It had been a long week. Becker had spent the past six and a half day doing inventory and splitting the EMDs into two groups; needing repair, needing new battery packs. The half day he spent in the medical bay being treated for several cuts, grazes, bruises and headaches. Connor, with the aid of Matt, had destroyed the Anomaly Creating Device in his lab and burning all of Philips plans. He'd then removed the Bio-Scanner from the ARC hard-drive and changed the Lock Down procedures so that any of the core team could lift it. Matt had spent the time debriefing Lester fully on the effects Philip's anomaly would've had and then spent the rest of the time trying to figure out how he was still alive and what the later version of himself meant. Abby had spent her time in the menagerie and started up, with the help of Connor, a data base on all the creatures to come through an anomaly. With the help of Jess she also managed to track down what creatures had come through seven days prior in the rest of the world. She'd also had her work cut out for her hiding her engagement from Jess and Emily. Jess had been drawing up cover stories for countries all over the globe, restoring the ADD and helping Lester draw up a new identity for Emily. The Victorian woman herself spent her time lending a hand wherever she could and attempting figure out the technology. It was exactly seven days after the start of what wasn't the end of the world (although it came very close) that Lester called them all to his office.

"Please don't tell us we're back on duty again." Connor pleaded as soon as Becker had closed the door to Lester's office. The team had been substituted by some new employees whilst they got back on top of their work and were still rather reluctant to return to field duty.

"Fortunately for you, you're spared from it for the time being." Lester smiled, leaning back in his chair. In front of him was a thick folder with the name Emily Jane Merchant scrawled on a post-it note. Emily had agreed to keep her surname reluctantly, although Abby and Jess could see she wouldn't be using it for much longer. They estimated no more than a year and a half. "What I have called you here for is an official thank you from the Minister."

"Not more reading!" Jess muttered, taking everyone by surprise. "What? That's all I've done for the past week!"

"No, it's something to satisfy the child in all of you." Lester drawled, seeming almost reluctant to progress as his eyes settled on Connor. "The Minister has booked an 'all expense paid' two week holiday for the six of you."

"You're joking!" Becker said, the first to recover after they were rendered speechless for what had to be the best three and a half minutes in Lester's life.

"I am not."

"Where are we going?" Connor asked, bouncing in his seat.

"Disney Land Resort Florida." Lester winced as Connor let out a high-pitched squeal with a frequency that he was positive no male should be able to produce. His eyebrows rose, however, when Jess produced the same noise. The two turned to each other, slapping their palms together in a high five. Becker was trying to keep a smile off his face but the corners of his mouth were twitching. Abby had a grin plastered on her own face and Matt looked slightly bemused at the prospect of going somewhere that had been yet more wasteland in his time. Emily, with thanks to Jess, knew what 'Disney Land' was and where 'Florida' was and also looked rather pleased. "You each have six hundred pounds to spend on trinkets and what knot which I think roughly accounts for nine hundred and seventy six dollars. Money has been set aside for food." as Lester spoke he produced seven envelopes, each with the teams name on and the final labelled 'Food'. Emily's envelope was slightly thicker as it contained her passport. "You leave tomorrow at three, you need to be at the airport and checked in by twelve and you should arrive at six o'clock American time or one in the morning our time. Any questions?" Jess raised her hand and Lester sighed. "You may have the rest of the day off for shopping." Jess' hand dropped and he allowed a slight smile. "Well? Why are you all still here? Get out of my sight!" the team grinned, scampering out of the office with calls of 'thank you!' and 'see you in a fortnight!' until only Abby remained.

"What about you?" she asked. "Aren't you going on holiday?"

"I am. But I'm going to Spain with my family for a week which, surprisingly, wont be that bad. You, however, have a ten hour flight with Mr Temple, and apparently Miss Parker, to endure. I just hope the plane stays in the air long enough."