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"Kindness is more than deeds. It is an attitude, an expression, a look, a touch. It is anything that lifts another person." - C. Neil Strait

Chapter One : The Flirt with Crimson Eyes.

A strike of lightning caused the only occupant of the Domino Public Library to jump in his seat. Yuugi Motou straightened his glasses before turning back to the heavy book in his lap.

Being a Librarian for the last three years, Yuugi knew that no one was going to come here in this hellish weather. So, he settled himself in for long evening of silence and reading some of his favorite books over again.

Mostly known as a bookworm throughout his high school years, It was no surprise to anyone when Yuugi Motou became a Liberian once he graduated college.

It was also no surprise that he was still as single as he was when he was in high school either.

Sure, he had a number of dates, but at the end of the night he either never saw them again or became distant acquaintances. Which according to his best friend, Jounouchi, was a 'damn shame, man! A damn shame!'

Yuugi closed the book and turned his gaze to the large pane windows near the outdated computers; his full lips turned into a frown at flashes of lightning and harsh rain. He hoped that Ryou got home okay.

His white-haired co-worker had left for home just as the storm was starting up. Yuugi didn't miss the flash of concern in those brown eyes as Ryou packed his things for home.

I am a twenty-three year old man. Yuugi thought with a huff. I can take care of myself in a big, empty library!

He loved his friends like they were his own family, but they tended to go overboard when watching out for him.

Seto Kaiba, Jou's boyfriend and one the owners of the library, always came to pick him up when his car broke down -which was too often for his liking-

Hiroto Honda, another friend and a co-owner of a mechanic's shop, always fixed it up free of charge despite the fact that he was losing money because of it.

Ryou Lindel, his co-worker and friend of one year, always stayed with him until closing hours because he didn't want Yuugi to get kidnapped or robbed -even though this was one of the most safest neighborhoods in the city-

And finally, Jounouchi Katsuya and Anzu Mazaki. His very own matchmakers from the very depths of hell itself. They adamantly promised him that they would find Mr. Right for him if it was last thing they were going to do.

That one date with Rebecca Hawkins still traumatized him.

Yuugi sank further into the leather chair and closed his eyes. As much as he loved this place, he wanted nothing more than to go home and relax with his cat, Yuki.

The sound of the glass doors at the entrance clicking shut caused Yuugi to open his eyes and straightened himself in the chair.

Ryou's paranoia of robbers and kidnappers came to the forefront of his mind and he gulped. No one would brave this weather just to check out a book or use those outdated computers.

Just as he was about to rise from his seat and hide in the office, a exact replica of himself rounded the corner and Yuugi felt the breath leave his body at the sight.

His replica had the same tri-colored hair as his own with the exception of more blonde bangs. He was blessed with deep, smooth caramel skin, high cheekbones and full lips.

Yuugi's eyes shamelessly trailed further down at the man's outfit which consisted of a black cashmere sweater and a gray trench coat that stopped at his knees. The man's legs were covered in black slacks and leather boots.

The librarian bit his lips to force himself out of his daze when his replica approached the counter.

"C-Can I help you?" he flinched in embarrassment at his stutter, and he didn't miss the amusement that flickered across the man's enchanting crimson eyes.

"Yes." Yuugi forced down a shiver at how smooth and deep the man's voice was. "I seem to run into some trouble."


His replica dug into his coat pocket and retrieved a slim, black cell phone. "My cell phone died and I suffered a flat tire and I don't have a spare. Would you mind if I used the phone?"

Yuugi felt sympathy go through him at thought of this handsome piece of man meat being stuck in this storm.

"Of course you can, sir." Yuugi reached behind him to retrieve the cordless phone and handed it to the man. "Just press nine to get out."

"Thank you." Yuugi mentally melted when the man flashed him a grateful grin as he stepped away.

Yuugi listened with half an ear and instead concentrated at how broad the man's shoulders were as he sighed at whatever the other person said on the other side of the phone.

He was glad that Ryou wasn't around to tease him about how much he was acting like a high school girl with a crush.

The man approached the counter again and handed him the phone. "Thank you. I really appreciate it." he glanced around the library. "He'll be here in about half an hour. Do you mind if I wait?"

"Not at all." Yuugi pointed to one of the roll out chairs near the computers. "Just grab a chair. Would you like some tea or coffee to warm you up?"


Yuugi rose from his chair to make his way over to the coffee machine in the office. "Cream or Sugar?"


Yuugi poured two cups of coffee using his own mug and a medium sized disposable cup for his temporary guest. He trekked back outside the office to see the man sitting in front of the counter in a chair.

Sitting back down in his chair, Yuugi handed the cup of coffee into gloved hands. "Here you go."

