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A young boy with blond spiky hair, blue eyes and three whisker marks on each cheek, wearing a white T shirt with a red spiral on the front with normal black shorts and in bare feet had gotten stuck in the storm that had appeared.

The reason was because the orphanage had kicked him out, the lady saying he was disrupting the peace, but he had stayed quiet the entire time.

A storm had swept through the leaf, high winds and great down pours of rain, keeping most villagers in doors as they waited for the hard storm to pass so they could get back to work.

The leaf village was considered the greatest power in the shinobi nations, as it had survived three wars and had won the wars that had been waged against them.

The 4 hokage had been produced through out the village. The first hokage was renowned for his Wood Release and had found the village with Madara Uchiha. The thing he was most renowned for was his ability to control the tailed beasts.

The second hokage had been renowned for his Water Release, as he could use high leveled water jutsu without a source of water.

The third was renowned for his ability to combine ninjutsu techniques, giving him the name 'The Proffesor'.

The fourth was known to have created one of the most feared jutsu in history, the Flying Thunder God Technique. He had decimated entire armies in seconds, giving him the first Rank of SS class shinobi.

Five years ago, the vilalge had been attacked by the Kyuubi, the fourth hokage had been known to kill the best, but had died doing it.

But the truth was that it had been sealed into Naruto Uzumaki.

He had always wanted to know why everyone hated him. Every time he went to a store, the shop keeper would throw him out and say he was not welcome, it had happened with the other stores as well.

The people in the orphanage did not like him either, whenever the orphanage kids were scaredc, the lady would give them a story and a hug, when Naruto was scared she would say "Shut up and go to sleep" leaving Naruto in the dark.

In the streets people would give him nasty glares and whisper behind his back, he could hear them all, but he did not know what it was all about.

The only people who were nice to him were the hokage and the people at the ramen stand, as they did not let there hate control them and saw Naruto as a normal boy and would sometimes give him free ramen.

People had also started stealing money from him, and verbally abusing him any chance they got.

Naruto sat against a wall, shivering as he put a thin towel he had found at the dumpster, it was smelly but it would have to do. he shivered as the storm got more fierce, he tried to get to sleep, hoping that his misery would end.

C aka Shee had been sent to scout the hidden leaf village.

He had short blond hair and dark eyes, he wore a white flack jacket with standard shinobi pants and elbow length arm guards, his Kumo headband worn on his forhead proudly.

He had been sent to find out what had been happening in the leaf village these past few years, his mission had been ordered by the Raikage, A himself.

He had a dark cloak to conceal himself so that no leaf nin would notice him. The storm had been helpful as it had interupted the barrier jutsu so that he could sneak past, the guards of the leaf were very few and that could be fatal as they relied to much on jutsu.

Kumo had more guards watching 24 hours a day, looking out for any possible attacks.

Kumogakure had been renowned for there lightning techniques and powerful shinobi that had come out of it. There village held two Jinchuuriki which no one knew about, as they were the trump cards of the village.

Kumo had survived two tailed beast attacks so they were very powerful in combat.

C wlaked through the village, his arm held up, trying to keep away the heavy winds hitting against him, it was very stormy this day, quite ironic he thought.

C came across something that was very rare in hidden villages, a young boy lying against a wall with a thin towel in the middle of a storm. He looked quite dirty and looked that he hadn't eaten in days.

C felt pity and sympathy for the boy, this sight made him dislike the leaf village even more, they would leave a child out in the middle of a storm, he scowled at that.

He walked up to the boy but could sense chakra on his stomach, it was slight but he could feel it. He lifted his shirt up and pumped chakra into his stomach, once done a seal appeared.

It had slight demonic chakra in it, he was a sensory ninja so he could feel it, barley.

'A Jinchuuriki?' the seal looked much more complicated then Lord Bee's, meaning that kid could be a Jinchuuriki.

The Kyuubi had attacked 5 years ago so if his suspicions were correct then this was the Jinchuuriki for the Kyuubi no Kitsune which attacked the leaf. If he were to take the boy to Kumo, then it would have three Jinchuuriki and the boy would be treated better, as Kumo nin thought of Jinchuuriki as there guardians, they had much respect.

Thinking it over, he grabbed the boy and hopped out of the village.

After thirty minutes the storm finally calmed and he started to set up campe, once he had done the fire, he threw a blanket over the boy.

After ten minutes the boy woke up, groaning and rubbing his eyes. Once he set sight on C he crawled back in fear, thinking this man would hurt him. Once C saw that he quickly clamed Naruto down.

