call the police!"

"Go ahead!" James tosses Andy his phone, the number dialed. "Call them! Then you have to explain to the police that your dad's a whore!"

"James!" Logan yells, grabbing the phone from the kid's small fingers. "Stop calling him that!"

"My dad is not a whore!" Andy adds loudly, wagging a fist at the muscular brunette. James scoffs, annoyed with the son's cluelessness. "That's a bad word!"

"Oh, really? Tell me what Carlos does for a living."

"Papi is good! He makes people happy for a living!" Andy answers. Carlos cringes. That was what he told Andy. He couldn't tell his only son that he's a prostitute nor does he want to explain his shady past, the reason why they are alone and why he abandoned his son physically to a private school for the last eight year. "My dad is a great man." This brings a tear to the father's eyes.

"So, that's what your papi said," James jeers, shaking his head at Andy's delusion. "Your dad is not what you think he is."

"What do you mean?" Andy asks, curious to what James has to say.

Carlos shakes his head pleadingly. Kneeling on the floor behind his son, Carlos begs for James not to reveal to Andy his secret. He worked so hard to give his son everything, a hope for a better life, but if Andy finds out, his life will not be close normal. Andy will find out he is a bastard child from a paid one night stand. No kid would want that and no parent would want to make his child feel that pain.

"Your daddy does make people happy in ways you don't know. He has-"

"A big heart." Logan cuts in before James can say more. He walks to his friend, whispering in his ear. "What are you trying to do? You would never hurt a kid."

"I would hurt Carlos and if hurting this kid helps, then I'll do it." James vengefully answers.

"This is not like you, James."

"And this is you?" James pushes Logan, thrusting with both of his hands. "You would never side with him or people like him. Weren't you the one that said you hate people like him and vowed to stop what he does? What happened to that Logan, my best friend? You don't have a right to criticize me when you're a hypocrite!"

"Stop fighting!" Andy screams, hiding his face in Carlos' chest. He's confused and doesn't know what's happening. He thought he would be reunited with his father and that's all. He didn't think Carlos would be with these kinds of people. "Papi, let's go. I don't want to be here. Let's go find Dak. He will protect us. He would never hurt us, papi." He naïvely adds.

"We can't, hijo." Carlos wraps his arms around his son, crying down his back. It melts Logan, watching his boyfriend painfully protecting his son. James sneers at the emotional act. He doesn't care. "I'm sorry, Andy. We can't go to Dak."

"But we can't be here. He's a bully." Andy points to James with his finger. Carlos quickly grabs the digit and turns his boy into his body, cradling his head to his chest.

"He's not a bully. He's right," Carlos cries, shaking and quivering. "Hijo, I'm so sorry.

"Papi. What are you saying?" Andy asks on the verge of tears.

"I'm sorry. I love you so much. I'm not a good dad." Carlos says in Spanish, cradling his son and breaking on his knees. His son doesn't understand but one day Andy will and Carlos just wants to apologize a head of time. "It's my fault. I'm a horrible parent."

"Papi, I don't understand Spanish. Please don't cry." Andy cries, hugging his father back.

"Hey, Andy," Logan steps in and taps his shoulder. "I have a TV in the living room. You mind letting us talk to your dad?"

"No! You're going to hurt him!" Andy yells at Logan.

"I'm not going to hurt Carlos, ever. He's my-" Logan stops himself, almost revealing who he is. The situation's complicated and Logan doesn't want to make it worst. That's James' doing but Logan doesn't want to hurt the family. "He's my friend."

"No! How can I trust you and have him here?" Andy doesn't budge, facing the short brunette.

"You can trust him," Carlos assures his son, patting Andy's shoulder. The kid turns and sees the smile on Carlos' face and Carlos' eyes linking with Logan's. He doesn't understand this either. His dad is dating Dak. Why is he smiling happily at a stranger? Andy never heard of Logan before in any of their chats. Why does his dad look like he's in love with this mysterious man? "I trust Logan."

"But I don't trust him." He points at James and that brunette growls.

"I'll make sure James doesn't touch him." Logan says.

"Good luck trying."

"James! Stop being like this! Can't we talk like lawyers?" Logan asks and James sighs, nodding his head.

"Go, hijo," Carlos kisses his head and nudges him in the direction to the room. He stands up. "I'll be fine. Go watch the science channel or anything you want."

"Ok, papi," he somberly salutes, walking away. The three of them wait to hear the sound of the TV before they start their talk.

"James, you can't attack him." Logan gives the condition straight off.

"And why can't I? You know what he did and he deserves everything. He did this to Kendall!" James rationalizes.

