rex pov
Why the Jedi counsel decided to deploy us out here I don't know. We're supposed to be checking out a planet that they found the coordinates to while on a mission to infiltrate a sepaaratist base. From the info we learned it was in another galaxy. I looked around at my men who were sitting on the floor of the gunship having gotten tired of standing. I checked the chrono on my HUD before i took off my helmet and plopped down beside Denal.I looked up at the sound of blasterfire last thing I heard before I blacked out was brace for impact.

I woke up my head killing me. I was laying on top of something and as I shifted to try and get up I heard him groan. " Get off of me." I pushed myself into a sitting position and looked at the trooper i had been laying on. It was coric,by the look on his face he was in pain. I carefully turned the medic onto his back and looked him over. His left leg was broken. I looked around at the others," Is everyone okay?" Denal looked up from where he was crouched beside the twins. " Yes,Sir. Just few scratches and bruises." I lifted my arm to wipe my brow wherever we were it was hot. "Corics leg is broken." I sat nearby as Denal splinted and bandaged his leg.


My pov

I had been going about my daily buisness feeding my dog when some big plane looking thingy crashed in my backyard. My dog was a real person alarm. She slipped out of her pen and raced towards the thing barking up a storm. That's how i knew people were in there. I raced behind her and grabbed her by her collar. I kept a hold on her collar as I creeped closer slowly. "HELLO?" I called out hoping someone or something was still alive. "Is anyone okay in there?" I was afraid that someone would answer and then again that someone wouldn't. I heard what sounded like shuffling inside and a moan of pain. I jumped back as the door fell off it's 'hinges'. A man dressed in white and blue armor stepped out. Courage, my labrador, started growling trying to break my grip on her collar. Afraid that she would attack I clipped her chain to her collar and tied it around the nearest tree.

"Hello," I repeated with a smile. He looked at me one eyebrow raised then looked around. "I'm shaquitta." He tilted his head slightly and took of his helmet off then shook my outstretched hand. "Rex." I looked past him at the ship. "Looks like you crashed your ship in my backyard. Are there any others with you?" He signaled something with his hand then spoke," just my crew. At the signal his crew stepped out. There were about 10 of them. One was being supported between 2 others. One leg held was off the ground.

I looked at Courage who was trying to chew through her tie out cable. I better stop her before she breaks her teeth. I simply unclipped it from her collar. Then she sat. " It also looks like you're not going anywhere,and it's going to storm soon I hope. Rex looked at me like I was crazy. "It's summer and it gets to over 100 degrees. We havn't had rain in days. You can stay with me. I've got plenty of room,and staying by myself is lonely." He looked back at another one of the men. The one with the broken leg, he nodded. "We'll stay." It took all my self-control not to jump and squeal.

We used the back door because of injured boy's leg. It only had one step.


Rex pov

She has a pretty big house. I thought as I looked around. Coric had slumped down in the nearest chair panting. She walked into what I assumed was the kitchen and returned carrying several bottles of water. Which she handed out of course. The others started with introductions after the everyone had settled down. They took off their helmets at a glance from me. I had a squad of 8 plus the 2. that was Bud, Buddy, Denal, Coric, Jayfeather, Jesse, Hardcase, Christian, Mak, and Tracer. She had us pair two to a room.

The rest of the day was uneventful except for the storm raging outside. For dinner we had what she called chili dogs. I swear Hardcase ate 6 before both Coric and Denal stopped him. After dinner we all retreated to our rooms for bed.

A/n: Okay notice I referred to Twins in this chapter. Bud and Buddy are what they call twins because they look and act almost exactly alike. They're like hatch-mates but they are not actually clones.