"I wont hurt you, I'm just here to talk" Naruto relaxed but stayed on guard.

"Are you a Kumo nin" C was amazed of his knowledge at such a young age 'Smart kid' he nodded to Naruto.

"So whats your name" Naruto smiled.

"Naruto Uzumaki" Naruto said in a proud voice.

'Uzumaki, I heard that they had been wiped out in the second shinobi war' shrugging he said "My name is Shee but you can call me C for short" Naruto smiled brightly at that.

"I wanted to ask if you wanted to come to Kumo" Naruto started thinking, if he went then old man hokage would be sad and so would the ramen chefs.

But if he went to Kumo hie might be liked as they did not know him.

"Why am I hated" Naruto said, his voice full of sorrow, he need to know why everybody dispised his very being.

C sighed "You are a Jinchuuriki, a container for the Kyuubi no Kitsune, there are 8 others out there just like you. Your not the only one, we have two Jinchuuriki in our village and they are very respected" Naruto bowed his head, so that was why everyone hated him , they thought he was the Kyuubi but he was only a container.

"I'll go with you" C smiled but then said "First you need something to eat" C and Naruto then ate fish together, this could be the start of a great friendship.

The hokage had felt very weary, he had just found out that Naruto had disappeared from the village two days ago when the storm was brewing. he felt worried but there was nothing he could do.

The council had been keeping him back and from searching for him. The council had gianed much control over the years and he could not trust Danzo.

He had a feeling that he root shinobi were still operational and doing secret missions without his knowledge but he had no proof of that, so his day had not turned out good.

He also had stacks of paper work to do, when would it end.

He sighed as he looked out the window 'Where are you Naruto'

Naruto and C had been traveling for two days and C felt that he needed to teach Naruto a few things so that he could survive in case of an attack.

"Naruto come here, I'm going to teach you a few things" Naruto nodded eagerly and ran up to him.

"Ok first, i want you to do as many push ups as you can, can you do that?" C questioned, he thought that he couldn't but he was surprised when Naruto did 50 push ups before running out of breath 'Alot of stamina'.

"Ok Naruto thats good, take a few minutes to catch your breath" Naruto nodded and slowly breathed in and out once he got his breath back C then started teaching him the basic Taijutsu kata's.

Naruto got them down pretty quick, C was quite amazed at his fast progress.

"Oh yea, there's this weird thing I can do, when I concentrate hard enough, I can make this weird red stuff" C watched in amazement as small bits of red lightning went through Naruto's hand.

Naruto started shaking it in pain, it must have hurt a little bit, and he had little control.

"We better move out" C picked up Naruto and put him on his shoulders, they then headed for Kumo, C was quite anxious at what the Raikage would think.

C and Naruto finally arrived at the gates fo Kumogakure, it was large and it seemed that alot of the buildings were built on rocks and mountains. Naruto looked on in amazment whiel C smiled.

"Halt" a Kumo guard said.

"I am C, jonin rank. I am here to report to the Raikage on an extremely imortant matter" once the guard saw the headband, he saluted and C hopped to the Raikage tower on the mountain while Naruto looked at the clouds in wonder, it was incredible, the village was big.

C noticed the look of wonder and once again smiled.

Once they got to Raikage's tower C put Naruto down and opened the door.

Once they got in they saw the Raikage smash his fist throught the paper work in anger, it haunted all kage to this very day.

The Raikage, A had dark skin and dark eyes, he wore the standard Raikage uniform and he generated greats amount of power that forced respect and authority, on his hands were to massive golden guantlets that looked really cool in Naruto's opinion.

"C what are you doing here" the Raikage questioned, his voice deep and strong.

"Raikage-sama, while in the leaf village I came across this young boy, who's name is Naruto, he seemed to be treated badly as he was left in the middle of a storm. i took him out of it and asked him a few questions, I found out that he is the Jinchuuriki for the Kyuubi no Kitsune" A's eyebrows rised at that "I then asked him if he would like to join this village, he said yes so I cam here as quickly as I could.

I trained him in the basic Taijutsu kata's and he mastered them extremely fast, we also discovered that he could use a red type of lightning" A's eyes widened.


A destroyed forest was all that was left, trees were split in half, the ground was scorched.

A was on his knees, breathing heavily as he had lost his battle against a powerful opponent.

The man had red spiky hair which went down to his top back and he wore a red trench coat which went down to his knees and wore standard shinobi pants coloured red.

"What is your name" the red haired stranger asked.

