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"The world is wonderful and beautiful and good beyond one's wildest imagination. Never, never, never could one conceive what love is, beforehand, never. Life can be great-quite god-like. It can be so. God be thanked I have proved it." - D. H. Lawrence.

Chapter Twenty-Four : New Years and Beginnings.

"They keep glancing at us. It's freaking me out."

"Oh stop worrying. I'm sure everything is fine."

"Oh Really? Then why does your left eye keep twitching?"

"Something got in my eye earlier! I can't get it out!"

A snort. "Yeah, right,"

"It's true!"

"Yeah, okay,"

Yuugi gave Atemu a sly grin before returning his attention new laptop that Atemu gave him for Christmas. After much insisting, Rehema and his grandfather were finally able to meet. If it weren't for the fact that Rehema was happily married then Yuugi would have thought it was love at first sight.

"Do you think they're talking about us?" Atemu asked, softly.

Yuugi rolled his eyes. "Of course they're talking about us. Thus the reason why they keep glancing at us every five seconds."

"I still haven't told her about…you know.."

Yuugi stopped typing and gave his fiancé a surprised look. "Atemu! You promised that you would!"

After that fateful night, Atemu confessed to him that he still hadn't told his mother that their engagement had started out as a means to get rid of her. Which really surprised Yuugi, considering the fact that he had already told his friends and grandfather that the whole thing was a hoax. He didn't like hiding things from them and he really wasn't a good liar anyways.

He made Atemu promise that he would tell his mother about the whole thing, which Atemu agreed wholeheartedly to, but it seemed that his lover had backed out.


"I know!" Atemu hissed, glancing at his mother. "I know I did, but Yuugi, you don't know how mean and sly she could be. The woman plots the downfall of her competition over a cup of tea and cookies!"

"Ishigami Atemu." Yuugi sighed. "Stop being a coward and tell her already."

"Tell me what?"

Yuugi and Atemu yelped simultaneously and turned their heads to see Rehema looming over them wearing a bright smile.

"Tell me what?" Rehema repeated, leaning against the back of the couch. "Is it something about the wedding? I've yet to hire a wedding planner so any ideas you have can still be added, but I doubt we're going to use them."

Yuugi nudged Atemu with his foot. "Atemu has something to tell you, Rehema-san."

"Oh don't be so formal with me, Yuugi! Call me mom. I've told you that dozens of times already." Rehema turned to her son. "What did you have to tell me, Atemu?"

"Yuugi's and I engagement was fake." Atemu blurted out. "originally, it was fake, but it now it's real." Atemu grinned widely at his mother's suddenly blank face. "You're not angry, are you?"

Rehema's blank expression disappeared as quickly as it came. "I know that it was fake, Atemu."

"You did?" Atemu and Yuugi spouted out. "How?"

"I told her." Sugoroku appeared next Rehema, wearing a dangerous grin that made Yuugi sink into the couch. "It wasn't nice to pull this terrible trick on your mother, Atemu."

"If you didn't want to get married then all you had to say was no."

"Like that would've worked!" Atemu scowled. "I'm sorry mother, but "no." is a word that isn't in your vocabulary."

"Of course it is!" Rehema placed her hand over her heart, giving her son a look of mock hurt. "I get told "No." all of the time."

"Of course you do, but it's funny that every time someone tells you "No." that something bad happens to them." Atemu deadpanned. "I can honestly say that I'm the only one besides Father that comes out unscathed."

Rehema giggled. "Those were "accidents." Atemu. I have told you and your Father that what happened to some of those people were mere coincidences."

"Okay mother, those were coincidences." Atemu drawled, but Yuugi heard the wariness in his tone. "So, I take that the both of you are getting along?"

"Splendidly." Rehema gushed out. "I can't wait to introduce him to your Father. He's decided to come to Japan after all!" turning to Yuugi. "Aknamkanon would be delighted to meet you as well, Yuugi."

Yuugi glanced discreetly at Atemu, who was wearing a pinched expression at Rehema's announcement. Aknamkanon couldn't be that bad could he?

"Same here, Mom." Yuugi grinned up at Rehema, who smiled in return. "I would love to meet my future father-in-law."

"Mind you, he's a stern, but kind man." Rehema warned. "He won't like the fact that you two played such a dirty trick, but I'm sure that you could make it up to all of us by giving us a late New Years dinner."

Atemu groaned while Yuugi closed his eyes as a sudden bout of exhaustion came over him. Sugoroku's laughter caused Yuugi to open his eyes and give the older man a half-hearted glare.

"Happy New Year, my boy. Happy New Year."

