Beginning of the End

Kat pushed her hands against her head and concentrated, she could feel the telepathic link she had once had with Rita, growing stronger. "Rita, Rita, please answer me."

Rita laughed, "Zedd, Zedd, it worked, she's absolutely seething with jealously over the former pink ranger."

"You mean she still has the power coin?"

"Yes, this is better than when I turned Tommy into the Green Ranger."

"That was a mistake, without the White Ranger the Rangers would be without leadership, they would be much easier to defeat."

"Details, Details," she muttered as she answered. "Come to me, my Kat."

"I'm on my way," and Rita and Zedd teleported her away unaware of the fact that Billy had seen her disappear. "Kat, it's so good to see you again," Rita stated giving air kisses beside each of her cheeks.

"My Empress, I would like to apologize for my recent deflection. It was a mistake, I thought..."

"We all do things for love, my Kat. Afterall, I am a married woman. You remember Zeddy."

"Of course. Lord Zedd."

"Do you have your power coin?" he asked. She produced it.

"Of course, my Lord. They wanted to take it from me."

"Of course, they would. The brats."

"Where is my dastardly daughter?" they heard from behind.

"Daddy? Daddy!" Rita screamed embracing her father. "Daddy, this is my husband Lord Zedd, Zeddy, this is my father, Master Vile.."

"Ed, how you doing?" said her brother.

"And my brother Rito," she added with distaste.