For The Love Of Magic

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of Dragon Age 2.

Couple: Merrill/Bethany

Rating: M

Chapter 6

I Would Never Hurt You

Bethany watched the flames flickering in the darkness, she watched as they separated before twisting into smoke. She had always been fascinated with fire. That was probably the reasoning for it being her favorite type of magic. She understood the power of Blood Magic, but was not daring enough to mess with the darkness that it brought with it, and she could see the benefits of healing magic, but ultimately she loved Fire.

Everyone else at the campsite was sleeping, everyone aside from Merrill who was sitting beside her and watching the flames in silence, as well.

The silent air surrounding them was slightly awkward. Weighed down with heavy questions, confusion, and contemplation, neither woman knew what to say or how to begin the conversation. Bethany could see Merrill's thin hands fidgeting uncomfortably out of the corner of her eyes and it made her feel guilty. She was the one who had requested that they talk and now she had no idea what to say to the elven woman.

After a few more minutes, Merrill could no longer handle the quietness and she asked. "So, earlier you were quite insistent about discussing something far more important than kissing me, would you like to do that now? Oh goodness, I apologize, perhaps you had wanted to wait, I knew that I should have waited for you to speak." She rambled out uncomfortably. Merrill was honestly terrified about the conversation they were about to have, she had no idea what to expect.

"I'm sorry." She added with a soft smile and a glance toward Bethany.

Merrill started to kick her feet against the log that they were sitting on as she waited impatiently for Bethany to speak. When the human mage still did nothing to start the conversation, she found herself growing anxious again. Leaning forward on the log she looked directly at Bethany, catching her hazel eyes with large green. "Are you ready to talk yet?"

Bethany smiled but she still seemed to be searching for words.

"Alright, you are scaring me Bethany. Just please promise it is not something that I have done wrong. I always seem to ruin everything. My own clan didn't want me, my friends, and my family, now you. I just, I really want you to want me. Oh my I can't believe that I just said that, why must I ramble so?" She asked more to herself than to Bethany as a blush started to taint her pale skin and the tips of her ears.

"Merrill it is nothing that you have done wrong, we simply need to discuss where we are planning on taking this relationship." She informed to Merrill's relief, although this did perplex the young elf. She did not understand why humans had to discuss everything. It was obvious where she wanted their relationship to go.

"I feel that it may be obvious, but I would like to be with you romantically." Merrill stated with a smile as she cocked her head to the side and studied Bethany's face closely. "Are all humans so "talk-y" about things that are so obvious?"

Bethany's eyes sparkled at the word that Merrill had made up in order to describe humans and their need to speak about everything to the point of exhaustion. She found herself laughing as she turned to look at the adorable elven woman. "Yes, I suppose that we are rather "talk-y," as you so cleverly called it." She paused allowing her voice to grow more serious in nature, although she was still smiling. "Still, a relationship is a very important thing Merrill and I do not wish to simply rush into one."

"Alright, well, since you are the one who is worried about being with me, what is it that YOU want?" Merrill wondered curiously.

"I want to take it slow." Bethany answered honestly, watching as the other woman's face fell at her words. She could tell that she was disappointed with the news. "I have never been in a relationship with a woman before and I have not dated or been intimate with a man in years."

"I see. Well, would it make you feel more comfortable if I informed you that I have yet to be in a relationship or intimate with anyone at all?" Bethany blushed a little and nodded softly, looking down at her hands. It did make her feel more comfortable knowing that she was less experienced than herself. At least she would not embarrass herself once they were intimate. "But, I would absolutely love it if you were my first." Merrill added in a straightforward manner, her grin spreading from one ear to the other.

"I—um—I am flattered that you would say something like that, and uh—of course I do want to be your—um—"

"—but we are taking it slow." She said, stretching the word 'slow' playfully. She loved teasing Bethany and watching her blush and stammer away. It was one of the most adorable things to witness on the planet.

Bethany looked away, still attempting to control her embarrassment. "It isn't that I do not wish to be intimate with you, Merrill. Trust me, I do. I would just like to get to know you a bit better emotionally first, perhaps take you out on a date or two and court you."

"A date?!" Merrill exclaimed, her green eyes brightening considerably and her voice full of wonder at the thought. She had never been taken out on a date before. "How exciting!"

