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30 years later.

"Status report, Number Infinity." Dimentia ordered as her two operatives, in human form, approached her in her throne. "Any luck finding any more worthy operatives?"

"Well, Sir…we've found one. Numbuh 1 of Sector V, or Nigel Uno."

Dimentia rose an eyebrow. "Nigel Uno?"

"Yes. Apparently…Monty and Agatha are still alive."

"But they don't remember anything, just like you made it!" Gabe answered.

"Hm…good. Then they won't get in my way. However, to make sure we don't have any interferences, I better accompany you this time." With that, she drifted over into a nearby closet and they watched her clothes were thrown out and listened as their leader was trying to get dressed.

The two human Wisps exchanged curious glances as to what she was doing. Dimentia finally came out of the closet wearing a bright pink t-shirt, light blue shorts, and blue shoes with white soles. Right now, she was turned around, dying her hair brown and putting make-up on her face and skin.

"In my beautiful Zathurian form, I am Dimentia. But while on Earth in this hideous human form…" With that, she turned around and the two gaped at her beautiful human look, which seemed to have no trace of her real clothes or color. "Refer to me as…Muffy Jenkins!"

Dimentia, or better known as "Muffy Jenkins" on Earth, watched as Numbuh 1 decommissioned Grandfather and Numbuh Zero, saving the world and changing everyone back to normal. While everyone else went to celebrate, Muffy snuck away and joined her two Wisp humans. "Aha! Nigel Uno really IS the son of Monty and the perfect replacement! And since the old fool failed to remember us, we caneasily recruit Nigel Uno to our ranks! All we need to do is give him some tests, and then we'll be off this filthy adult world! AH HA HA HA!"

Muffy Jenkins sat in the cafeteria while he so-called human friend blabbed about girly stuff she could care less for, namely kinds of Earth make-up. She then watched with amusement as the chubby pilot, Numbuh 2 searched around for a note he was supposedly supposed to deliver. After Runt came and gave him the note to deliver, Hoagie handed the note straight to Muffy before running off on his "horse".

Praying it wasn't a love note, Muffy unraveled the piece of paper and looked wide-eyed at what was written. 'The Splinter Cell is real'. But that's not possible! How could he possibly know?

"So, what does the note say, Muffy?" the other girl asked.

"Uh…nothing!" Muffy replied, bending the paper into a ball. "That Eggboy is so weird!" With that, she walked over into the bathroom with an angry look on her face. She threw the paper into a trash can and warped away.

When she reappeared in Eggbert's office and startled the president, Dimentia threw off her disguise and revealed her true form."AHHH! AHHH! AHHH!" the dimwitted president screamed at the sight of Dimentia. Before he could run away, Dimentia zapped him with lightning and knocked the president out. His assistant, Wilson Woodrow, came in just in time to see this. Before he could run for help, Dimentia shocked him and made him faint as well.

She was about to leave when Numbuh 2 walked in. "Well, Mr. President, thedelivery is-AHH!" he screamed when seeing the president and his aid on the floor and covered with soot. Before he could run from Dimentia, the childlike empress flew over and put her left index on his mouth.

"Shhhh. If you don't want to share their fate, you'll listen to me."

"…Okay." He muffled.

"Good! First off, tell Nigel Uno…thanks for voting for me in the election!"

Outside a window, Olive Piogi watched as this happened and flew off to some other location. "You let Eggbert in on the secret?" Clockwork asked her.

"I…thought something could happen. I didn't mean to-"

"It's okay. Dimentia was bound to succeed either way. All we have to do is let time handle it from here."

"Whoa! Let me get this straight!" Numbuh 11.0 exclaimed after hearing the scientists' story. Right now, he was at the altar where Numbuh 1 would soon enter GKND with the other scientists. "There's a higher up group of operatives that choose one kid from every planet and Numbuh 1's being chosen? !"

"That sounds about it!" Hoagie said.

"COOL! Wait until I tell Eva!" he exclaimed, walking off.

"No!" Infinity yelled, stopping him. "No one must ever know! Other operatives aren't ready to know about GKND!"

"But it's Eva's cousin that's going. If anyone deserves to know, it's her! If I don't, she'll hate herself forever for not saying good-bye! I'm going to tell her, want me or not!" But before he could leave, the Magiblots popped up and grabbed his arms. Kade then watched as Dimentia appeared above him.

"If you know what's best for you and your precious anchorwoman, you'll keep the secret." And when her hands sparked with lightning, Kade just nodded in agreement.

"After 30 years of searching, we will finally have the perfect replacement for that traitorous Monty Uno!" Chad and Maurice listened secretly as Dimentia blabbed to her Magiblots. "He will help us find the Seven Stars once more and we'll finally be able to rid the cosmos of adults and this whole universe will know the true power of GKND!" With that, the two teens exchanged shocked glances and ran off as the villains laughed.

Mr. and Mrs. Uno heard a knock at their door and answered it to find Chad and Maurice with a Recommissioning Module. "Ah, how can we help you kids?" Monty asked.

As a response, Chad winded the device and fired it at the two decommissioned operatives, quickly restoring their memories.

"Huh…I remember!" Monty exclaimed.

"Good, now your son is in trouble!"

"What?" Monty and Agatha gasped.

