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Summary: What happens when Louis finds out about Mike's little secret?

Chapter 1


It's starts as a normal day for Mike Ross; go to work, get scolded by Harvey for not knowing something a law school graduate would know, and then having to do the leg work (so to speak) for a class Harvey didn't want to do.

That was until Louis Litt came up to his cubical while he was doing research.

Mike not looking up from his work "What do you want Louis?"

Louis smirks and leans over the mini wall separating them and whispers into Mike's ear.

Louis "I want you" pauses for a moment then continues "Down stairs in the File Room so we can discuss your little secret."

Louis pulls back and walks away.

Louis over his shoulder "Right now Ross I don't like to wait."

Mike bolts out of his seat almost falling on his face as he runs to catch up with Louis.


Once in the File Room Louis closes and locks the door. Then slowly makes his way over the Mike. As Louis comes closer Mike backs away until Louis boxes him into a corner.

Mike slightly scared "What are you doing?"

Louis smiles "What ever I want because I know you wont open your mouth."

Mike smirks "And if I do?"

Louis in his ass hole voice "Then I tell Jessica you didn't graduate from Harvard and Harvey knew that when he hired you."

Mike "So what I get fired big deal."

Louis smiles "Yes, yes you will get fired, but your buddy Harvey will be brought before the bar and more than likely loss his license to practice law and his job."

Mike "And what makes you think I care?"

Louis smirks "Oh please I see the way you at him."

Mike stutters "I-I-I don't know what your talking about."

Louis "Don't play dumb you look like a love sick puppy when he's around Harvey may have his head to far up his own ass to see it, but I can."

Mike just looks down in defeat.

Louis smirks "Excellent, now my terms are simple, you are to do anything I say, no objects is that clear."

Mike looks at Louis "Crystal."

Louis then back hands Mike across the face.

Louis "Never speak to me that way again. Do I make my self clear?"

Mike putting a hand on his cheek "Yes."

Louis "Good."

That suddenly Louis grabs both of Mike wrist with one of his hands and hold them above Mike's head. Then Mike goes to protest Louis shuts him up with a rough kiss. Louis slams the younger man into the wall causing him to open his mouth and allowing Louis to snake his tongue into Mike's unwilling mouth. Then as Louis continues to violate Mike mouth the older harshly grabs Mike crotch through his pants. Then just as Louis was about to unbutton Mike's pants there is a knock at the door.

Louis stepping away from Mike "You got lucky bitch, but where going to finish this tonight at my place be there at 8 sharp."

Louis then straightens his tie, unlocks the door and walks out.

The end of chapter 1 but I will update, as soon as I get 2 reviews. Thank you for reading and I'm very sorry about the spelling and grammar. J