They were only children when the war started

They heard the cry of freedom and they answered

They left children and came back grown ups

They fought through jungles islands and destroyed cities

They stormed the beaches of Normandy

They took the Phillipines

No matter the enemys might

They stood their ground

Their will to protect freedom greater than any weapon man will ever make

Their sacrifice

Our Freedom

Most of them only 18

just out of high school eager for life

They were the shy kid in math class

They were the captain of the football team

they were the girl you had a crush on

They are the old men and women you see in uniform

but above all

They are Heros

And the next time you go out or read this poem

Remember Some Gave all

So in this Great Country we can be free

They now walk the fields of Heaven

With God holding the fallen in the palm of his hand

They answered the call to serve.

Will you?

Remember those who served