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As we last left off felina and T-bone heard feathers his the ground a they looked a black envolpe. T-bone picked it up and on it said a friend and T-bone could feel some weight as he opened it and dropped the contents on the floor he and felina were surprised to see a framed picture of felina when she was little and her mother pregnant with a baby.

Felina just picked it up to look at it as T-bone seen a piece of paper that was under it and reads it and growls. Felina looks at T-bone and goes to ask him whts wrong but t-bone races for the turbokat. T-bone fired the engines up and is ready to fly out as he looks at felina. "HEY LETS GO!" He yelled as felina raced over and jumped in.

Before felina knew it T-bone shot out and down the run way at full speed towards the power planet.

"T-bone? whats wrong?" she asked as T-bone looked around and looked back at her. "A tip that th-" before he could answer her the turbo kat was hit by a missile and then proceeded to plummet but T-bone managed to pull it out of the dive and back into the air as he looked on the radar and seen a air craft after them and coming fast but he couldn't see it.

"AWW CRUD THERE FIGHTING AND HIDING!" he then turned on the inferred turret from under the turbokat.

"Felina use the turret and shot them down ill evade them" he said as he seen a few rockets hot on there trail. T-bone dodges missile after missile as felina looked on the scanner for the invisible air craft till the the scanner caught a glimpse of them but it was enough for felina to keep a lock on them.

"Damn there fast!" she shouted as she started to open fire and t-bone kept the turbokat as close as possible and out of harms way. T-bone dodged all there attempts to bring them down and as t-bone spiraled felina managed to get the shot she needed as she clipped there wing and made the air craft lose control and crash down close to the the front gates of the power plant as two guys jump out and run in.

"damn they ran in we got to land and go after them" he barked as he landed the turbokat and jumped out and held his arms out to catch felina but she jumped and landed next to him.

"T-bone we have no time for that" Felina stated but t-bone grabbed something out of the storage of the turbokat and threw it to felina. Felina looked at the objects and it was a swat kat helmet and the glove with there small blades and such.

( AN: i forgot the name but i think its gloveamatrix? ill edit when i look it back up)

"your a swatkat now felina so hurry up i got a suit for ya to" as he throws it at her and and she slips the jacket on and the helmet and puts the glove on. "The pants can wait lets move!" she yelled as the both rushed in the power plant. "T-bone ill take the top you take bottom" as t-bone nodded and rushed down to the lower parts of the power plant felina took the top.

As felina searched the higher levels of the power plant she felt she was being watched as she stopped for a second and listend. she could feel something wasn't right. just then felina heard someone light foot steps as she spun around and kicked a dark figure away and as he hit the wall charged at her and she dodged him and threw a quick jab then a kick to his stomic and then brought her leg up to bring it down on his head knocking him into the floor.

"well well a new swat kats a fighter eh?" as felina turned to three more guys all dressed in black.

Felina only smiled as she got into a fighting stance and once charged at her and swung a bat and she jumped over him and low kicked him knocking his feet out from under him and then jumped up and upper cutted one of the men and round housed kicked the other one then grabded the one she round housed kicked by the arm and threw him on top of the guy she knocked down.

"Come on guys is that all you four can do?" all four got up together and were ready to fight but soon were tied up with with a cable from out of the dark as razor walked out smiling.

"wow you and T-bone leave and now your buddy buddy huh?" he said jokingly as he kicked the gourp over on the side he tied up.

Felina smiled seeing him.

"Glad you mad it did you run into T-bone yet?" she asked as razor got wided

"hes not with you? why did you guys split up?" he questioned as felina kinda blushed.

"i said we should" she said felling bad as razor patted her shoulder. "Come on hes a big boy im sure hes ok now lets find him and see wht were really looking for" Felina nodded and followed after razor.

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