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Angel in the Moonlight

Naruto was hiding. There was no other way to describe it. While he had enjoyed the respect and love the villagers finally gave him for defeating Pain, there were many things that were going badly for Konoha. The git Danzo had managed to become Hokage. And he didn't have any proof that he had been the one to make Pain into what he had become. He was happy that Nagato had revived all those that had died. But there was also Granny Tsunade who was still in a coma after she had used too much chakra to protect the villagers from Pain's attacks. Danzo had put the village under the highest alert. Naruto knew the warhawk would try to use the situation to his advantage. Naruto had gotten orders to stay in the village.

Then there was the team from Kumo that had appeared after the fight was over. They had brought news of Sasuke joining Akatsuki. Why did the bastard do that? Why did he become a criminal? Now things were a lot harder. How could he still keep his promise to Sakura and bring the idiot back?

He also had thought long about Hinata's confession. Nobody had ever told him that he or she loved him. Not old man Sandaime, not Granny Tsunade, not Iruka sensei, not even Pervy Sage. No, the first one to ever tell him those three words was Hinata. The girl he thought was weird but nice. Now he finally understood that her red face, the fainting and the stutter in his company had been signs of her liking him. He was so dense sometimes.

The people were looking up to him now, but he felt still so unsure. What would happen now? How would he be able to keep his promise to Nagato with Danzo being Hokage? He knew he would somehow find a way, but at the moment he didn't feel like that. Then there were the words his father had left him. He trusted him. Naruto smiled at the memory. He had met his father, the legendary fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze. Looking back, there was a distinct similarity between him and his father. But with the Hokage keeping the secret there were few ways he could have figured it out. After all, their faces were really different and the way they kept their hair also helped with the deception. If you ignored the fact that there was nobody else in the village with their hair colour of course.

Naruto had managed to get away from the village to think. His experience with running from the ANBU as a child now came in useful. He needed some alone time to think about the next steps he had to take.

She had followed him. She had noticed his depressed mood immediately. She had watched him long enough to know his feelings just from looking at his eyes. While he could deceive most others with his happy mask, she had found out with time that in his eyes his true feelings showed. And as a Hyuga she knew everything about body language. The route Naruto took was strangely familiar to her. She knew she had taken it before. Finally she found him standing at a small pond with a waterfall at the side. He was looking at the fireflies dancing on the water and she listened to the splashing of the waterfall on the pond.

Then she recognized the place. Her face grew hot at the memory. It had been here at this pond that she had trained her jutsu of the 64 protecting hands during the mission to find the beetle with the special sense of smell. Naruto had seen her training on the water; naked. Was he remembering that? Did he know it had been her?

"You can come out Hinata." He softly called her.

Hinata was surprised that he had noticed her. She stepped from behind the tree and walked towards him.

"Hello Naruto, I just wanted to make sure you were okay." She told him.

"Oh, don't worry, I am okay." He assured her with his bright smile.

"Please Naruto; don't use your mask with me." Hinata pleaded.

Naruto's smile vanished. He didn't think anybody was able to see through his mask now that Jiraiya was dead. He had been the only one to ever call him out on it on their trip.

"How did you know?" He asked her softly, looking down at the ground.

"I can see it in your eyes. You can't hide your feelings from me. Please, I want to help you."

"You already did Hinata. You saved my life from Pain. Though I still think you were insane to jump into the fight. You nearly died."

"And I still don't regret it. I couldn't let him take you away. I couldn't let you die."

Naruto cupped her cheek with his hand. He looked at her beautiful face. He wanted to hit himself for not noticing her earlier. He had craved attention and here was one girl that had always watched him. Wanted to be his friend and had even fallen in love with him, the village pariah.

"Thank you Hinata." He said sincerely.

Hinata just smiled.

"Why did you come here Naruto?" She asked.

