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It was another peaceful day in Kumogakure, birds chirping, a gentle breeze. That was until a yell of "Elbow Bolt" and a scream of pain, along with a figure soaring high into the sky, startling people who were close by.

The Raikage wiped the dirt off his Kage cloak, after he sent Killer Bee into the sky once again.

Yugito face palmed "Raikage-sama, do you really have to do that now".

"He would not shut up with his rapping, so he needed to be taught a lesson" the Raikage yelled. Naruto let out a burst of chakra, getting everybody's attention.

"Um, your supposed to be seeing me and C off" all of Naruto's friends rubbed the back of there heads sheepishly and started saying there good byes. Once done Naruto and C prepared to go.

"Lets go to the dragon tournament" Naruto yelled enthusiastically while punching his fist into the air, while C just nodded.

"Wait" a yell caught Naruto's attention, he turned and found the Raikage walking toward him with a strange red and blue gauntlet in his hand.

"Whats that" asked Naruto, while C looked at it with curiosity.

"This is a chakra gauntlet, it amplifies lightning manipulation by quite alot, so I thought it would come in handy for the tournament, so good luck" Naruto grinned and put on the gauntlet, flexing every few seconds.

"Thanks, I'll make sure to put this to good use" Naruto and C then leaped away, headng for the tournament area.

8 days later

Naruto and C had finally arrived to the tournament, but not without trouble. They had quite a few meetings with bandits, as the dragon tournament was a great opportunity to attack people heading there for a good amount of cash and items.

Naruto and C came across two guards. They both wore vests with red claws going across the sides, with orange arm bands and standard shinobi pants.

"State your name and business" one of the guards said, his voice quite deep.

"I am Naruto Uzumaki and I am here for the dragon tournament" Naruto answered to the guard, to which he nodded and started looking through a sheet of paper.

He nodded "You may pass and this must be the person coming with you" Naruto nodded and the guard signaled for the gates to open. Naruto and C both walked in and looked on in wonder.

The place where the tournament was been held was huge, there were tons of people walking back and forth. Marketers were on all sides, trying to sell what ever they had in stock.

The most amazing thing were the floating buildings above, to which C looked up in amazment 'How are they able to keep building's in the air' he thought.

"Come on Naruto, we need to get some rooms. Once we do that maybe we should have a bite to eat, all of that travelling is exhausting and you need energy for the tournament" Naruto nodded to C and they went to find there rooms.

On the way they were interupted by a man with brown hair wearing the same unifrom that the guards wore at the gate "Naruto Uzumaki, you are required to come with me to the meeting room, so that you may start the tournament" Naruto groaned, he wouldn't get something to eat.

"Ok, Naruto I'll go find some rooms and once you are done, we will grab something to eat" Naruto nodded and went off with the shinobi.

"So, what is going on" the shinobi glanced at Naruto.

"Lord Mazeras has asked for all contandents to go to the meeting room for an announcment" Naruto nodded.

They came up to a large door, which the shinobi opened and Naruto stepped in and found a large amount of different shinobi all in the room, even some samurai were present.

A man with orange redish hair walked in, a fan with flames going across in his hand.

"Hello, I am Mazeras, and I am the host of this exam. Now usually you would just go straight into fighting other people, but there are many contestants, so we will be holding a, preliminaries of sought" many of the contestants didn't look happy while some had impassive looks.

"Now, if all of you will pick out a number and walk into your designated area, you can begin" all of them nodded as Mazeras pulled out a jar full of pieces of paper. Naruto finally got his after 10 minutes of waiting.

'Number 15 eh' Naruto thought as walked to the door with 15 on it, it opened once he got near so he just shrugged and walked in.

The place was quite plain, normal stone walls, torches to light up the large room. Naruto heard strange footsteps and found a figure dressed in samurai armor walk toward him with it's sword drawn.

Naurto quickly got into a standard stance and prepared for an attack.

"Soul Slayer" a purple arc of energy shot out of the blade and slammed into Naruto, only for him to puff into smoke. The samurai swung it's blade from behind, Naruto barely dodging it.

Naruto went for an uppercut but was smashed away by the samurai's forearms. Naruto spat out blood 'Damn, this guy is strong' Naruto rolled out of the way, dodging another arc of purple energy.

"Lightning Bomb" a ball of lightning appeared in Naruto's hand and he shot forward. Just as Naruto got infront the Samurai whispered "Soul Screecher" a terrible sound hit Naruto, making his ears bleed and shooting him into a wall.

Thanks to his healing it didn't affect him to much. The samurai appeared infront of him but naruto ducked and kicked the Samurai away. It landed on it's legs unfazed from the hit 'Holy crap, this guy is strong'.

Naruto quickly activated his lightning armor level 1 and shot forward once again. The samurai swung his blade and shot out another arc of energy, this one was larger and faster.

Naruto kept going and slammed through it, hitting the samurai "Lariat" the samurai was sent into the wall from the hit. Naruto grinned 'That wasn't so har-' Naruto didn't finish as the samurai slammed the hilt of the sword into his head, sending him into a wall.

"Son of a bitch" Naruto said, getting out of the stone wall. The samurai dragged it's blade across the wall while charging at Naruto. Naruto quickly jumped away from the samurai but it appeared above him, slamming down on his head with it's foot.

Naruto groaned, holding his pounding head, this guy was strong, that was for sure.

"Naruto, that's it, this is a soul samurai. But I dont know how they got one. Anyway the only way to beat it is to rip the soul from it's armor" Naruto nodded and dodged another swing from the sword.

'One, question, how the hell do you do that' Naruto screamed as he dodged another arc of energy, but got hit by another. He groaned and slammed his hand into the ground "Lightning Style: Electric Pulse Wave" a wave of lightning shot out of the ground and slammed into the samurai, sending it into a wall.

'How do we do it' Naruto thought.

"There may be a seal on a part of his armor, try and find it and hit a good bit of tailed beast chakra into the seal, that should do it" Naruto nodded and charged at the samurai.

He swung a fist, which the samurai dodged and swung it's sword at Naruto. Naruto went to grab his dual swords but didn't have them 'Oh no' Naruto barely dodged the attack.

Suddenly Naruto appeared above the samurai and shot a tailed beast arm straight into it's back, and by luck he managed to hit the seal. He watched the samurai fall apart and sighed in relief.

The wall at the back of the room opened and a shinobi walked through "Come with me, you have passed the preliminaries" Naruto nodded and followed the shinobi through the door.

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Soul Samurai:

Armor with a lost soul stuck inside by a seal, each soul has strong skills and are very powerful, most are jonin level and higher. Rare to have a kage level one.

Known Techniques: Soul Slayer, Soul Screecher.