"But did you read this?" Logan softly asks, handing the forms to his partner. Carlos plays with his fingers while James groans at the papers.

"Too many words. Just cut to the chase and explain it." James grunts. Logan should have known with James' rage and through past experiences, James doesn't like reading or anything work heavy.

"Dak signed forms to give Carlos full custody of his son." Logan states, pointing throughout the forms for the other lawyer to see. Carlos shrinks to the side, feeling guilty and being judged as he lets the two smart lawyers do their talking. "It's not his fault. Carlos did it for his son. He's not the bad guy." Logan awkwardly laughs, trying to lighten James' mood but it doesn't. James turns his cold eyes to Carlos and walks to him.

The dancer's heart beats faster, watching James tower nearly half a foot over him.

"So you gave Dak that tape to save your son?" James directly asks and Carlos nods his head. "And this wasn't because Kendall hates you?"

"No," Carlos whispers. "James, I'm sorry this happened to Kendall but this is my son. I have to do everything I can to keep him safe."

"Safe? Are you serious?" James scoffs again and paces the floor. "Your son was living in a protected, rich, and honestly the best private school in the country. Why does he need you to keep him safe when he has everything?"

"I-I" Carlos didn't think of it. He always wanted his son back and he jumped into the decision.

"And did you know Kendall has a daughter, oh wait, you do know. You took care of her." James goes on, quickening his speed. "Did you know while you got your son back, Kendall just lost his daughter? Katelyn lost her mother and now, she's going to be fatherless too because of you!"

"I'm sorry. I-I didn't-"

"And did you know all Kendall's been doing is talking about his daughter and what is best for her? No! You didn't! If you did, Kendall would still have his girl and your son would still be safe in school!"

"I'm sorry, ok!" Carlos shakes his head, tears falling.

"No, you're not! You are a lying, cheating, fucking whore! You are a fucking pro-"

"James, stop it!" Logan yells at him, wrapping his arms around Carlos' shoulders. James groans at Logan's actions. "Stop yelling at him!"

"Stop siding with him! If we switched places, you would say the same damn thing! Carlos didn't think! Carlos was stupid! He ruined Kendall's life!"

"Stop yelling!" Logan angrily yells. "And I would think logically."

"And you're telling me it's better to have Kendall lose his daughter than have Carlos get his son back! Which I'll add, he was perfectly fine in school!"

Logan thinks it over for a second. James does have his intelligent moments. He isn't just a pretty face. "I, well, I think-"

"Dammit, Logan!" James grabs the nearest cup and throws it against the kitchen. It shatters, the glass shards flying everywhere as the other two guys hunch together in fear. "You used to be the smart one. Now all you can think about is him. The Logan I knew was better. He had a clear mind but now, you are nothing. You're not a lawyer. And you're not my friend." James ends and stomps his way to the door.

"Wait James. You don't mean that." Logan stops him, grabbing his arm.

"Let go!" He commands, flicking off the fingers. "Tell me when the real you is back because right now, I need a real lawyer to help me." James steps out of the front, blazing down the empty hallway. Logan watches his back disappearing at the right corner. He groans at losing his friend, walking back in. As he gets to the doorway of the kitchen, he sees Carlos hugging his son, both emotionally crying.

"Papi, I don't want to be here," Andy whines to his father. "It's dangerous. Why can't we go to the bank with Dak?"

"Because we can't," Carlos suppresses the real answer. He doesn't want to tell his son that the man he's been living with and pretending to love is a sadistic monster. "Please Andy, this is hard but I trust Logan. He will never hurt us."

"How do you know, papi?"

"Because he promised to always be with me and I will never leave him." Carlos answers. Logan smiles quietly, watching the two. He loved Carlos that is without a doubt. But hearing Carlos confessing his love is always a joy to hear.

"Ok, papi. I'll trust Logan." Andy nods and Carlos kisses his cheek. "But I'll kill him if he hurts you."

"I will never do that." Logan joins them, kneeling on one leg, one arm thrown over Carlos' shoulders. His wears his signature crooked, white smile. Carlos snickers at Logan's facial expression, donning a weak smile of his own. "Carlos is more than a friend to me. I won't hurt him."

"And I won't leave him." The father adds. Andy confusedly stares at the two as if they are in love or something.

"Logan," the boy calls for his attention. "Sorry. I didn't mean to hate you and the other guy. I'll trust you because my daddy loves you."

"Come again? You said he loves me?" Logan thought he was subtle with his flirts and emotions with Carlos but he guesses he was wrong if an eight year old can see through it.

"You and papi look at each other too much and papi looked at you when I pushed him to kiss Dak. I thought something was weird." Andy observes, pointing out their flaws like a detective. Andy is a smart kid, maybe as smart as Logan.

