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2) Mischievous

Robin stood outside, blinking every time an obscene moan crawled out from underneath the door to the room she used to share with Nami.

She was having a hard time deciding what being courteous in this situation meant. Sanji would probably finish picking out a tie soon and he was already a large emotional meatball of tears and nicotine. It wouldn't do to have him walk in on…something…and die. (Or maybe it would be worse for him to go through with this ceremony.)

"Nami," she called with petrifying indifference, all noise immediately ceasing.

The timid return call of, "C-Come in," admittedly surprised the older woman, but she shrugged and obeyed.

Nami stood in the middle of the floor in her huge, extravagant wedding gown, syrup red, smiling too tightly, sweating with anxiety and what Robin presumed was a last ditch attempt to rid herself of it. She almost felt bad for interrupting her. Though, thinking it over, it would probably be hard to achieve a good position for that sort of thing with such a huge gown…

"How do I look?" Nami asked, prompting Robin to smile.

"I've seen you in it a dozen times, at least."

"But it's different today. It only counts today."


Someone sneezed.

Robin probably would've been content to let it go and pretend she hadn't let it dispel all doubt of what she'd walked in on had the dress not literally jumped with a yelp. Like Nami had kicked it and it had hurt. Nami's lips were now pursed, staring straight forward.

"Anyway. They're almost finished setting up, so come out when you're ready."

"Yep. Thanks Robin."

Robin turned to head out the door and heard a third voice chirp, "Thanks Robin!" before shutting the door to stormy whispers of, "YOU IDIOT, YOU SNEEZED ON MY C***" and other colorful lady like things.

Usopp walked past her with his curly hair combed and a tux on, screaming for Luffy to come out of hiding, then casually asking if she'd seen him anywhere.

She hadn't, of course.

The strains of Pachelbel Canon from Brook's violin accompanied Robin down the stairs and she decided it was good weather for a wedding.