Title: After The Storm
Author: Amy Fortuna
Fandom: Velvet Goldmine
Pairing: Curt/Brian
Warnings: Well, yeah, but that would spoil it for you. At least it's short.
Summary: "There's nothing left alive but a pair of glassy eyes..."


On a sheet of paper, these words appear as though by accident, fraught with pain, blurred by a tear or two. The hand that writes them shakes, sometimes pauses. The paper is of fine stock. The writing is ragged and messy.

"My skin aches when you are away from me. I long for you with a passion so deep that it delves into my very bones. A low sweet struggle wages in my body, curling about my navel down into the heart of what I am. In the quiet I picture your face, laughing, transported with love, and I close my eyes in delicious recall.

The first moment I saw you I knew that I would love you. You may have watched me, but through the dimness of the drug-haze of that time, you stand out in my memory as well, you in your long hair and dress. I did not dare so much as whisper it to myself then, but kept it hidden, sweetness burning through me as I watched you perform so very badly.

And as time crawled away, and the years went by, I thought of you, forever and always. When I thought you lost to me, you made it plain that my thoughts were the same as your own, and our love, for that was what I was calling it, even then, was not anything for the media to laugh at.

So we laughed at them, in our own way. And when I kissed you, were you startled? When I caught words from my memory and gave them to you, were you delighted?

And now I've fucked it up. Forgive me."

The hand takes the paper, folds it into three folds, creases it, and places it in an envelope. An address is scrawled on the front, a stamp added. The hand is just about to lay the envelope down, but at the last second, pulls it back.

"No." It is a quiet, agonized whisper.

A long moment of silence passes. A memory catches and lodges itself, harsh words said, a walking away, and tears.

"No." The whisper more firm.

The hand rips envelope and paper to shreds.