"Okay! We have the locations for the wedding and honeymoon down, the colors, the kimonos, flowers, food and transportations and finally the best men and groomsman."

As Leon checked off each one, the burden on his shoulders about the Kaiba wedding became lighter and lighter until nothing was left.

"Once the locations were decided, everything else was simple." Mokuba put in, glancing over Leon's shoulder. "I'm sorry about how stubborn those two were about that."

"Don't worry about it!" Leon chuckled. "believe it or not. I've seen worse."

Mokuba nodded. "Thanks again for working during New Years. I know that you probably wanted to spend it with your family."

"Schroeder Corp usually has a New Year party, so, I wasn't really missing anything." Leon stated. "I prefer working to spending time with my brother and parents."

"That bad?"

"That bad."

"Well!" Mokuba grabbed his shoulder, and directed him towards the flat-screen television. "Why don't we spend the New Year together? Playing video games and ordering pizza?"

"Sounds good."

"There you two are." Mokuba and Leon glanced at the doorway to see Jounouchi and Seto watching them. "We were wondering where you were."

"Seto-san, Jounouchi-san." Leon greeted, walking over to them "I'm happy to inform both of you that everything for your wedding and honeymoon is set up." he handed Seto the clipboard that he had been using. "The only thing you two have to do is walk down the aisle."

"Excellent," Seto praised, flipping through the pages on the clipboard. "I can see why they call you the best that the Hikari Wedding Company has to offer."

Leon flushed at the praise. "I like to see my clients satisfied and the way to do that is to get all of their requests taken care and have them married as quickly as possible."

Mokuba snickered from behind them. "That's the most polite way I've heard someone say. "I'm so glad that this job is over, these people are crazy."


"It's okay," Jou snickered. "I know that we look like a bunch of whack jobs to people who don't really know us."

"Speak for yourself," Seto said. "I'm perfectly sane."

"Oh yeah," Jou snorted. "You're a workaholic, dominant, control freak, Seto. That sounds so sane to me that I'm green with envy."

"Do you really want to start right now, Jou?" Seto growled. "Really?"

"You started it!"

"I didn't start anything. The only thing I said was that I was sane."

"Partially sane. You fire people daily! Daily! And do a lot of other crazy things too!"

"Name five insane things that I do and we'll see if I'm certifiably insane."

"Well, like I said before, you fire people daily, and secondly…"

Leon sighed, raised his eyes to the ceiling and counted to hundred. That usually was enough for them to stop arguing and get back to the point.

He would never admit out loud, but doing Seto Kaiba's wedding was the most fun he had in years. Despite the constant arguing, all-night sessions of finding the right color or the right wine. He still had a good time.

Though, he feared that he was probably on his way of becoming of a full blown alcoholic as a result of his time with the Kaiba's.

"…-coming right?"

Leon shook his head. "Pardon?"

"To the wedding?" Seto asked. "You are attending, yes?"

"Yes, of course!" Leon said, "A wedding planner always has to attend to see the fruits of their efforts and to make sure nothing goes wrong."

I also have to make sure that the both of you don't argue your way through the vows.

All Passengers for Flight 704 Los Angeles, California to Domino City, Japan please board in twenty minutes.

"You sure you don't want to stay any longer? I can pay for your ticket if you stay."

"I would love to, Otogi, but I can't. I can't stay away from the shop any longer than I already have. I'm sorry."

Otogi shrugged, giving Honda a sad smile. "It's okay, It was worth a shot." he pulled Honda into a crushing embrace. "I promise I'll call you every single day, okay?"

"I know you will. I have no doubt about that."

"You know, that made me sound like some sort of possessive boyfriend."

Honda gave Otogi a smug smirk. "Aren't you? I mean, you forcibly made me come to Los Angeles to come and see you. And when I arrived, you barely let me out of your sight. That, to me, screams possessiveness."

Otogi opened his mouth to protest Honda's words, but was cut off when the announcement for the flights blared over the speakers again.

"I have to go, now." Honda picked up his luggage. "I'll call you when I land, alright?"


"Thanks for the limo ride here, by the way. It was pretty awesome."

Otogi snorted. "If you ride in them too often it takes away the fun." Otogi pushed him towards the gates. "get going, you're going to miss your plane…wait that doesn't sound so bad.."

"Good-bye, Otogi." Honda chuckled. "I had fun, really,"

"I'm happy to hear that." Otogi grinned brightly. "Good-bye, Honda, I'll see you in a few months."

Honda tossed Otogi one last grin before racing towards the gate. He forced himself not to look back, because if he did, then he would race back towards his new lover and demand to stay for the remainder of Otogi's time here in America.