Bethany started to laugh at her excitement. Her heart racing as she thought about taking the beautiful elf out on a date. There were so many places that she wanted to show her, so many things that she wanted to learn about her, she too found that she was growing excited at the endless possibilities. She was terrified to admit it, but she already had strong feelings for Merrill. It just seemed far too soon.

"We have a long trip back to town tomorrow; you two should get some rest." Hawke interrupted their conversation.

Bethany jumped and let out a yelp as she turned and looked into the scolding eyes of her sister. She could tell that despite having given her blessing, she was not happy with their romantic involvement. It was not because she was a woman, nor was it that she was a mage; it was that Hawke sincerely believed that Merrill was lost to the darkness. Bethany refused to believe that though. She knew that she could save her.

"Yes sister." Bethany agreed, nodding her head and watching as her sister returned to her tent.

Suddenly, she heard what sounded a lot like Merrill's laughter. Turning to look at the other, her hazel eyes widened at what she saw. The elf was chuckling madly into her hand and staring directly at her amusedly.

"Whatever are you laughing at?"

"You." Merrill stated with some more laughter.

"I beg your pardon?"

"You just looked so cute! You jumped and let out this adorable sound that almost sounded like a little kitten whining for her mother, it was precious really. Please, do it again?"

"I will not!" Bethany insisted stubbornly. She was appalled that Merrill would ask her to repeat such an embarrassing sound. She had not meant to make the sound in the first place, the last thing that she wanted to do was reenact it.

"Oh please, just once?"


"I promise to give you lots of kisses in return." Merrill offered.

"I believe that it is time to get some rest." Bethany said as she stood to her feet and started toward her sleeping bag. She hated to admit it, but she loved that Merrill found her cute. It made her feel special and loved which was a feeling she was not all too familiar with. She loved her sister, but it did get difficult always living in her shadows.

Merrill agreed and Bethany assumed that she had parted ways with her in order to head to her sleeping area, but as she reached her sleeping bag she turned and realized that the elven woman was still standing behind her staring at her with eager eyes.

"Could I possibly sleep with you again, Bethany?"

"That depends." She stated, crossing her arms and looking Merrill over suspiciously. "Are you going to mind your manners and remain innocent throughout the evening?"

"Of course, when have I not minded my manners?" Merrill asked with a devious grin.

"All too often. I know that I will regret this, but yes you may sleep with me again. Seriously though, no funny business."

"Whatever could you mean?" She asked in a sing-song voice as she danced around in a circle before plopping down on the sleeping bag and smiling up at her girlfriend.

"You know exactly what I mean."


Bethany stared up at the stars and smiled contentedly as she stroked her fingers down Merrill's long thin neck. She enjoyed the way that the other woman would shiver with each stroke and let out soft hums of approval, occasionally she would even purr. It made her feel like she loved her touch and that made her happy.

She loved touching Merrill. Probably too much for someone who was attempting to take it slow in a relationship.

Merrill tightened her grip on Bethany and planted a few soft kisses along her neck and exposed shoulder, before nuzzling into her neck with her nose. Bethany blushed as she felt those perfect lips against her exposed skin, such simple contact caused her entire body to shake and heat up with need and desire, it was a new feeling, an exciting feeling, and also a terrifying feeling.

"I don't think that Hawke likes me very much." Merrill stated in a sleepy whisper. Exhaustion was taking a toll on her body.

"She likes you." Bethany insisted.

"Then why is she so against me dating her sister?"

"She is just overly protective of me is all; she has always been that way. She has always had to be that way. With myself, mother, and Carver. It was difficult watching him pass for all of us and I think that she just wants to make certain I am always safe."

"I would never hurt you Bethany. Does she think that I would hurt you, oh goodness, do you think that I would hurt you?" She asked worriedly, but she was quickly soothed as she felt Bethany run her finger over her long ear.

"She is not worried that you will hurt me. She is worried about the powers that you possess, certain deals that you have made with the spirits. My sister is very skeptical about magic and quite honestly, so am I."

"I see." Merrill said softly.

"But, I already informed her that you are not like the others, you are a kind soul. I see that every time that I look at you, and I know that you would never hurt me."

"I swear to you I won't." She stated a little apprehensively as she traced her fingers over Bethany's collarbone, smiling softly as she thought about her words. Sometimes, Merrill scared herself, but she knew that she had control over the darkness. It had not changed her, it would not consume her.

"I know that you won't."


Authors Note:

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