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The midnight sky was tinted red, illuminated by the flames of war raging below. Ominous clouds hovered just below the mountain peaks, massive towers of smoke billowing out of the lush forests of Hi no Kuni.

Sounds of battle filled the atmosphere; cries of anguish, the clashing of metal and booming sounds of destructive jutsu not uncommon. Massive explosions would rock the ground and giant dragons made of water would ocassionally break out of the forest canopy to let out a deafening roar.

Six months ago, the Shinobi Rengougun was formed. Six months ago, every single form of hell had broken loose. The war to protect the last two jinchuuriki had begun then, and it was slowly, yet surely coming to a close... For the Akatsuki.

Civilian and shinobi casualties were in the hundred thousands, and hundreds were added to the statistics everyday. This motivated the coalition of the Five Great Shinobi Countries even more, and the efforts became increasingly desparate.

"Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Mass Shadow Clone)!" One Uzumaki Naruto called out, the battlefield suddenly being filled with blonde teenagers. Naruto had joined the cause a week after the fighting had started, with A and Shikaku realizing that the battle could only be won with Naruto's unique ability to sense the white Zetsu from the Shinobi Rengougun.

Unfortunately, Nine-Tails chakra mode could only last for so long, and Naruto could only cover so much ground before he had to release his clones to prevent himself from dying. Consequentially, the Shinobi Rengougun ended up not only fighting a war against the Akatsuki, but also against themselves. This would double the amount of casualties per day.

Naruto was assigned to the Darui-led First Division, quickly becoming an invaluable soldier in the Shinobi Rengougun with unparalleled prowess and cunning on the field, not to mention his unique ability to motivate those around him. Within two months, he was (finally) promoted to Jounin, and one of the younger field captains on the battlefield.

Having matured much quickly on the front lines, he quickly had to outgrow his orange tracksuit, having to replace it with something much more practical and fitting of his rank. He now donned Konoha's Jounin uniform, albeit with his red sage coat on top of it all.

Currently, Naruto and his batallion were stationed at the border of Hi no Kuni and Kawa no Kuni. Originally, their mission consisted of intercepting and eliminating the Surprise Attack and Diversion platoon in Kawa no Kuni to ensure the invasion of Oto by the Third Division would not be flanked.

Their plan went to shit. Intel stated the platoon was already en route to the ambush point at the borders of Kawa and Oto. Turns out, the Surprise Attack and Diversion platoon lived up to their name and already had an ambush set up for the Naruto-led batallion of the First Division.

As they got within 5 miles of the border, thousands of white spiders crawled out of the ground and trees, decimating the batallion and killing hundreds within the first few seconds. Naruto had to make up for the numbers by quickly creating a few hundred clones to aid the battle against the white Zetsu.

Deidara and Sasori had managed to split the batallion in two, Naruto and a platoon of ninja stuck on half of the forest to deal with Sasori, and Darui a few miles away trying to fend off Deidara.

Sasori had taken care of the some clones handily, and Naruto found himself dodging a deadly forest of iron spikes.

"Uzumaki Naruto..." Sasori began, "I will finish what I had failed to do before." He pulled out a scroll from his back, "Akahiji: Hyakku no Souen (Red Secret Technique: Performance of a Hundred Puppets)!"The scrolled summoned hundreds of red clad puppets, all primed and ready to dice the Uzumaki and his squad of ninja to bits.

"Fuck! Everyone, split up now!" Naruto ordered quickly, weaving through a set of hand seals, "Fuuton: Kazekiri no Jutsu (Wind Release: Cutting Wind)!" He stuck his palms out, pointed towards the cloud of deadly puppets and unleashed a massive gale-storm of razor sharp wind.

The windstorm tore through the ranks of the puppets, utterly decimating half of them. Even though, Naruto quickly had to relocate as the ground erupted with extremely deadly black spikes. He cursed as he landed, realizing he had no time to enter Sage mode. He shrugged it off, his own power would be enough.

When the squad had scattered, Samui and her shinobi were quickly ambushed by hundreds of white Zetsu, so the young Jounin was in his battle against the Red Scorpion by himself.

Weaving through the deadly forest, he ducked his head to avoid a white hot stream of flames that would've burned his head off.

"Stop running and die!" Sasori roared, slightly irritated.

The Uzumaki swore, jumping over another branch and crushing two puppets on the way down with a Rasenrengan. He ran a few more metres, before pivoting and rushing headlong towards the puppet master.

Sasori laughed, "You're a fool!" He brought his hand down, and in a deadly combination brought the rest of his puppets rushing down towards the blonde along with more iron sand.

"So I've been told!" Naruto retorted, charging through in an extremely expressive display of acrobatics and dexterity. Hurdling over the branches and dodging the deadly dancing puppets, he blurred into Sasori's direct personal space with one of his signature jutsu, "Rasengan!" He called out, slamming the orb directly into the dead puppet master's cylindrical heart.

The ground cracked, and a shockwave echoed through the forest as Sasori's body was launched backwards and broken into various parts, his heart being blended to a bloody mush by the Rasengan. Puppets that were once floating in the air dropped from the sky and landed in a chorus of clattering.

Naruto panted slightly and rested for a minute, before he bounded off into the forest to aid his batallion.

Deidara's laughs echoed as he flew in circles above the canopy, dropping pieces of 'art' randomly into the forest.

Darui swore, as he and his squad bounded through the trees just narrowly dodging huge explosions. "As if the white dudes weren't enough, we have to dodge explosions too?"

"I see you rats down there!" He heard the faint voice several hundred feet about him, "I'll give you more Art to appreciate, un!"