"Well, we are just nice people who love everyone," Logan covers up but Andy doesn't buy it. Logan sighs. "Look, Andy. I do love your father." Logan resorts to the truth.

"Logan?" Carlos calls with wide eyes.

"It's ok." He squeezes Carlos' hand. "I love him and I will never hurt him. You have to believe me. Your dad is the most important person to me, ok?"

"I believe you," Andy nods. "Can I go watch TV? It's a long day."

"Sure kiddo," Carlos kisses his head, pushing son. "Do whatever you like."

"Thanks papi but ... can you put on clothes?" Andy averts his eyes from his father's strong and muscular body. Carlos blushes. "Isn't it a little weird being naked in a stranger's home and dating Dak?"

"Ok, son." Carlos chuckles and watches his intelligent son return to the living room. Carlos and Logan go to the bedroom, grabbing clothes for the Latino to put on that isn't short and slutty.

"Here Carlos. We are about the same size." Logan hands him a polo shirt and a pair of shorts.

"Thanks Logan. You didn't have to do this." Carlos says, hopping into the pair.

"It's just some of my old clothes."

"No ... I mean everything. I was scared of James. I was scared of Andy finding out. I was ... I was just scared of you leaving me but you didn't run away. You defended me even when I knew I was wrong." Carlos confesses, taking a side on the end of the bed. Logan joins him, sitting side by side, arms wrapping around with his. His ten fingers fiddle with Carlos' hand, bring the clean, tan hand to his lips, pressing a gentle kiss.

"I love you." Logan simply states as the reason for everything. "I love you, Car. James's right. In the past, I would never do this. I know you interfered with my job. You are the reason why Kendall's in jail. Granted, he had harmless sex but the court will never see it that way. And you made me lose a case, my first lost."

"I'm really-"

"And I am fine with it." Logan pecks one of Carlos' knuckles, still playing with the golden tan hand. The skin glides under his fingertips as Logan brushes his dimple against it affectionately like a cat. "You're the only one I would give up my job for. I would never say that to James but for you, I'm yours. I belong to you and only you."

"I love you so much, Logie." Carlos responds, crashing his lips onto Logan's surprised ones. He didn't think Carlos would be this forceful, pressing a hand against the back of his head and rolling on top of Logan on the bed. A forceful and dominant Latino; this is something Logan can get use to but unfortunately, now's not the time.

"Wait, Car." Logan nudges Carlos, wanting to continue but stops anyways. "We can't do this. Not now," he whispers, twitching his head to the door. Carlos didn't get it at first but eventually realizes they were about to get it on in an unlocked bedroom with his son down the hallway. "I'm all for it and I'm as horny as my hard 'you-know-what,' but your son is across the hall."

"Right," Carlos blushes, rolling off. He got caught in the moment, which is happening a lot since he met Logan. "Sorry, I somehow always get turned on when you tell me you're mine. Sorry. I guess I get horny when I own you."

"You are kinky," Logan jokes, making his boyfriend feel weird. "And all this time, I thought I had to work harder to get you in bed. If I knew being your slave is all I needed to have sex then this makes seducing you a lot easier."

"Stop it, Logan! It's not that funny," Carlos shoves the laughing lawyer. "And can we go back to the problem?" Carlos directs, waiting for Logan to sit up and talk more about the case. "Is there a way to fix this? You said their sex was harmless. So can you fight for Kendall?"

"We can but the contract is to not have a relationship with the client. If we fight the court, the best we can do is a petition, fight for Kendall and reopen the case. But that will take months and for those months, Kendall will be in jail and James loses his law license anyways. So it's not a good option." Logan explains.

"Is there any other option?" Carlos pries, thinking of ways but legally, he has no idea how to handle this. "The supreme court, government, president?"

"The supreme court is in New York and will take at least three months to get an informal hearing. The government can't help and I bet Dak has connections in the government. And the president is a joke, right?" Carlos sighs, really thinking the president can help. He guesses his high school education isn't going to help. "There might be another way."

"Yea?" Carlos looks up full of hope.

"Proving Kendall's innocence won't help since the court saw, well, heard Kendall breaking the contract but if I can prove who is the murderer then that will definitely clear Kendall's name. It won't completely clear James' problem but at least Kendall is out."

"And you think the killer is ... Dak?" Logan nods his head at the whispered name. "How? Is it because you know ... what he did to me?" Carlos whispers the last part secretly.

"No but it supports my reason," Logan starts. "Dak has motive. If he killed Jo, he will get most of Kendall's money and being Kendall's daughter's godparent, he gets her share too. So in the end, if Dak runs away on, he practically just made millions from murdering his sister."

