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Yuki: Dunno but I always have to follow you to protect you from those guys *points to Lucky and Natsu*

N-natsu? Lucky? what are they doing here?

Lucky: Dunno maybe your punishment for being late?


Natsu: He's right you are always busy...

It's true I've been busy but at least I still continue them!

Yuki: Hehe why don't we just let them read peacefully? ^^"

Lance&Natsu: NO! *chases after Lyka*

Eep! Yuki! *runs to Yuki*

Yuki: Alright, Lyka-Chan doesn't own Fairy Tail as I said before, if she did I'd always be saving her from danger *carries Lyka in bridal style*

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Weeks after Lucy left well the guild is now very quiet and it was rarely seen going nuts which is weird because it was complicated, Gray doesn't strip anymore when ever he tries he immediately stops automatically, Natsu is rarely cheerful and hyper, Erza just stares at somewhere or sometimes goes sulking at the corner, Levy can't even read a good book, Mirajane stopped serving drinks, everything changed….

"It's already fall season again, she's been gone for two and a half years already…." Happy whined

"Master aren't you worried?" Erza asked worriedly still guilty for what she and Gray did last winter

"No because it's not my fault" Makarov said confidently

"…." Erza then walked away

-Outside near the guild-

"So this is it?" a cloaked figure asked to the other one

"Yeah but I think I may not stay here so long Yuki…." The other one replied

"Lu- err…. I mean Usui are you sure about that decision?" Yuki asked curiously

"I know you guys are ready so let's go" Leo said grabbing his own cloak and putting it on

"I agree" Usui said as he stood up followed by Yuki and Leo

-Back in the guild-

"Aw c'mon Natsu cheer up!" Lissana smiled brightly at the dragon slayer

"….." Natsu continued to stare somewhere

"I give up" Lissana sighed in defeat suddenly the doors were opened by three cloaked figures

Erza stood up and asked "Who are you?" she asked equipping two swords

"….." They didn't replied

"I said who are you?" Erza asked giving them a death glare

"Why do you care?" one of them asked removing his cloak revealing his white-yellowish messy hair, light golden eyes, he wore black ripped jeans and a blue t-shirt Erza found herself staring at him with a slight red face

"B-b-be-bec-because w-w-we d-don't k-know y-you!" Erza said while shaking

(O_O) The guild members stared at Erza suddenly something caught his eye

"Usui what is it?" Yuki said removing his own cloak revealing his own dark green messy hair, light blue colored eyes, a dark blue top and green pants

"Crap!" Erza shouted as she hid behind the bar Usui turned his gaze on Levy who was starring at them

"What do you want shorty?" Leo asked removing his cloak, he had dark orange messy hair, dark green eyes, he had rimless top glasses, and he looked good in it with his red and black shirt along with his gray pants Levy almost fainted with those three guys starring at her

"Um, why are you here anyway?" Mirajane asked

"To join isn't obvious?' Leo asked looking at Mira

"Leo, if you want to stay long here you have to be kind, loving, and treat each other as nakama" Usui said Natsu's eyes widened

"How do you know that? I only said that to Lucy!" Natsu stared at shock

'Crap, not now!' Usui thought "I read the weekly sorcerer and happened to read that info so that's why" Usui explained

"Ahaha sorry about his sudden outburst where do you want your tattoo?" Mirajane said as she changed the topic

"I'd like mine on my right shoulder, dark green if you could…" Yuki said as he completely removed his cloak and Mirajane stamped his tattoo

"What about you two? And Usui why are you wearing fingerless gloves anyway?" Mirajane curiously asked starring at his hand

"I just like it this way" Usui replied back

"We are kinda forbidden to have tattoo so…" Leo trailed off

"I understand well welcome to Fairy Tail!" Mirajane greeted as members slowly went to them

"What magic do you guys use?" Erza asked as she stood beside them

"…." They didn't replied

"Ah! What about a quick warm-up? Ne, Gray?" Natsu asked cracking his knuckles followed by Gray who was smirking

"For the first time I'll allow you to test them" Erza confidently said as she walked away

"Alright we got Erza's permission so…" Gray trailed off and grinned

"Let's start!" Natsu tried to send a punch to Usui but he did a back flip

"Lance!" Gray aimed his attack both at Yuki and Leo but they dodged

"Woah, they are quick and they don't even use magic yet!" Happy cheered for the trio

"Tch…. Why don't you use your magic?" Natsu and Gray said at the same time

"Because we are tired from travelling" Usui said as he yawned and walked off along with Yuki and Leo

"See you tomorrow guys!" Wendy said as she waved

"Huh? Wendy do you know them?" Levy suddenly asked

"Usui smells familiar and Leo too" Wendy explained

"Then why can't we smell them?" Gajeel asked

"We don't know maybe something is stuck in your noses!" Happy teased as he flew off leaving two fuming dragon slayers

"GET BACK HERE HAPPY!" Natsu roared as he chased after his cat along with Gajeel who said:


-With the trio-

"So when are you telling them the truth?" Leo asked

"Loke's got a point you can't hide forever from them they are your family after all" Yuki agreed

"I don't know how long we can keep this up" Usui said as he transformed back to his original self

"Just do it when you are ready" Loke said

"Thanks you Yuki, Loke I hope I can tell the truth…" He finished as he turned back into her….

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