Chapter 15

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Blaze's pov

I felt strange. I didn't like being around Sophia. There was something about being around her that set me at unease. I couldn't place the feeling. I didn't want to place it truthfully. I just didn't want to be around her.

Shaquitta's pov

I was sure that this girl was that thing from the box, but I ignored it.

I was sitting at a table in the mess with my laptop. I was putting together a track for a new song for Blaze. Skyler was pitching in with suggestions every now and then.

" I don't like the beginning," I said playing it again. "It needs something else."

" Well it is called Unknown Soldier," Skyler said, " So why not do like gun fire or something like that?"

I thought it was a good idea. I picked out a sound of gunfire from the sound board but decided I didn't like that much either. Then I had an idea. I deleted that clip from the track and picked out one of a helicopter and decided it clashed better.

I tampered with it a bit and made it so that the helicopter sound crescendoed at the beginning to match the volume of the introduction of the song. I decided I liked that much better than I did the first one.

After listening to the track a couple more times I added the helicopter to the end as well this time making it decrescendo. " Okay it's done. We've just got to teach it to the others." I said.

" Teach the others what?" Rex asked. I hadn't even realized that he had sat down because I'd had my headphones in.

" Nothing." I said smiling at him. I took off my headphones. I burned the track to a disk and walked back to Blaze's room.

" What you got there?" Blaze asked as he opened the door and invited me in. I walked inside and sat down.

" The new track. Just have to apply it now." I said holding up the disk.

He and I spent most of the day going over the new track and teaching him the lyrics. We were about to start applying the music when there was a huge sound.


The ship rocked violently and I fell off of the bed and onto the floor. Blaze had fallen as well but was pushing himself to his feet and on his way to the door by the time I had sat up shaking my head to try to clear it.

" What was that?" I asked following him on shaky legs.

He grabbed one of my arms to keep me from falling as I stumbled.

" I don't know. Possibly an attack but normally there would have been another explosion by now." Blaze said. " Come on."

" What's happening Quitta?" Skyler and Syeira said racing down the hallway with Courage at their heels.

" I don't know." I said. I leaned against Blaze my legs still shaking. One of them felt as it would give out at any second. The other was starting to relax but I was afraid I had hit it against something.

" You alright?" He asked looking at me then at Christian as he ran down the hall towards the medbay. He stopped at us.

" One of the engines have exploded." He said. " We're locked in space until we can get a rescue ship."

I wondered for a second what had caused it, but I noticed that Blaze relaxed slightly.

" How long would that be?" I asked. "'Cus if I'm gonna die I don't want it to be out in space away from my family."

" We share that feeling." Blaze said very softly.

" I'm not sure. General Skywalker has a crew working on it now but I don't know if we'll be back up before a rescue ship gets here. Let's just hope the Separatists aren't out here."

" Wait I just realized something," Skyler said, " I we're in dead space, how are we getting cell phone reception?"

I looked at her then down at my phone which did in deed have bars. " I have no idea." I said putting it away again.

Blaze shrugged and started towards the hangar. He looked over his shoulder, " We might as well find something to do to help."

Chris nodded and started to follow.

I simply shrugged and fell in step beside him.


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