No, it was better that he went back home and patiently waited out the time Otogi had left.

He just had to keep telling himself that it was better for them both.

"Yes! Yes, I understand! I'm packing right now!"

With the phone against his shoulder and ear, Ryou threw clothing into his luggage until it was overflowing, zipping it up, he grabbed his second bag and repeated the process.

He had just come back from a quiet evening in the library when his cell phone rang with Bakura's number flashing across the screen.

Excited, he picked up, only to find Marik, one of Bakura's teammates, on the other line yelling at him that Bakura had been heavily injured and wasn't sure that he would survive the next few days, let alone the night if Ryou didn't get there. He was the only one who held the same blood type as Bakura.

Marik had started to give him instructions on how to get to their location, which was in a small town in North Korea, Ryou listened with a half an ear as he continued to pack.

How could this have happened!

"Ryou! Ryou! Are you listening to me!"

"Yes! I hear you, Marik! You'll have to excuse me for going out of my mind with the fact that my husband may be dead by the time I reach you. What in the hell happened!"

"There was an accident." Marik stated. "One of our guys screwed up and Bakura was caught in the crossfire….Ryou, you need to hurry."

Ryou ignored the tears trailing down his cheeks as he zipped the luggage closed. "I'm out of the door now, Marik. Who's meeting me there?"

"Rashid will meet you at the airport once you land." Ryou heard something in the background briefly before Marik came back again. "I have to go, Ryou, I'll see you soon."

Quickly, Ryou shoved his cell phone into his pocket, grabbed his luggage and was out the door in a matter of seconds.

The only thing on his mind was getting to Bakura no matter what it took.

=========Six Months Later ========

Yuugi restacked the books on the counter in an effort to make some noise in the too quiet library. The last few months were some that Yuugi didn't he was going to forget anytime soon.

He and Atemu were in the mid-preparations for the wedding, but they fought all obstacles to get even to this point.

Yuugi meeting Atemu's father was one of those obstacles.

His initial impression of Aknamkanon was one of immense respect. The man was confident, patient and polite. He was the man that Yuugi envisioned Atemu to be in later life. Not that he wasn't already somewhat getting to that point now.

Aknamkanon listened as Rehema explained how Yuugi and Atemu became engagement in the first place. Aknamkanon frowned at some parts and laughed at others, giving him an amused look that caused him to grin sheepishly.

By the end of it, Aknamkanon had informed Atemu that what he had done was immature and he was slightly disappointed in them both for playing such a trick on their mother. But, he understood what Atemu was trying to do. He understood that his son wanted the freedom to choose who he could be with and the freedom to choose which direction his life could take.

A choice that Aknamkanon didn't have.

To Yuugi's relief, Aknamkanon happily congratulated them both and proceeded to help Rehema hire a wedding planner who eventually turned out to be Leon von Schroeder.

The stunned look Leon wore was still imprinted brightly in his mind.

Grinning at the thought of Leon, Yuugi remembered Jounouchi's and Seto's wedding, which had taken place in March.

Like planned, it was held in Kyoto on a warm spring day with all of them in attendance wearing traditional kimono's in colors of light blue and white. It was unpredictable when Seto and Jou argued before the wedding and during the vows. Thankfully, Atemu and Mokuba were there to hold both men back from strangling each other.

The priest later commented that even with the constant arguing and attempted fist throwing. He felt more love in this small, private ceremony than he had when he preformed some of the larger wedding earlier in the year.

After the ceremony, they all celebrated with food -which Jou and Honda inhaled half of- and wine -which Leon had taken a liking too as a personal pat on the back-

It would have been even more of a happy occasion if not for the fact that Ryou was another country taking care of Bakura during the time.

Yuugi had been worried when Ryou had failed to show up for work one Monday morning. After he finished his shift that day, he visited his friend's apartment to find it devoid of life and looking like a tornado hit it with all the clothes littering Ryou's bedroom.

Just as he was about to call the police to report Ryou missing, his friend called him and explained what happened over a static phone call.

Bakura had been heavily injured during a mission, so they had no choice but to call Ryou because they needed a blood transfusion and Ryou was the only one who was a perfect match.

Fortunately, Ryou made it just in time to give them the blood they desperately need which in turn saved Bakura's life.

Now, both of them were settled comfortably in Korea until Bakura was well enough to travel. Yuugi could only imagine what kind of scolding's Bakura and his team were getting from the mother hen that went by the name of Ryou.

