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Show off. Of course he's gotta ride in on a goddamn bird after blowing his cover and nearly making it impossible for us to get away.

"Luffy, I know how you feel," I ground out, pulling at his shirt to keep him from glomping the robotic glory our ship wright has turned himself into. "Save it, okay?"

Besides, you asshole. You didn't even say hi to me yet…

I've been saving this for two years, and you're just gonna have to deal with it.

I can't tell if he likes it, if he hates it, if he feels sorry for me…has he developed that kind of ability while he's been out of my sight? The ability to cover up what he's really feeling? Don't know.

All I know is that while everyone's busy trying to figure out why Sanji-kun's over there in critical condition because of profuse bleeding of the nose, I've got his hands on me. And I like it.

"Wait...let me just catch my breath," he whispers, pulling out of the kiss and just letting his head fall to my shoulder.

I can feel it. All the things he's wanted to say to me, to them, to everyone. It's all there and I can't wait to listen to every word of it.

"Let's get going."


He replaces the hat on his head and walks away, turning back over his shoulder and smiling.

"Missed you, Nami."

"Missed you too, Captain."