Hello, everybody! And welcome to the prequel to GALACSIA! Now, most of you may have noticed the last two stories after GALACSIA were crap. Well, now I hope to make up for it by writing this prequel, which shouldn't be as good as GALACSIA, but hopefully better than those other two. Same basic plot, but with new partners, new Wisps, and new worlds (though, not all are new), so prepare for another exciting adventure in Old Galaxia!

It was a regular Saturday morning in the Uno household. Mr. and Mrs. Uno were preparing breakfast as Nigel and Katie came downstairs. "Good morning, Mom and Dad!" Katie said to her new parents.

"Good morning, Dear!" Mrs. Uno said back.

"So, Mom and Dad, what's for breakfast?" Nigel asked.

"Oh, the usual." Monty said. "Rainbow Munchies cereal."

"SWEET!" they both exclaimed, and with that, they sat at the table and began eating away.

"Boy, am I ever glad to be living down on Earth!" Katie said. "I mean, Nightmare Land was cool and all, but life on Earth seems so much more peaceful!"

"It's a good thing Nigel brought you here from outer space!" Mrs. Uno replied.

"I guess serving under the space clown had its advantages!" Nigel replied.

"You were lucky, old boy!" Monty said. "When I served under Dimentia, things didn't go as well for me."

"What were your adventures like in the GKND anyway, Dad?" Nigel asked.

"Oh, you simply MUST tell them, Dear!" Mrs. Uno exclaimed.

"Uncle Monty! Aunt Agatha!" Just then, the Interesting Twins dashed into the kitchen. Since the whole Dutchman incident, they've been living with the Unos, who were their aunt and uncle, making Nigel their cousin.

"Yin, Yang, you're just in time! My dad was about to tell us about his times in GKND!" Nigel said.

"You WERE?" Yang asked as he and Yin smiled.

"Hmm…I don't know. It's kind of a long story."

"Well, mine was long, too, but people still read it!" Nigel replied.

"Come on! Tell us!" Katie exclaimed.

"Well, if you really want me to! I'll just skip over the boring parts up to six months of serving, when it really gets exciting!"

It all began when I was asleep in my bed. That is, until two certain Wisps and an annoying alarm clock woke me up.

"It's a beautiful mornin'!" Numbuh Zero awakened from his slumber and immediately banged the alarm clock, shutting it off.

"Stupid clock." He mumbled. "Yeah, it's a beautiful morning. Down on Earth! Here, it's just infinite blackness! Whatever. I'm gonna get more sleep." With that, he closed his eyes and got back in bed, but opened his eyes slightly a few seconds later and said, "3…2…1."

"UP AND AT 'EM, MONTY!" Gabe exclaimed as he and Numbuh Infinity shot into the room in their Wisp forms. "Numbuh 256 wants you in her office!"

"Well, tell her imperial craziness that I'm too tired! Maybe wait until 10 or somethin'."

"Well, it is 10 in Galaxia time, although it's really confusing." Gabe said.

"Look, just get up, Numbuh Zero." Jeremy said. "I don't really like Dimentia either, but everyone else has gotten used to her, so, so should you."

"What do you mean you don't like her? Everyone knows you have a crush on her!" Gabe exclaimed.

"Sh-Shut up! I do NOT have a crush on her!"

"Sure you don't, Mr. Eyeballs-her-when-she's-not-looking!"

"Gabe, one million years of this crap, and it's still not funny!"

"Will you two shut up?" Monty demanded. "Look, go argue somewhere else, I'm gonna go see Dimentia, okay?" With that, the two Wisps flew off. Once they were gone, Monty gave a sad expression as he looked to the picture of Agatha, aka his future wife, on the shelf. His room was the exact same as Nigel's in the future. "I hope to see you soon." Monty said to the picture, and with that, he got up, got dressed, and went off to see his leader.