"I wanted someplace peaceful and then I was reminded of our mission to find that beetle. One night I woke up and saw this ultra beautiful girl dancing on the water. It looked so beautiful and peaceful. I wanted to feel those emotions again, so I snuck out of the village and came here. I just need some time away from there." Naruto confessed.

Hinata again blushed heavily at the praise Naruto gave the memory of her training on the water.

Naruto watched Hinata's reaction. While he still wasn't the smartest guy around, he had gotten better in putting clues together. Hinata's silhouette in the moonlight was somehow familiar. Then he thought about her reaction when he told Kiba about the girl he had seen. She had gone bright red and fainted. Wait, had she been …?

"It was you wasn't it?" He asked softly.

Hinata got even redder from the question.

"Now that I think about it, it fits, the silhouette in the moonlight resembled you, but as you wore that thick coat all the times, I didn't connect you with her. That is the reason you fainted when I told Kiba."

Hinata was scared. She hadn't wanted for him to find that secret out. She was so embarrassed. She tried to back away, but Naruto wouldn't have it. He quickly stopped her escape by putting his arms around her and leaning his head against hers.

"Why are you so afraid Hinata?" He asked kindly.

Hinata was stopped short in her panicking and thought about his question. Why was she afraid? This was Naruto who would never hurt one of his friends. And she wanted to be with him so much.

"I, I don't know. I just panicked because you saw me naked on the water that night … and I was so embarrassed … and I feared you would find out … and my clan would find out … and they would banish me to the branch family … and they would give me the seal … and Hanabi would use it when I tried so hard to protect her from being put in the branch family … and tried so hard to stop the practice of the seal … and want to unite my family again…" She was babbling.

Naruto just put his finger on her lips to stop her. He now understood. While Hinata had come a long way from the shy girl he had though of as weird in the academy, she still had the burden of her clan looking down on her. She had an ambitious goal but it was a lot of weight on her shoulders.

"You don't have to do it alone. Do you remember? I promised Neji that I would change the Hyuga clan when I become Hokage. What better way than to do it with the future head of the Hyuga clan by my side?" He asked lovingly.

"Naruto?" Hinata asked confused.

Naruto didn't give her a verbal answer; he had finally sorted out his feelings. This girl was the one for him. This brave girl that had risked her life to safe him and through him the whole village. Her sacrifice had given him the power to protect his precious people and right now she had taken the top spot on that list. Instead of talking he closed the distance between their faces and kissed her gently on her lips.

Hinata was shocked. She had dreamed about kissing Naruto for so long. She had wanted to be held by his strong arms and now it happened. After overcoming the first shock, she closed her eyes and returned his kiss. She put her arms around his neck and returned his kiss with all the feelings she had hidden inside of her for so long. Finally she was sure that Naruto chose her over Sakura.

Both of them were lost in their intense feelings. Naruto's heart that had been craving for positive attention was healing through her unconditional love, Hinata's heart, beaten down again and again as weak by her own family, was healing through his unwavering support. It was a long time later that they separated from their first kiss.

Both smiled happily at each other.

Naruto had a sudden thought.

"Dance with me on the water, Hinata." He asked Hinata grinning mischievously.

She raised her eyebrow but nodded. Naruto took off his jacket, his weapons and his sandals and with a pointed look at her, she followed his lead. Naruto was slightly surprised by the size of her breasts that were now covered by just a mesh-shirt. Hinata was admiring his muscular upper body. His training really showed off under his slightly tight fitting black short sleeved shirt. Hinata decided then and there his jacket was evil to hide this gorgeous body. She didn't know that Naruto had similar thoughts about her jacket.

Both didn't know they would think differently in the near future when they would be confronted with different admirers. Then the jackets would be very appreciated as a deterrent of unwelcome suitors. After all, both were rather jealous to keep the other for themselves and not let anybody see the true beauty of their bodies besides the two of them.

