"Yeah, okay," Jane shook her head as she watched her mother walk away. With a sigh she turned to Maura. "So, I want to make sure I follow what just happened here, okay?


"We were talking about you just wanting to have sex with Giovanni, right?"


"Then Ma walked in and accused me of lying to her about us, and we both told her we lied to Giovanni, right?"


"Then, Ma wanted to know why we weren't dating each other, and I told her I wasn't gay, right?"

"For the most part, yes."

"Then, you come running down here to tell me you're not offended by the stuff Ma said, and you're open to the possibilities of things happening, right?"

Maura shrugged.

Jane took that as a yes. "Then, for some reason beyond my own person understanding of me, I kissed you; we kissed each other, right?"


"Then, Ma catches us, isn't upset that she caught us, and now you and I are suddenly dating. Does that about sum it up?"

"If you're agreeable to the idea of us dating, then yes."

Jane regarded the smaller woman for a moment, the gears in her head clearly ticking away. "You two set me up."

"What? Jane, I would never!" Maura shook her head adamantly no.

"No, I was set up. Ma set me off and then sent you after me. I should have seen that coming. She's been doing that crap to me for years. I was set up, Maura."

"But… but… I don't understand. Does that mean that everything that just happened here doesn't matter?"

"No, it does. It also means my mother is sneaky and underhanded, and I owe her lunch. Speaking of, I'm starving. What do you say I take you out?"

"Okay," Maura nodded slowly, "But, Jane, I'm still not certain what's happening here. Can we at least clarify all of this first?"

"Sure. I," she pointed to herself, "am taking my girlfriend, you," she pointed to Maura, "on a date to dinner. Clear enough?"

Maura's smiled beamed. "Crystal."

"Good. So… Italian?"

"I love Italians," the doctor replied, eyes sparkling.

"You… you mean you love Italian?" Jane responded as she unlocked her car.

"No, I mean I love Italians, and my house is closer."

"Oh man," Jane said as she slid into the driver's seat and turned on the car, "I think I'm in for a ride."

"I think I'm in for the Italian," Maura murmured under her breath as the car pulled out of the parking space and toward its final destination.

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