"Scatter!" He ordered, and his squad quickly dispered as more flat spiders rained from the sky. He called out into the forest, "Atsui, distract him for a few minutes will ya?"

Atsui nodded, "I'll take this girly punk down a notch!" He and several others jumped out of the canopy while unsheathing his blade. The bowl-cut sporting shinobi blurred, reappearing behind the adrogynous clay user.

"What the-" Deidara had to abandon his bird as the kumo nin sliced right through the clay sculpture, literally melting right through it. "Hot stuff, eh? Take this, un!"

As he was free falling, he quickly detonated his bird, engulfing Atsui in a massive C2 explosion.

"Nice try," Darui called out. "But that move was dull! Try this on for size: Ranton: Reiza Sakasu (Storm Release: Laser Circus)!" A ring appeared around his outstretched hands, laser beams machine gun-ning out of the halo.

"Shit!" Deidara cried, unable to defend himself as he was in mid air. The lasers struck him with pin-point accuracy, vaporising him in a plasma-filled explosion.

Atsui suddenly landed behind Darui, along with the rest of the squad. "That was easy," He said, "Explosions like that won't even come close to touching a Katon master like me!"

Darui let out a mellow laugh before reverting back into a serious mood, "We still have a mission to finish. Let's go regroup with Naruto, we have to finish off the rest of the Zetsu!"

The First Division had suffered major casualties during the ambush, but they had managed to complete their original objective. Third Division's invasion had went well, running only into a single major hitch.

In order to claim Oto, they had to defeat Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, and they had fought terrifyingly well. They cut through the ranks like a hot knife through butter, Kakashi having an extremely difficult time coordinating attacks through the ferocious shinobi. He experienced brief nostalgia in his duel against Zabuza, but the commander proved himself again and again, swiftly taking care of the Demon of the Mist.

The Shinobi Rengougun was experiencing a major victory, and it seemed as if things were finally looking up.

Until Madara decided to step it up a few notches.

The war became a bloodbath. Every Zetsu and ressurected shinobi they had killed in the last two months suddenly rose up a second time, and the Alliance was in no shape to battle a fully recovered army. Having been cut down to half of their original count, all hope was lost for the Rengougun. The future looked bleak, as the shinobi were overwhelmed by thousands of white Zetsu and legendary shinobi at a time.

Within the following months, the shinobi forces slowly dwindled and were pushed back. The might of the powerful shinobi of the Rengougun would not be enough, as legendary ninja fell on the field. The seemingly invincible Killer B would be captured. Commanders like Darui and Kakashi would fall bravely on the field, along with hundreds of thousands of other shinobi.

By the time the war would reach it's fifteenth month, the Allied Shinobi Forces were but 20,000-some shinobi from the original 500,000+. The Akatsuki had kept their army at a steady force of about 250,000. The Rengougun was simply outmanned and severely outgunned. Not even the most brilliant strategy could win the war at this point.

They were backed into the last corner, and into the last bastion of hope: Konoha.

The Allied Shinobi Forces would be fighting a four-front battle around the forests 10 miles directly around Konohagakure no Sato, in a last desperate act of defense. At this point, every shinobi had steeled their resolve and vowed to fight to the bitter end.

Uzumaki Naruto, now the commander of the First Division was not going to be on the front lines. No, he would be fighting the most important battle of his life.

Uchiha Madara and Uchiha Sasuke.

"You are about to become a legend, Uzumaki Naruto." Madara stated, a hint of amusement in his voice. "I will make sure your name is remembered while I rule the world!"

They were in a desloate clearing, a strange sight in Hi no Kuni. There were no trees for a mile across. Just rocks and barren land, akin to the crater Pain's Shinra Tensei had created.

On one end stood a lone shinobi, red cloak fluttering in the wind. A splitting image of the Yondaime Hokage stood Commander Uzumaki Naruto. He was destined to die in this battle.

On the other stood a pair of Eternal-Mangekyou Sharingan wielding shinobi. One with a massive fan on his back and the other with a chokuto strapped to his. Madara and Sasuke were destined to crush the blonde Jinchuuriki.

Naruto chuckled, "And I'll make sure your names are remembered when I drag you down to hell with me!" His body erupted into golden light as he entered Nine-Tails Chakra mode.

"Die, Dead-last!" And with that, the three shinobi disappeared.

The once mile-wide clearing was turned into a crater with a 5 mile diameter, a great rift forming through the middle.

The battle was one of inhuman proportions, massive explosion rocking the earth and the three shinobi clashing at invisible speeds.

Sasuke had since called upon Susanoo, unable to match Naruto in pure speed like Madara could and had to make up for it in raw strength. This would turn the battle in Naruto favour however, as he would destroy Susanoo and fatally wound Sasuke with the completed Tailed-Beast Rasengan.

Madara and Naruto would then continue to fight at blinding speeds, but Naruto was unable to match the ancient shinobi in raw strength and Ninjutsu.

The Uchiha would strike the jinchuuriki down swiftly, and impale him with his katana, disembowling the blonde and almost rending him in half.

"You were a formidable opponent, Uzumaki." The Last Uchiha praised, "You have truly surpassed your father. But just like him, even you were no match for me."

The mutilated Uzumaki could do nothing but cough up blood, surprising even himself for being alive.

"Alas, it is time I finally extract the last bijuu and finish what I had envisioned so many years ago."

As he bent down to perform the final technique to extract the Kyuubi, his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan eyes met glacier blue.

"Fuck... you..." the blonde managed to utter. He let out a blood curtling scream a white hot flame engulfed his body, the Ancient Uchiha being blinded by a sudden explosion of white light.

The next thing Madara knew, Uzumaki Naruto had simply vanished.

End Prologue.

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