Inside the office/throne room of Dimentia, the Supreme Galactic Leader was studying her face in her mirror, with the Magiblots floating close by her. "Curses! More wrinkles!" she said to herself. "They just seem to be reappearing faster and faster!"

"Well, that's what happens when you've been alive for more than a million years." Blue replied.

"Yes, but that's just it! A million years of keeping up with this shindig and we aren't any closer to our goal! We haven't found a single Star! At this rate, we'll never be able to awaken Zathura!"

"Uhhh, about that. How do you plan to explain the whole Zathura thing to Jirachi and everyone else?" Red asked.

"Ah, don't worry about it. They've believed everything else up to this point, I'm sure I can come up with something."

"What about Monty? He seems suspicious. What if he finds out?" Yellow asked.

"He's not going to find out as long as we keep quiet. For right now, let's just focus on-"

"Dimentia." The four Zathurians turned their attention to Numbuh Zero in the doorway.

"Ah, Number Zero! How nice to see my newest operative!"

"It's Numbuh Zero. And what do you want, Dimentia?"

"Is that really how you greet your leader?"

"Frankly, I don't care! Six months of workin' up here and ah still don't like this a bit! Even after that Ava girl kissed me to help me learn all these languages, I haven't made any friends!"

"Ah, speaking of Ava! You and Number 10,000 have a mission together! Planet Sauria is being invaded by strange alien dinosaurs known as Sharpclaws. Of course, technically, they're all alien to you, but these guys are actually aliens do the dinosaurs that already live there. I want you and Ava to go down there and help the children out. Don't bother saving the adult dinosaurs."

"Whatever. It's not like this'll end up any better than my previous missions."

Dimentia sighed. "I know that the other aliens haven't been the most appealing. Most races believe the humans to be, well…weak. Just look at the Decepticons! But hey, they just didn't have good enough of a chance to get to know you! I'm sure if things go well on this mission, you and Ava will be friends in no time!" With that, she put her hand on Monty's shoulder and smiled. Monty gave a small smile back.

"Well, thanks…I think. May as well give it a shot." With that, Monty headed out for the hangar.

"Speaking of which," Dimentia said, "I need a shot, too…of Dream Water."

Monty soon reached the hangar, where he found the white alien girl swinging her swords around. "Uh, Ava-AH!" He ducked just when Ava swung her sword over him.

"Oh! You're that new kid, aren't you? Mmm…Munchie?"

"Uh, hehe. It's Monty. Monty Uno. Numbuh Zero."

"Monty, huh? Cool name! Cool Numbuh, too! Though, the name sounds…familiar somehow."

"Yeah…you ever heard of Malladus? He was my grandfather."

"Wait…YOU'RE the Demon King's grandson?"

"Uh…yes. But I'm nothing like him!"

"I know! But still, that's cool! I think this is going to go pretty swell!"

Monty smiled.

"So, have any weapons?" Ava asked.

"Oh! Uh…"



"Well, don't worry. I got one for you. Here!" With that, she took out a red light saber and handed it to Monty.

"Cool!" he exclaimed, waving it around.

"Normally, light sabers are wielded by psychic benders. They're the most powerful sword in the galaxy. But I'm sure you can handle it, right?"

"I might."

"You better. You have no idea how hard it was to get that thing! We needed more weapons, so I lead a group of operatives and Wisps on a mission to steal some weapons from some troops fighting in another war and I was able to steal that thing off some psychic bender! I think his name was...lord or Count...Doku? Or somethin'? Anyway, you're lucky I'm letting you use it!"

"Well, I'll make sure not to let it go to waste!"

"Good! Now, let's get going!" With that, Ava got in her Heart Star and Monty got in an Arwing and the two took off for Planet Sauria.

So, there you go. The first part of Monty's adventure. So, next time, we will get to Planet Sauria and we'll ALSO introduce the Tallest. It's not Red and Purple! You'll see! So, go ahead and review. The sooner I get those reviews, the sooner I'll have the motivation to finish this, and the sooner we can get started on Legend of the Eight Firstborn!