Camille knew exactly what it was that she liked about books. It simply had something to do with the fact that, due to her slightly overactive imagination, she could easily lose herself in a book because she could visualize the people, the places, and the things that she read about. At least, she could if a book was written well enough.

Camille specifically enjoyed fairytales and fantasy, closely followed by romances. Needless to say, she had a collection growing in her room, and not just on the shelves of her bookshelf. Books littered the shelves in her closet and the top of her dresser, sometimes along with the floor.

Camille felt that she had a simple life in her suburb city that laid just outside of London. She had a simple mother and a simple father, a simple younger brother, simple friends - that were more like simple acquaintances that inconveniently stuck around, and a simple school that she attended for the majority of the year. Camille also thought that maybe part of her affection for reading was due to the general blandness of her life.

It's not that Camille was a boring person, or that her life had always been bland, it was just that she had been blessed with a relatively quiet life. Blessed, she thought, because she once had an 'interesting' life full of boyfriends, fake friends and, well... lies.

It had mostly been lies.

One day it was a rumor, another it was a lying friend, the next it was a cheating boyfriend or a boyfriend that cared more about getting what he wanted than Camille herself.

Needless to say, Camille had grown tired of all of that and had retreated back into her quiet home and her world of books.

Her home wasn't truly quiet, it was really just Camille's room that was. Her parents were generally pretty lively people, throwing dinner parties throughout the year for whatever reason - Camille hardly paid attention as she avoided them like the plague. Her brother wasn't bland either, though it was hardly the same kind of interesting that Camille's had previously been; he was interested in sports, mostly.

Mostly, Camille's family was simple in her own mind, but it might have had something to do with everything that happened to the characters in her books. It was just the comparison that made her think her life was a little bland.

The truth was, Camille needed a wake-up call.

"Hey Camille!" The snobby, older girl sneered at her as she approached, her posse of other pretentious-looking girls on her heels.

Camille looked up from the book she had carried to classes with her to look at Trissy. Rolling her eyes, Camille said, "Trissy."

Trissy raised a blonde eyebrow at Camille and leaned on one foot, crossing her arms, "Excuse me? I thought you had better manners, Camille."

Camille's eyes shifted between the faces of Trissy's posse, recognizing a few of them as friends she had had previously, before her eyes rested on Trissy again.

"Leave me alone, Trissy," Camille spat back, sounding more confident than she felt, "I'm not in the mood."

Trissy laughed, and her companions joined her, before she spoke again, "Not in the mood, huh? Well, you see Camille, I really don't care if you're in the mood or not, " she smirked at Camille as she spoke, "Because that simply doesn't matter."

Trissy then stepped forward and swatted the book that Camille had been reading out of her arms. Angry, Camille punched Trissy in the face, not considering the consequences of her actions until after Trissy had stumbled backwards.

Camille only had a split-second to turn on her heel and run through the grounds toward the school, being closely followed by Trissy's posse. As she ran, she dropped her bookbag on the ground, abandoning it, and found that after doing so she could outrun the other girls; it probably had something to do with the fact that Trissy's friends were on the chubbier side, whereas Camille had a slender build that was well suited for running.

Throwing open the doors of the school, Camille ran inside, pushing through the crowd of students. Her most faithful friend of the time, Emily, called after her as she passed, "Camille!"

Camille ignored Emily's shouts and pushed on, she didn't know exactly where she was going because she hadn't decided whether or not to hide or go to one of the teachers. Needless to say, she came to the end of a hall and reached for the nearest doorhandle, realizing before she pulled it open that it was a deserted classroom.

However, when she yanked the door open and rushed inside, she found that instead of an abandoned classroom, she had just entered a luscious green meadow. It took Camille a few moments to realize that she wasn't imagining things before she turned back around to walk back through the door she had entered through.

There was just one problem though, the door - and the rest of the school - had vanished as though into thin air.

I must be going loopy, she thought as she took in the forest that stood in front of her now, instead of the door and her school.

Not a moment after this thought crossed her mind before she realized that she was being watched by a large brown bear. Frozen in fear and shock, Camille watched as the bear stepped forward on its hind legs through the trees.

Regaining her composure, Camille began to slowly back away from the bear before she saw it open its mouth, exposing large and menacing teeth.

But, instead of growling at her loudly, like she expected, the bear spoke, "Well, hullo there, I've never seen you before."

Moments later, Camille's vision filled with blackness and she felt herself fall to the ground before losing consciousness.

Author's note: Okay, so I wrote this late at night and I realize it may be kind of bland right now. Although I guess when you write about a bookworm that intentionally makes her life that way, it's a little hard to avoid. :) Anyway, it will get more exciting - as will Camille, that much I can promise.. Considering this chapter is mostly about introducing Camille.. Please refrain from flaming me if you can help it.. Although constructive criticism is encouraged, even welcomed :)