"Dimentia's back!" Maurice exclaimed. "She's going to recruit your son! We have to stop her!"

"Oh no!" Agatha exclaimed.

"Let's find him, so we can-" But Monty's sentence was cut short when Dimentia zapped and appeared behind them.

"Oh, I'm sorry! But that's not going to be happening! You four are going to be locked away for an eternity!" At this, the four gasped. "Oh, but don't worry! So, no one misses you, I have the perfect replacements!" With that, they watched as a Brown and Dark Blue Magiblot transformed into Monty and Agatha.

"I say…this seems to be quite gruesome for you, isn't it?" Monty Clone asked. With that, the three laughed.

"Operatives of GKND!" Dimentia exclaimed as he operatives were gathered in the base foyer. "It is with great pleasure that I welcome the first ever operative of Planet Earth into our ranks! NIGEL UNO!" With that, the aliens cheered as Dimentia flew down to shake the Earthlings hand. "Welcome aboard, Number 1!"

Nigel Uno just stood and glared at his leader. "It's Numbuh 1."

"I'll keep that in mind!" With that, Dimentia smirked at her newest operative, the kid that would soon be her downfall.

"The End. And that's the story of Monty's Galactic Days!"

"Oh, FINALLY!" Wally exclaimed. "We've been squished up in here for weeks!"

"Wow, Dad! That was a great story!" Nigel exclaimed.

"Too bad Dimentia couldn't be stopped." Kuki said.

"Ah, it doesn't matter! At least we have Nigel to thank for that, eh wot? He was the hero in the end!" Monty said, rubbing his son's head.

"He sure was!" Rachel said, and with that, she kissed him on the lips.

"Hehehehe!" Nigel blushed.

"Boys." Eva and Fanny said in unison.

"Great, the cruddy story's over!" Wally shouted. "Now, can we please leave? Ah can't breathe in here!"

"Yeah, we need to make some room!" Hoagie replied, trying to push his way through the really crowded house.

"But when's the party?" Jessica asked. Just then, there was another knock at the door.

Nigel answered it to find the Toiletnator, as well as all the villains. "Here it is, guys! The party's in here! Let's go!" With that, the Toiletnator ran in.

"I'm always in the mood for a party. Aren't you, Mr. Wink?" Mr. Fibb asked.

"Always in the mood indeed, Mr. Fibb."

"Come on, guys, let's go!" Mr. Boss yelled, and with that, Nigel was trampled as the many villains charged into their house.

"No! Wait! We don't have room for this many guests!" Monty shouted as they were all being squished in.

"YAY! PARTY TIME!" Laura Limpin exclaimed.

Outside, the house was being puffed up as the villains squeezed in. In a few short seconds, the house exploded and the many guests rained down to the ground. Nigel, his friends, and Monty and Agatha landed in the center of the crowd and Jar Jar Blinks landed on top of Monty, wearing a party hat and holding blowouts.

"HOORAY! It-sa a PARTY! THANK-A YOU FOR COMING, EVERYONE!" With that, he blew on the blowout.

(Twist ending time!)

A Bulblin guard walked through the halls of Underworld Prison, throwing some sort of disgusting prison food into the cells. As he walked by and tossed food into one dark cell, a loose chain wrapped around the bars, around the guard's neck, and the prisoner hit the guard against the cell until he finally passed out.

Once unconscious, the prisoner reached out and grabbed the ring of keys around his belt, using a key to open the cell. Once her cell was open, Dimentia Z. Winkiebottom stepped out of it and stared at the guard. "You know, the best part of being old and wrinkly like this is being able to slip through shackles!" Afterwards, she walked over and opened another cell, releasing her Magiblots. Once they were free, Dimentia smirked as they headed out the door, laughing maniacally. "Mm hm hm hm! Ah ha ha ha! AH HA HA HA HA! AHH HA HA HA HA!"

End Transmi-

"WAIT!" Dimentia shouted. "I want a cool ending theme! Ahem: Dun dun dun duh duh dun duh duh dun! DUH duh duh duh duh dun duh duh dun! DUN dun! DUH dun duh dunana! Na DUH duh na dunana! Duh dun duh duh dun duh duh dun! Okay, now end!"

End Transmission

And that's finally the end of this story! Now, let's give my overall review! This prequel…did NOT go at all as I planned! I mean, as another reviewer said, most of it was BORING! I mean, the main plot stuff was already explained in GALACSIA, so I had to come up with other stuff that was pretty boring, and I couldn't do any Earth scenes 'cause I ain't good with the younger versions of these adults! Heck, I hardly know anything about doing a young Monty! Sure, I was able to make it interesting in the last bit of chapters, but everything else was just BLEAH! The partners could've been better, too! It's just ironic I was able to give this more chapters than ANCESTOR or DUTCHMAN, or even the fact that this got more reviews than those two, thanks to one certain reviewer! :) Still, this prequel hardly went as planned, but it had some stuff to do with Firstborn, so I had to write it anyway. So, now that this crap fest is over, I'll bet you all are hoping for Firstborn, right? Hehe, WRONG! Right now, I wanna do the mini stories, starring Gnaa's henchmen. Starting with the Giant Fanny story. Coming up next: Attitude Adjustment! L-ater!