Pink Passion

Pink with Guilt

Kimberly Ann Hart had done it, she had sent the letter, and she could think of nothing else ever since. She couldn't concentrate on anything except...Tommy. She knew how crushed he would be, she could easily imagine the look of pain that would cross it before that hard look would cross his face shutting everything out like when he had been the green ranger, Rita's evil minion, when they had first met. He had later told her that he had never meant to say those things to her, those things that had hurt her, that her worrying and carrying had made him start to fight the spell, that was before he had been given the Sword of Darkness, Kimberly shook her head as she reached for another bar. She jumped and landed, less than perfectly, but she was okay. Next time she slipped, she might not be so lucky, she thought. She had done what she had to, she shouldn't be regretting that decision. She grabbed a water, and went for a walk. One good thing about being away from Tommy and the others was that she didn't have to fight the next monster of the day everyday, and she could concentrate on her gymnastics, not that she would be in it much longer if she didn't find ways to concentrate. She just couldn't stop thinking of Tommy, of Jason who had returned, Jase, what would it be like to see him again? Of Aisha, or Billy, she smiled at the thought of Billy, she had always taken up for him even when they were small he had always talked in that scientific jargon, to just see them all just once more. Well, that wasn't going to happen, she thought, sadly as she walked around the humid area to her home. Suddenly, a monster made out of a water bottle jumped out at her.

"Oh no, not again," she stated as a familiar being with a blue face, wings and a gold outfit appeared next to the water bottle.

"You are powerless without your powers, pink ranger."

"Didn't you guys get the menu, I'm not the pink ranger anymore," she stated, throwing down her pink bag.

"Yes, we know, but you will be the fall of the white ranger."

"I won't let you hurt Tommy," she stated as she hurriedly unzipped the bag and found the item she was looking for. She looked around and noticed that they was no one around, it wouldn't do to get caught.

"The crane," she stated holding up the items as a pink light enveloped her and she was wearing a pink ninja outfit.

"That's impossible," Goldar stated.

"Nothing is impossible, Goldar," she stated, "Hi ya," she stated giving him a kick as she ran up the tree and kicked him.

"Oh no, that's not supposed to happen."

"I don't know why your surprised Goldar, I may be out of the game but I'm not out of practice," she stated as she grabbed her thunder whip and launched it at the water cooler.

"So long, Pink Ranger," Goldar said as they disappeared.

"I have to warn the others," she stated, worried about seeing Tommy again. She went to Erik and told him she had to leave town for a few days.

"Remember our agreement," he stated jerking her to him, and Kimberly couldn't completely supress the look of revolution on her face. "Kimberly, you. Are. Mine."

"I know, Erik. I know our deal."

"You can kiss everything goodbye."

"It's not my friends," she lied, "It's my mother."

"Do you want me to go with you?" he asked as she struggled to be free of his grip.

"No, Erik," she stated with a fake smile. "She wouldn't understand. I'll just go alone. Things would be better that way. She closed her eyes and made herself lean forward to kiss him, and she nearly choked on his tongue. He was nothing like Tommy. If only she could get away, put things in percspective.

"Remember Kim, what I've got on you."

"How could I possible forget?" she bit out. "You remind me everyday."

"I don't think you would be so...disrespectful if I told the coach about you and your boyfriend."

"You have nothing on me, but speculation," she stated.

"Then why did you break up with him? You can't be positive can you, Kimberly? Like I said You. Are. Mine."

"I'll never be yours."

"You already are."

Kimberly had to get out of here, "I'm going to tell the coach and then I'm leaving."

"I'll be waiting."

"No surprise there." Kimberly left the coach a note after not being able to find him and purchased a ticket for Angel Grove. Ready or not, here she came.