"I am A" A said, still gasping for breath.

"I am Raiden, I would like to ask a favour of you"

Flashback End

A looked opn silently, C looked worried and pale, what was the Raikage's answer going to be.

"Then consider him a member of this village" C sighed in relief while Naruto grinned happily.

Just then the door opened and out walked a dark haired man with dark skin and dark eyes, a sword strapped to his back and a lazed look on his face. He wore the same clothing as C.

"Who is this" Darui asked, his voice bored, but he was curious as to who that was.

"This is the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki, Naruto Uzumaki, a new Kumo member, former leaf citizen" Darui nodded and yawned in boredom, so a another Jinchuuriki was going to join the village, this would be interesting.

"Naruto, it is time to start your traning" Naruto gulped, something felt wrong, the feeling of impending doom coming upon him.

The next seven years Naruto started traning to become a strong shinobi.

The first year they kept it easy and had Naruto do 50 push ups a day, 50 punches, kicks then a few laps around the traning field to build up his strength. They did it for about 2 months and when Naruto was ready they added weights and once done. They got him to do 100 each, he did that and soon his strength and speed was quite great. They spent 2 full years increasing Naruto's speed and strength.

He then started using gravity seals and got even faster and stronger. He had aquired even greater speed and strength. They then started traning his reflexes as they would throw rocks at him, then kunai and shuriken then bigger things that would be quite hazardous to most people.

Naruto had then met Killer Bee, who had taken an instant liking to him and Naruto even started helping him make raps, to much of the horror of the Kumo nin. Bee had then said he would train Naruto in kenjutsu, which Naruto eagerly nodded at such a chance.

They had spent some practice in it, Naruto was quite good at it and started trying to make his own style for his dual swords. They were pure red steel which could channel all types of chakra into and could take away 25% usage of chakra for techniques when used with the dual swords.

They then went back to traning his reflexes another year with the help of the Raikage, where he had to dodge trees and water dragons for hours. Naruto's healing factor helped much and Naruto had found the shadow clone jutsu hidden in the village, which they had been looking for, as it had been copied off the leaf village forbidden scroll, which was unknown how they did it.

He used the secret and he started Ninjutsu, where he had learnt that he could use the same red lighting that Raiden the Thunder God, said to be the most powerful shinobi in history had used the lightning. Raiden had not been put in the bingo book because no one had lived to see him except the Raikage A and the yellow flash.

The Raikage and Darui had started traning Naruto in lightning Release, giving him a great edge when he used his shadow clones to help master the techniques at great speeds. The Raikage had even taught Naruto the lightning armor, where Naruto's would turn red, as any lightning technique he used would become red.

The next year Naruto had met the Kyuubi, he wasn't as bad as many people thought and had told Naruto the reasons he had attacked the village, where Naruto had hugged him, shocking Kyuubi greatly as no mortal had ever done that and none of his hosts were this kind.

Naruto had then trained in the Kyuubi's chakra where he could go 3 tails wihtout losing control, but he had once gone 4 tails and nearly went on a rampage, but was restrained by Killer Bee in his Tailed beast form where Naruto had quickly calmed down.

Naruto then kept traning in his Taijutsu, getting extremely good as his relfexes doubled with the red lightning. He had also learnt a few water technqiues so he could mix the two together.

Naruto had reached a high level thanks to his shadow clones and notes left behind by Raiden, which had been given to A years ago, as Raiden had predicted that something like this would happen.

Naruto had made friends with Omoi and Karui, and Samui respected him greatly for his extreme determination and will. Naruto had grown up to love Kumo and would protect at any cost.

Naruto then started practicing his hand signs until he could do them at high speeds, where he then started mastering the jutsu, where he could do shadow clone with no hand seals and not even saying it.

The next Year Naruto got control over another two tails, as he had accomplished what Bee had when he took him to the island from time to time. Kyuubi also gave Naruto some idea's for jutsu, but the hardest jutsu for Naruto learn was Lightning force. The first time he had tried it he had burnt off all of his skin and had to be taken to the hospital for immediate attention.

Naruto had then trained more chakra control, he had learnt tree climbing, water walking, mountain walking where he had fell off many times and broken something. Naruto then started traning more in kenjutsu, hoping to gain more mastery in it.

Naruto then spent the last year in fully controlling the Kyuubi's chakra, which had been a pain as it's power was immense. Thanks to the cooperation of Kyuubi Naruto was able to do it.

Watch out world, Naruto Uzumaki is gonna shake it.

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