When they arrived at Bobby's, Tara realised she told Sue she would private message her as soon as she got back, but she didn't have her computer or her laptop they were both at her house.

"Bobby?" she asked

"Yeah?" he replied questioningly

"I'm sorry to ask this but, I promised as soon as I got back I would private message Sue, and obviously my computer's at home, but I don't have my laptop either since it's in my car which is parked in my driveway..." she continued,

"I'll set my laptop up for you, just tell me where you want it" he interrupted,

"Where I want it?" she asked non-plussed,

"Yeah as in, in the front room or the bedroom, because sheila you're gonna rest while your messaging people" he replied tapping her on the nose with a grin,

"Oh okay well, I don't want to get in the way so I think the front room" she replied,

"Tara you're not in the way, you could never be in the way, I invited you to stay and I invited you to use my bedroom, so you're not in the way, okay?" he told her,

"Yes" she replied.

They went inside and Bobby went straight to get his laptop while Tara made herself comfortable in his front room, taking off her shoes and curling her feet underneath her on his couch and closing her eyes.

When Bobby came back in with his laptop he was happy to see Tara had made herself at home in his house, he wanted her to feel comfortable and to see his home as her home, he placed the laptop on the coffee table and dragged the table closer to the couch for her to use, startling her.

"Oh sorry Bobby" she said starting to move, he put his hand out to stop her,

"Don't move it's okay to make yourself at home, Tara, mi casa es su casa, my house is your house" he told her sweetly.

"Thank you Bobby, that means a lot to me" she told him sincerely.

"I mean it Tara, my home is yours for as long as you need it, even when metro are done if you're scared to go home you can stay here even then" he told her.

Tara's eyes welled up with tears of happiness and gratitude she threw herself from the couch and into Bobby's arms hugging him and letting the tears fall, Bobby's arms snaked around her and he hugged her back knowing she wasn't crying because she was sad but because she was happy. Bobby backed Tara to the couch and sat down with her still in his arms as she continued to cry.

Once Tara had calmed down and her tears had stopped Bobby released her, and she grabbed the laptop to private message Sue, while she logged on Bobby left the room to give her some privacy to talk to her friend. Once she had logged on she found Sue already online waiting for her.

Lola says: Hi Sue, sorry I took so long,

Sue says: Hi Tara, that's okay how did it go when you went home?

Lola says: It didn't we never got there, Stanley showed up at the Hoover

Building which caused a problem, Bobby told him to leave and

got angry, Bobby knows everything now I told him this morning

about Darcy's involvement with the break-up, he's okay with it

but he's not okay with her stealing someone elses man.

Sue says: Oh dear are you okay? and I'm sure Bobby wasn't bothered by

the fact that Darcy stole someone elses man but more with the

fact that it was YOUR man.

Lola says: I'm okay, but Bobby insisted we come back to his place so that I

could get some rest, and instead I ended up crying all over him

because he was being so kind and thoughtful.

Sue says: Well Bobby is kind and thoughtful especially when it comes to

you, he really does care about you Tara.

Lola says: I know, but anyway, what's happening with the case?

Sue says: Well Myles called from Metro they're checking finger prints from

inside the house, but they don't think they will get anywhere

with that because of the amount of prints taken and the fact

people are in and out of your house all the time, and the suspect

may have been wearing gloves.

Lola says: They weren't.

Sue says: They weren't what?

Lola says: Sorry Sue I just remembered something about the suspect, they

weren't wearing gloves, but SHE was wearing a RING, worse

than that she was wearing MY RING.

Sue says: So the suspect is female? and she stole a ring from you, so she

was there stealing your jewellry then?

Lola says: No Sue you don't understand, it WAS my ring it isn't anymore, it

was the ring Stanley gave me last christmas, and I threw it back

at him the day I found him in bed with Darcy, Stanley had the

ring it has something to do with him I'm sure of it, and then he

just happened to show up today and he knew about the break

in he said he'd been to the house and P.D. had told him what

happened but now I'm not so sure that they did.

Sue says: I can check on that I'll call Myles and ask him to ask at Metro.

Lola says: Thanks Sue, that would be great.

Sue says: No problem be back soon.

Sue has Gone Offline

Bobby who had been stood in the doorway watching Tara type, he had gone to the kitchen but returned to ask if Tara would like a drink and a sandwich, but she was engrossed in her typing and he didn't want to disturb her plus he enjoyed watching her, that was until she started to look shocked then stopped typing.

"Hey everything okay?" he asked startling her,

"Oh ummm.. yeah I just remembered something about the case, while I was talking to Sue she's gone to check on some of my information for me" she explained.

"What was it Tara?" Bobby asked her rushing over to her side.

"The suspect, the person in my house, it was a woman, and she was wearing the ring Stanley gave me for christmas last year and that I threw at him when I found him with Darcy" Tara explained.

"So this person...woman must know Stanley what's the betting he didn't get his information from metro like he said?" Bobby exclaimed angrily.

"Sue went to find out if he did speak to Metro" Tara told him.