Carlos thinks about that. Dak never was a caring person, always fake and a liar. He's good at controlling his emotions. Kendall and Jo never suspected that Dak hated katelyn, actually all kids. Dak only wants one thing and that is cold, hard money. He's thinking Dak probably is the killer.

"So you just have to prove Dak is the murderer. That's not hard, right?"

"It will be really hard now that the case is closed," Logan corrects him. "If the court has their verdict, I can't get a warrant to search through Dak's information. And if I snoop around him and let him suspect that I am doing something, he-"

"Might hurt you," Carlos finishes for him but Logan shakes his head.

"He might hurt you." Logan fixes, making Carlos' cheeks red with that corny, sweet line. "I don't have a plan yet but I'll think of one soon."

"Wait a sec." Carlos wonders, a plan forming in his mind. It's a simple plan, not a whole lot of thought but Carlos has an idea. "I might be on to something."

"No! You cannot do anything. I don't want you hurt." Logan assumes and it's probably right. Carlos isn't the smartest or even a lawyer like Logan, therefore his plan is not perfect but Carlos wants to give it a shot.

"I promise I won't get hurt but I do think I am on to something." Carlos beams at Logan with his pouting, hopeful eyes.

"Fine, tell me your plan."

"I can't." Carlos answers quickly, hiding his secret. His plan is simple, use what he knows to get Dak, seduction. But with that, Carlos can't guarantee his safety and he doesn't want Logan to know that or that he is going to cheat on him by using his body sexually. He hates lying to Logan all the time but if he tells Logan the truth, Logan will never let him out of the room. "It's top secret."

"Then I can't let you go." Logan counters as expected, holding Carlos' hand. "I'm not letting you go back to that monster's house and let you get involve. You're everything to me."

"And I want to make this right." Carlos argues, holding Logan's wrapped hand with his other. "I'm the reason why Kendall is in jail. I made James lose his lawyer thing."

"It's not your fault. They had sex."

"But it's still my fault. And worst of all ... I made you fight with James." Carlos adds, kissing the back of Logan's hand as sweetly as the brunette did with his earlier. "I want to fix this."

"But I don't-"

"Please trust me," Carlos begs, kissing the hand again, seductively lingers his lips on the warm skin. He knows one thing and that is how to seduce people. It's awful that he is using his skills on the man he loves but he needs to get Logan to let him do his plan, even if the plan ends with Logan mad at him. "I know what I'm doing." Carlos says in between kissing each knuckle.

"Ok, fine." Logan weakly answers, getting aroused with each pop of Carlos' kisses on his hand. Carlos is very skilful at using his sexuality to get want he wants. "But you promise to be safe."

"I promise," he lies. He knows being around Dak is going to be dangerous but he has to take that risk. "Andy! Come in here!" He calls his son, letting going of Logan's hand and scooting some space between them. He doesn't want his son to think something romantic is between them.

"Yea papi?" Andy yawns, walking in to the bedroom. He jumps into the space between the two adults and stares at his father.

"I'm going to do something, ok? I need you to stay here with Logan until I get back." Carlos tells his kid.

"When are you coming back?" Andy asks, peeking at the wall clock behind the dancer. "It's three."

"Late, maybe ten or later. I have a lot of work to do but look in the bright side. You get to hang out with Logan. I forgot to tell you he's a genius like you." Carlos compliments, boasting his boyfriend.

"But I wanted my first day out to be with you." Andy whines and it breaks Carlos' heart. He wants to be with his son too but he has to fix his mistake.

"I'm sorry hijo. I'll come home to play later but you get to play with my lawyer friend."

"You mean your real boyfriend." Andy corrects him, shocking both of the adults. "I'm not blind, papi. I saw you kissIng and rolling on top of him. Ewww, papi! Kissing is gross but he makes you smile more than Dak did in our video chats so it's ok. I won't tell Dak but I don't know too much about him."

"You can trust Logan. I trust him." Carlos reasons, locking hands with Logan now that his observant genius of a son saw them. "Logan is everything to me. But you can't tell Dak that."

"I promise papi and I'll stay with Logan if you trust him. Please come home soon."

"Please come home soon," Logan repeats with his pursed lips, looking like a sad duck. Carlos smiles and nods his head.

"I'll try," he hops off and stretches his limbs. "I got to go, hijo. Be good." he kisses his son's cheek and turns to Logan. "I love you," he whispers.

"I love you too. Be safe." Logan repeats.

"I will." The Latino kisses his cheek too before walks out the apartment. Closing the door behind him, his smile falls and he shakes his head. "Sorry, Logie. Last lie, I promise."

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