Well here it is the second part to "The Insanities of Grief Unspent"

Re-cap of the first part to "The Insanities of Grief Unspent" : Sue was abducted by Thomas Lewis a man grieving for his lost family. It took not only her F.B.I. friends and colleagues but her teenage friend Amanda too to get her back. Thomas had abducted her because he thought that she and Amanda were his wife and daughter who had died tragically in a car crash. Before her friends managed to rescue her something happened that she is not opening up to her friends about.

Read on in the second part to find out whether or not she will open up and finally confide in her friends what happened while she was in the hands of her abductor.


Italics = the repeat of something someone else has said

"words" = speech

'words' = signing

*words* = thoughts

words = Instant Messaging