I smile every time I read this. :)

Edward Elric was never seen again by any demigod, god, or any mythological being, for that matter. What some assumed out of respect, Apollo attained a new favorite form, reminding others of the extrordinary teenager who had changed all their lives.

He was the form of a muscular young man with long golden hair and eyes to match the luster and brilliance of the ferocious sun which Apollo carried across the sky each day. One might see a gleaming metallic glint from somewhere on the body, and the sleeveless black tunic and black leather pants and combat boots added to the mysteriousness the blonde already carried. Pristine white gloves, and a bright red coat with a Flamel on the back, branded the man as different. Yet, no one was left out of his aura, and none of the gods could ever think of arguing over the new form.

He was fierce, allowing him victory in battle; stubborn, not giving up; a prodigy, a strategist, many years of knowledge far beyond his years, and full of dark secrets that he still managed to compress - for the most part - and remain sane. He was handsome, he brought people in; he was brave, nothing would stand in his way. Yet, he was compassionate, helping others when he should be helping himself as his life fell apart. He radiated power, and was not afraid to use it, blue light and lightning signifying his involvement.

One thing was for sure, and that was that no one would ever forget Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist, nor would stories about him go unheard of, and it almost seemed there was going to be a new Greek mythological hero.

Yeah, definatley short. But I think if I made it longer, it would be ruined. I hope that was worth the two minutes you spent on it. :)