"Thank you." the man sent him a charming smile. "I am afraid I have forgotten my manners." he set the coffee down on the counter and held out his gloved hand. "My name is Ishigami Atemu, pleasure to meet you…?"

"Motou Yuugi." they shook hands firmly before pulling away. "If you don't me asking, Ishigami-san. What were doing out in this storm?"

Atemu pulled out a small plastic pass from the pocket of his slacks. "I'm a photographer. I was supposed to be doing a shoot for Mai Kujaku."

Both of Yuugi's eyebrows shot up at Atemu's words. "Mai Kujaku? The supermodel?"

Atemu chuckled and leaned back in his chair. "The one and only." the man's crimson eyes looked around. "It's just you here this evening?"

"Yeah." he took a quick sip of his cooling coffee before continuing. "I usually handle it myself during the evenings."

Atemu suddenly gave him a sultry smile. "It's a shame that a beautiful man such as yourself has to spend his evenings alone in the library."

Yuugi pushed his glasses back up his nose. "Says the one who is beside the lonely librarian sharing a cup of crappy coffee."

Atemu's lips twitched in amusement. "Touché, Motou-san."

Yuugi's face scrunched up at the formality . "Please, call me Yuugi. Motou-san makes me sound old."

He was blessed with another sultry smile from the photographer. "If you only call me, Atemu."

Yuugi shrugged and valiantly ignored the heat rushing to his face and pushed his glasses up once again. "If you insist. What's it like to be a photographer for, Mai Kujaku?"

"Tiring." the statement was dry with a touch of amusement. "Especially when the model flirts with you constantly. "

Yuugi clicked his tongue with mock sympathy. "It must be so exhausting, Atemu!" he clasped his hands over his chest and gave the man a pout. "To be surrounded by one of the most beautiful women in the world!"

"Oh it is," Atemu chuckled. "You would not believe how many times I come out of a job with ripped clothing." he gave the younger man a wink. "Sometimes, I can only get away with my underwear."

Yuugi chuckled at the mock disgruntled expression the photographer was wearing. He never thought his quiet evening would be interrupted by a such entertaining, handsome man.

"How long?"

Yuugi blinked. "Pardon?"

Atemu tapped his own face. "The glasses? Your eyes are too beautiful to be hidden behind those frames."

"I'm sure that you've seen more appealing eyes throughout your career, Mr. Photographer." Yuugi removed his glasses, ignoring his slightly blurred vision. "And nine years, the cost of reading too much in darkened rooms."

"Contact lenses?"

Once again, a bright blush appear on Yuugi's pale features. "I feel like I'm going to poke my eyes out with those things." he pulled his frames back on. "So I stick with these."

The glass entrance doors clicked shut alerting the two occupants to another visitor. Atemu rose from his seat when the person rounded the corner.

"Ishizu." Atemu clasped hands with the ebony haired woman in greeting. "You came with, Marik?"

Ishizu Ishtar gave the photographer a wide smile that reached her blue green eyes. "I couldn't leave the both of you to argue alone. He's outside changing the tire now. He told me to give you fair warning that he was going to mock you later for not bring one during this season."

"Oh, I can wait." Atemu drawled sarcastically, he turned back to Yuugi with a grin. "Ishizu? This is Motou Yuugi, the librarian who took very good care of me. Yuugi, this is Ishizu Ishtar, a friend of mine."

"Nice to meet you, Motou-san. I must thank you for taking care of Atemu for us."

Yuugi sent Atemu a sly grin before replying. "He's easily entertained, Ishtar-san so it was no problem at all."

That caused Ishizu to let a burst of giggles while Atemu gave him a playful glare.

"We must be going now, Atemu. I do not how much longer Malik can hold off, Kujaku-san."

"Go on ahead. I'll catch up."

Atemu waited for Ishizu to get out of earshot before pulling out a silver digital camera out of his jacket pocket. He made his way back over to Yuugi and held the camera up.

"You mind?" Atemu teased softly, holding the camera at just the right angle. "I don't want to forgot such a pretty face."

Yuugi rolled his eyes before dredging up his best smile for the photographer. Atemu grinned and clicked the button causing it to emit a bright flash.

Atemu leaned down on the counter and flipped the camera around to show him the end result. "You're made for the camera."

Yuugi gently pushed the device away with a exasperated smile. "Yeah, yeah, you just make sure you don't get all obsessive with staring at it. I am one of a kind after all."

Atemu threw his head back in laughter. "That you are, Yuugi that you are," he pushed away from the book counter. "I better get going. Have a good evening, Yuugi."

"You too, Atemu."

As he watched the photographer walk away with confident strides, Yuugi knew that he wouldn't forgot who he silently dubbed 'the crimson eyed flirt' anytime soon.

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