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Basic Info for this Fic:

Here's some basic important information! This fic is rated 'T' for mild violence and swearing. It is set during Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and before the Invasion/Capture Orihime Arc in Bleach. HOWEVER! The events for this fic are going to be vastly different than the actual events, so consider this a bit of an 'AU' from the canon. The actual outcome of the wizarding war/Winter War may turn out differently in this fic. As for spoilers...it might be best if you have read the entire Harry Potter series and are at least up to the Battle of Karakura Town Arc. Some of the deviations from the actual story-line (that aren't spoilers for the plot) include:

The Hogyouku was damaged during Aizen and Co.'s flight from the Soul Society (Ichigo managed to get a swipe at it), which delayed its 'readiness'. Instead of it being 'fully charged' in the winter, it'll be 'charged' by late winterish/early springish. Sometime around there. Point is, it won't happen at the same time as canon.

Ulquiorra and Yammy do get sent to the mortal world for their 'scouting' mission, but Grimmjow and Co. don't invade later on. Aizen's keeping security tight in Hueco Mundo...for reasons that will be revealed later in the story... This also means that Orihime doesn't get captured.

The time-frame is after Ulquiorra and Yammy appear, but before Grimmjow appears (in canon). Ichigo is currently going through Vizard training to control his inner Hollow, and Hitsugaya and Co. have been posted in the mortal world. Their job is to secure Karakura Town and be the first line of defense in case Aizen attacks early. Mostly, though, they're just scouting out a potential battlefield.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Chapter One: Sirius Black, à la Carte

Sirius Black was not a happy man.

First of all, he was dead. That was enough to ruin anyone's day. But one thing that really irked Sirius was that he had been killed by his insane cousin, Bellatrix Lestrange. Sirius didn't know how he was supposed to look at himself in the mirror anymore. She hadn't even used the Killing Curse! He simply fell through some stupid archway.

Another angering point was the fact that Sirius hadn't lasted the entire battle. The first time he had really been able to get out of that horrible house in ages, and he has to go and get himself killed. He would have bet every Galleon he owned that even Pettigrew would have lasted longer.

To top it off, heaven was nothing like Sirius had imagined. For one thing, Sirius was pretty sure he wasn't supposed to have this annoying chain attached to his chest that jingled slightly as he walked. None of the ghosts he had met during his life had it. Unless, of course, he was in hell, but then hell wasn't anything like he had imagined either.

He was walking in a strange black plain. The blackness stretched as far as he could see in every direction, and yet there was still a strange grayish light that glowed from an unknown source and allowed Sirius to see. If this was heaven, Sirius would have expected fluffy clouds and angels flying everywhere, or something like that. If it was hell, and Sirius was quite certain he hadn't been that bad in school to earn that, then it was missing all the fire and the sadistic demons with their pitchforks.

"Maybe this is the tunnel, and I'm supposed to follow the light," Sirius said to himself, grinning a bit and playing with the end of his chain, still walking along the plain for lack of anything better to do. His voice echoed strangely in the darkness. He couldn't tell how long he had been walking. It could be years for all Sirius knew, or only seconds.

The last thing he remembered was seeing his cousin fire a curse at him, and hearing Harry screaming his name as he fell through the Veil. They were fighting in the Department of Mysteries, trying to protect the prophecy. Sirius hoped Harry was doing alright, but he knew that Dumbledore was on his way.

The next thing Sirius remembered, but only vaguely, the memory already fading away, was a strange voice asking him if he wanted to remain in the living world or continue on to the afterlife. Sirius briefly considered staying behind, if only to haunt his insane cousin and make her life a living hell, but then he remembered that he wouldn't be able to see James or Lily, so Sirius refused.

Then Sirius had found himself on this plain, and had been walking ever since.

"How much longer am I going to have to walk?" Sirius complained to himself, starting to get seriously bored, no pun intended. There was nothing for Sirius to amuse himself with, and no one to go and bother. Heck, he would have even been glad to see Snivellous. He had just about given up hope of seeing anything in this darkness when Sirius heard a noise.

Unfortunately, it wasn't what Sirius was hoping for.

A loud roar sounded behind him, and Sirius spun around to pinpoint its source. Having dealt with his fair share of magical creatures, Sirius wasn't too concerned, but there was something about this roar that sounded…feral and hungry, and gave Sirius a sickening feeling in the pit of his stomach.

Sirius had no chance to think any further on it, because suddenly a giant, masked monster stepped out of a rip in the space in front of him, sniffing the air. It had a huge, deer-like face covered with a white mask and evil red, glowing eyes. Five long, sharp horns adorned the top of its mask. It had a long snake-like body with two tails, both tipped with a wicked-looking stinger.

All in all, it was one freaky looking monster, and nothing like Sirius had ever seen before.

The snake-thing roared again, and dove at Sirius, who instinctively reached for his wand…only to find that his wand was gone. Quickly Sirius tried to avoid the snake's attack, but he moved too late. Pain exploded in Sirius's shoulder as the snake-thing bit down on him. The snake gave Sirius a shake before tossing him aside. Sirius flew through the air and landed hard on the ground, his ribs creaking with the force of the impact. Everything went blurry for a moment, and Sirius wondered if it was possible to die when he were already dead.

As the snake-monster dove for a second attack, its eyes alight with feral pleasure, Sirius gave in to his second instinct.

He turned into the shaggy black dog that was his other form.

Sirius was slightly surprised he had retained this ability after death, when he hadn't kept his wand, but at the moment he was mostly concerned with getting the hell away from the monster.

The snake-monster, seemingly surprised at Sirius's transformation, hesitated mid-lunged, and missed the black dog by a wide margin. Sirius wasted no time in hauling ass out of there.

What the hell is that thing? Sirius thought, wincing as his cracked ribs complained with the effort of running, but he didn't dare slow down. I've never even heard of something like that…and I don't even have a wand to fight it!

The thing roared from behind him, and Sirius risked a quick look back to find that it was rapidly closing the gap between them. Sirius put on a burst of speed, but his actions were mirrored by the snake-monster. It roared again, and then dove for Sirius, latching onto his leg, breaking it with a loud 'crack'. Sirius howled with pain, and scrabbled with his claws on the thing's mask. One paw managed to claw an eye, which felt horribly empty, but it appeared to have done some damage, because the snake screeched and threw Sirius aside.

Hitting the ground once more, Sirius got the breath knocked out of him. A loud 'crack' sounded, and Sirius was sure that he had broken a rib this time. The world swam before his eyes, and Sirius felt himself losing consciousness. As he drifted into sleep, he felt his Animagus transformation slowly release, and saw the monster rear up its ugly head with another roar.

The last thing he heard was a woman's voice crying, "Hado 4, Byakurai!" before everything went completely black.

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