Naruto held out his hand and Hinata took it. Naruto led her onto the water, both using water walking like it was second nature. When they reached the middle of the pond, Naruto held out his arms in one of the starting positions for classical dances that Jiraiya had pounded into his head. He had said it was training for his future job as Hokage. After all, a lot of the job as Hokage was political and dancing was one of the things that traditionally happened. Naruto had suspected Jiraiya had only arranged for the dancing lessons to peep on his student learning to dance with a beautiful instructor as inspiration for his new book.

But now that didn't count. He had a beautiful girl in his arms and while they didn't have any music, it was as if he could still hear it in his mind. Slowly to the sound of crickets, some frogs and the waterfall he began to move in the rhythm of the dances he had learned. Hinata followed his lead. It was as if the moonlight had spun a spell around the pond and bewitched the two young ninjas with its magic.

Naruto dipped Hinata deep down, nearly having her head touch the water, then twirling her around, making the water splash all around them; her long hair, flinging water through the air. Hinata put her leg over his arm, bending down, her hands touching the water, before straightening again in Naruto's arms. They glided over the surface of the water, going through figures proficient dancers would have been envious of. Naruto threw Hinata in the air; she spun around her own axis and landed safely in his arms. With the ongoing dancing more water splashed on their bodies. Their clothes stuck to them like a second hide and Naruto was more and more aware of Hinata's beauty. The water-drops in her hair twinkled in the moonlight like pearls.

He spun her again and ended in a position behind her, her warm body pressed against his. He felt his own arousal when her perfectly shapely bum was pressed against his groin.

"You are so beautiful Hinata. I was such an idiot for not noticing it before." He whispered in her ear.

Hinata was on cloud nine. This dance was the most romantic thing she could have thought of for a first date with Naruto. It hadn't been a planned date, but it was just perfect; just the two of them under the moonlight. His soft voice, loving but laced with something deeper, more primal was making her shiver pleasantly. She wanted so much more and she didn't know if she would be able to control herself if he continued. Did she even want to stop? Not really if she was honest with herself. Screw it, her clan could screw themselves. This time she would follow her wishes not theirs. They had made her childhood miserable. Now it was time to follow her own rules.

"You are very handsome yourself Naruto." She replied, feeling his response to her grinding against his body hard against her lower regions.

She twirled around, putting her hands around his neck again, pulling back her upper body in his embrace, giving him a perfect view of her voluptuous breasts. When she pulled up again, she saw the lust in his eyes and for a moment she was scared of her own courage. She was actively seducing him. But then her own primal instincts won over her modesty. She wanted him and wanted him badly. And obviously he wanted her as well.

She began kissing him again and he responded passionately. His tongue begged for entrance in her mouth and she opened it graciously. Their tongues engaged in a playful battle for dominance that Naruto won after a short time. She knew she secretly wanted to be dominated by him. She had had many dreams of him loving her. Nobody knew about them, it would have made anybody in her clan punish her for behaviour that was absolutely not appropriate for the heiress of such a traditional clan. Not that she cared right now.

Naruto decided to explore more after he finished with her mouth for now. Her delicious pink lips were slightly swollen from their kissing and he nibbled at her bottom lip. He slowly went down her jaw line to her neck. He was delighted to hear her moan slightly as he sucked on a point near her shoulder, that he knew from Jiraiya's books was a point where women liked to be sucked. Now he began to understand why men were so entranced with his sensei's books. While he had thought them to be boring, they were really informative for pleasuring a woman.

He was a virgin, no amount of perversion that Jiraiya had tried to corrupt him with had been successful. He had been too naïve for that. But he had been reading Icha Icha Tactics to tell his sensei what he thought about it. Now he was going to use the knowledge he had gained. While he was still sucking on Hinata's neck, his hands were roaming her body. He was exploring the beautiful girl that had stolen his heart. Those feelings were new for him, he had never felt this strongly; not even for Sakura whom he had thought he loved. He now realized it had been a cry for attention. A crush at most. This was more, so much more. He really liked Hinata. He couldn't say he loved her, he didn't know enough about love to say that, but he wanted to find out.

