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The sky's over Megakat city were clear as a certain blond haired mayor was staring out the window thinking of her heroes the swat kats. "Oh boy what a boring day i haven't seen razor or t-bone in days the cites to quite" As the new full mayor Callie Briggs as she just tapped her fingers in boredom.

As Callie heard a knock at her door that took her from her thoughts as her good friend Lieutenant Felina Feral walked in. "Sorry if im disturbing you miss mayor" As she shut the door behind her.

"not at all Felina im just killing time is all with out any trouble this is kind a boring" As Callie gave her a friendly smile. "I know what you mean my uncle is even bored but that may change" as Felina handed Callie a folder with the words classified on it.

Callie opened it up and went over the content as she gasped then looked up to Felina. "They escaped the most dangerous two in the Megakat city prison!" As Felina nodded the folder contained data on the team known as the red aces.

"So the blue aces are back and may attack huh?" Felina took the report back and put it under her arm. "Yes but we have the swat kats so i wont be to worried" Felina smiled at her friend as she began to think of T-bone something about him made her just feel so good.

"Ahem Felina earth to Felina are you there?" As Felina shook herself out of the dreamworld she was in. "Um yes im there i was just going over what we can do." Callie smiled as she pulled out the communicator and hit that button that sent the signal to the city junk yard where the swat kats were just finishing up the new upgrades to the Turbokat.

"Hey chance mind handing me that wrench over there in the tool box" As Jake was doing the last minute adjustments for the Turbokats engines. "Ya sure Jake" As chance grabs the wrench and hands it to Jake the swat kats signal starts going off.

"Hey the signal mind getting that chance" Jake yelled as he knew it had to be Callie and he knew chances crush on her. Chance rused to the phone as he picked it up.

"Hello miss Briggs is this you" As he waited for his answer. "Yes this is me t-bone and i want to ask if you and razor come to my office please i need to discuss a urgent matter."

"right away Miss Briggs" As he hung up the phone he yelled to razor. "HEY WE GOT TO HEAD TO CALLIE'S OFFICE LETS GET A MOVE ON!" As chance ran to get his fighter jets uniform on and his red and blue helmet as razor did the same but chance was done much faster.

"Come on razor get a move on!' As he hopped in the first seat of the turbokat razor hopped in to the back seat. "Well you in a hurry to see Callie huh."

"Oh shut up" As the jet started and flew out of the base under the ground of the junk yard and on the way to city hall. T-bone was looking for a place to land as soon as he got close to city hall but he parked on the building closest to city hall.

"Well razor you ready to use the jet packs" As razor got his on and he nodded as they both got them ready and flew up to the mayors office as t-bone knocked on the window.

"Oh the swat kats" As Callie opened the window t-bone and razor came in as they landed as they turned off the packs. "Well miss Briggs you called" Callie walked over to Felina and took the folder and handed it to Razor and T-bone.

"Whats this?" Asked Razor as he took the folder from Callie and began reading it. "So miss Briggs Hows being mayor" Asked T-bone as she sat back at her desk.

"Well not much different from when i was working for mayor manks" She then looked over to Felina who was keeping her eyes on T-bone. "So these guys the blue aces they were Ex-enforcers huh that went A wall well nothing we cant handle."

"Well T-bone and razor if you wont mind i would like to show you specs on there jet that that they used in the enforcers" Razor shrugged. "Well ok if we can get a better look of what were dealing with it will be easier to stop them i guess" As Felina walked to the door and opened it as T-bone followed her and stop to look back. "Hey buddy aint you coming?" Razor turned to him "Ya in a minute i want to ask miss Briggs something if you don't mind." T-bone felt a little envious but blew it off and followed Felina as he shut the door behind them.

"So miss Briggs you never really said what your time as mayor has been like" As razor sat on the edge of her desk. "Well Razor boring really i work then i head home then nothing" As she began to write on some documents.

"Well you have haven't done anything after work really?" As she looked up to him. "Well no its just the same old thing day in and day out." Razor then had and idea.

"Well miss Briggs what if i Asked about a date?" As she stopped what she was doing and wiped her eyes. "Did you ask me?" Razor got off the desk "Well yes i well i had a crush on you for a long time and figured if your doing nothing well ya know"

Callie got up and sat on her desk. "But i don't really know your real name." as she waited for Razor's response as what he did surprised her as he took his helmet off and his mask. "The name is Jake clawson" Callie stood up and walked over to him.

"Well ok im free after 6 tomorrow and this is to tie you over"As she pulled Jake into a kiss as he held her tight as she pulled away. "Well thats some deal changer but miss Briggs i look forward to it."

But unknown to them a small camera was in the mayors office as two figures were seated in two chairs as they watched the event unfold. "Well i guess our goal is clear" As the two mean continued to watch.

but unknown to them another romance was budding.

"That razor is just ticking me off!" T-bone barked as Felina was showing him the specs on the know blue aces designs. "Ah T-bone whats wrong? you have a crush on Callie?" As felina tried to put it together. "No... ya i wanted to ask her out finally but he may do it." T-bone in his anger didn't see felina walk up to him and look him in the eyes.

"Well what if i said some one had the same feeling. for someone but a certain someone never knew." T-bone looked confused but it ended as soon as felina pulled him into a kiss as his eyes widened but he didn't do any thing except kiss back as they fell on a near by table as they keep making out felina stopped him.

"Sorry big boy not that far." As she gave a devious smile "yet" T-bone smiled and let her up. "Um sorry to go so over broad haha" she smiled and went back to the computer she was using and handed him the disk with the specs. "Here t-bone guard this and give it to razor" As she planted another kiss on him and pulled away.

"You know i been wanting to do that forever." as she let go of t-bone and walked over to the door. "Lets get back to the mayor and razor before they suspect something." Felina smiled as as they left the room and made there way back to the mayor's office.

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