One kiss led to another

The two ninja were sitting in the middle of the room kissing. Hinata was surprised that Naruto didn't even hesitate when he kissed her. She was so shocked that she jumped away from Naruto. Naruto saw what she did and felt dissapointed.

"I'm sorry Hinata, I didn't know I was moving too fast for you."

Hinata started to feel like she was being selfish. She didn't want Naruto to be mad at her. She couldn't think of anything to say to him. She had no choice, she ran up to Naruto and kissed him. Naruto was so shocked, he couldn't move. The two ninjas just sat there kissing until Hinata said something.

"Um Naruto, can we continue this . . . i-in my bedroom?" -Proclaimed Hinata-

Naruto heard Hinata's comment then started to turn red, Hinata turned red as well. She didn't wanna say it liked that but it was too late.

"Umm . . . sure Hinata" -Said Naruto-

Hinata and Naruto both walked in Hinata's room. Hinata was nervous, "This is the first time Naruto has ever been in my room, what do I do?" Then suddenly Naruto pushed Hinata on her bed.

"Umm N-naruto, what are you d-doing" -Said Hinata nervously-

Naruto got on the bed and got on top of the Hinata.

"Im . . . taking charge" -Said Naruto-

Hinata blushed at Naruto, she felt like she was vulnerable. She was impressed that Naruto was taking control.

"N-naruto, what are you g-gonna do?" -Said Hinata-

Naruto ignored Hinata and started biting her neck. Hinata couldn't help but let out a moan. She tried to calm down a little but couldn't. She and Naruto started kissing again. Then Hinata noticed that Naruto was grabbing her breast. Hinata started to feel embarrassed.

"N-naruto, don't be so rough."

At that moment Naruto took a kunai and ripped off Hinata's shirt, she was so embarrassed that she covered up her chest.

"Ahh Naruto . . . p-please don't look."

Naruto smiled. He moved Hinata's hands and continued fondling with her breast.

"Why are you so ashamed, you look beautiful." -Said Naruto-

Hinata felt embarrassed by what Naruto said. She continued to moan.

"N-naruto . . . don't say . . . such things."

Naruto stared at Hinata.

"Hey Hinata, are you still . . . a virgin?"

Hinata turned bright red.

"Um, well . . . yes. I wanted to save it for . . . you."

Naruto turned red.

"You were saving it . . . for me?"

Hinata was embarrassed

"Um yes, I . . . wanted you to be my first."

Naruto got nervous.

"A-are you sure Hinata"

Hinata grabbed Naruto.

"I'm sure"

Before Naruto could even pull it out of his pants. Shikamaru, Tenten, Ino, and Sakura came barging through the door. They all were looking at the half naked ninjas. Shikamaru was confused and all the girl's were giggling and screaming.

"Um . . . what is going on here?" -Replied Shikamaru-

"N-naruto what do you think your doing! Tenten told us you might be here, but we didn't think you would be doing this!" -Screamed Sakura-

Ino was staring at Naruto's pants, she started to blush.

"W-wow Naruto . . . your . . . big"

Naruto saw what she meant and jumped out the window.

"Im sorry Hinata . . . will finish this tomorrow." -Said Naruto with a grin-

Sakura tried to stop Naruto but he was already out the window.

"Damn that Naruto!" -Yelled Sakura-

"Regardless of what you think Sakura, they make a cute couple." -Said Tenten-

Hinata felt good inside "We do . . . don't we"

The End

-KankuroTenten- That's the end I hoped you liked it.