Yuugi glanced at the empty chair that was next to his and sighed. He hoped both of them came back soon. He missed Ryou and even admitted that he missed Bakura's scowls when he came to pick Ryou up whenever he was in the country.

Another miracle in the names of Otogi Ryuuji and Hiroto Honda sprung up in these last few months that Yuugi found himself surprised at.

Otogi had come home in April wearing a tan and smug grin that Yuugi was sure Honda was going to melt in a puddle of goo from if it weren't the fact that his pride stopped him.

Apparently, the both of them had gotten together before Honda took his trip to L.A in December without anyone's knowledge. Yuugi wished he was that discreet about his relationship with Atemu, but you couldn't be perfect at everything.

Honda and Otogi were currently both in "new relationship bliss." as Jou dubbed it cheerfully, and enjoying every moment of it.

The doors to the library clicking shut caused Yuugi to break his thoughts and raise his head to see Atemu coming his way.

"Hello, you."

"Hello," Atemu removed his sunglasses and tossed Yuugi a smirk. "working hard?"

"Very and what about you, Mr. CEO?"

Atemu had taken him, his parents and the media world by storm when he announced that he was taking the position of CEO to the newly built headquarters of Ishigami Corp stationed in Domino City. When he asked why Atemu suddenly decided to do this, Atemu simply replied that he wanted to be able to provide for Yuugi in the coming years and while photography would always be his passion. It was Ishigami Corp that would give them the comfortable lifestyle they would need in their later years.

Yuugi should have felt flattered at the thought of Atemu doing this, but he didn't. He just felt an overwhelming guilt at seeing Atemu sacrificing his beloved cameras for a pristine suit, even though he looked remarkably handsome in it.

But again, Atemu had come to reassure him that he was fine with his decision and he would feel even better if he was too.

"Alright," Yuugi had said back then. "but the moment you become unhappy you'll give the position to someone else, okay?"


Yuugi was brought out of his thoughts by a pair of firm lips pressing against his, Yuugi moaned and leaned forward. He shivered when Atemu pulled back and pressed several small kisses against his lips before pulling away completely.

"Finished daydreaming?"

"I am, given that I was treated to such a lovely wake up call."

Atemu smirked, which sent another shiver down his spine. "I'm always happy to help, Ishigami-san."

Yuugi raised an eyebrow. "Ishigami-san? What makes you think that I'm taking your last name?"

"I thought it was an unspoken agreement on our part?" Yuugi grinned when he heard Atemu's "CEO Voice." come to the surface. It was funny that Atemu thought he could intimidate him with it, when in reality, it turned him on half the time.

"I'm sorry, but no, it wasn't an unspoken agreement between us. It was your ego that made the decision."

Atemu chuckled darkly. "Really? Well, I see that we are going to have to discuss this further, won't we, Motou-san?" Atemu held out his hand. "How about over lunch? Does that sound good to you?"

Yuugi placed his hand in Atemu's with a laugh. "That's sounds good, Ishigami-san."

As Yuugi got his things ready, his mind went over the fact that despite so many setbacks they faced over the last few months, he supposed that everyone got their happy endings.

Ryou and Jou got married to their respective others.

Otogi and Honda finally stopped screwing around and were blissfully happy with each other.

As for him, he was happy and somewhat relieved that he wasn't going to spend the rest of his life as the lonely, single librarian everyone thought he was going to be.

It was all thanks to the man standing in front of him, who, thankfully, took the opportunity to look past his scholarly appearance, showered him with love and comfort and made blissfully happy.

Yuugi would be forever grateful for that.

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Here's a sneak peek of Shining Light!

"I know that you are worried about your grandfather, little one, but you can not go back to Solaria."

Yuugi gave Atem an icy glare. "I have to go back, Atem! Did you not hear what they just said! If I don't go back to Solaria then they will drop it out of the sky!"

"They're just trying to draw you out of hiding, Yuugi." Jou cut in. "there is no way that they can cause Solaria to fall."

Yuugi ran his hands through his hair and took a deep breath, it was frustrating that no one was listening to him! "Yes. They. Can! There is a device on Solaria which allows it to descend."

"Why would someone make something like that?" Otogi asked. "It doesn't make any sense."

"Whether it makes sense or not, we have to get to Solaria before they find the device!"

"Better listen to the kid for Obelisk, sake." Bakura muttered. "He's from Solaria. I think he would know what the hell he was talking about."

"Thank you!" Yuugi cried out. "The pirate is the smartest one in the room right now!"

"We're just trying to help, Yuugi." Atem soothed. "That doesn't give you free reign to give compliments about Bakura's ever lacking intelligence."

"Why don't you shut the hell up before I throw off the ship."