He slowly lifted Hinata's wet mesh-shirt and caressed her toned stomach. She lifted her arms over her head signalling him to pull the shirt over her head. He followed only too willingly. He went lower with the ministrations of his lips and his tongue. He let his mouth roam over the swelling of her breasts, which were only contained by some bindings that she obviously preferred over a bra. It was probably less distracting while fighting.

Hinata let her hands roam over his body while he was kissing places on her body she felt heavenly about. She followed the toned muscles of his arms, his sculptured back and his well toned chest. She wanted to see more. He had taken of her shirt, now it was time that he lost his as well. She pulled the rim of his shirt from his pants and shoved it up, revealing an obviously rock-hard six-pack. He looked so good. She managed to get him out of his shirt, which he answered with a playful smirk. She decided to be adventurous and began kissing down his neck and chest, like he had done with her before.

His nipples were hardening under the licks she gave them with her tongue and she could hear him making lustful sounds, he was trying to keep them inside. Her competitiveness was awoken. He had made her moan from his ministrations, she would get him to do the same. She knew from the special lessons all kunoichis got, how to please a man, even if she had fainted more than once during those lessons. She stroke his body in different parts, slowly putting her hand where she wanted it to be. She let her hand glide into his pants, feeling his hard cock.

"Oh my god, Hinata." Naruto cried out, when she began massaging his cock.

"Do you like it Naruto?" She asked seductively.

"Oh yes." Was his answer, which he groaned out.

Hinata, hit by a sudden wave of boldness, opened the button of his pants and shoved them down his legs. He helped by stepping out of them. They flew to the land, where there shirts had already met with their jackets, sandals and weapons, which they had left there before stepping onto the water. Hinata also got rid of Naruto's boxers, for the first time seeing him completely naked.

She was impressed by his cock. Eight inches long and at least two inches thick, she was itching to feel it inside of her, but for now, she wanted to make him cry out in pleasure. She went down on her knees and started licking his cock. The sounds she produced from Naruto were music in her ears.

Naruto had problems believing that his Hinata, shy Hinata, was giving him a blowjob. And wow, how great she was at it. He could understand why Pervy Sage was so intent on having sex if it felt like this. But he thought it was only as great as it felt, because he was experiencing it with Hinata. He put his hands behind her head and held it in position while she was making him feel better than ever before in his life. Oh, he would repay her for it, once she was done. He felt his arousal increasing with every second she was sucking his cock.

"My god Hinata, it feels so good." He moaned.

"Hinata, I'm … I'm gonna cum." He informed her before he unloaded his orgasm into her eagerly waiting mouth.

Hinata really liked the taste of his cum, slightly salty with a hint of ramen. Hinata tried to swallow his entire load, but some dripped down her mouth and landed on her breasts. When Naruto came down from his climax, he looked at her and thought she never looked that sexy before. Now it was his turn.

"Look at you Hinata. You have made a mess of your meal. Now I will have to clean you up." He said with a deep voice.

He pulled Hinata up to face him.

"Look, there is cum all over your breast bindings, they will have to go." He whispered in her ear while undoing the clasp of the bindings behind her back with both of his hands.

He let the bindings fall down; with a few chakra waves they were carried to the shore. Naruto started sucking Hinata's now uncovered breasts. Naruto thought he had never seen anything as beautiful in his life as Hinata. She moaned beautifully as he cleaned his cum from her upper body and sucked her hardened nipples.

He played with his tongue, letting it swirl around her nipples. Her cries of pleasure urging him to continue. He groped her bum with his hands while sucking her breasts. He made sure that both breasts were cleaned equally. He lifted her from the water surface and undid her button and pulled down her pants. It was slightly difficult as they clung to Hinata's shapely legs. But finally they were gone and Naruto lifted one of her legs over his arm like when they were dancing, stroking up and down the inside of the sensitive thigh.

When his hand was close to her panties he began stroking her pussy through the cloth of her panties. Her panties were wet and Naruto was sure it wasn't from the water of the pond alone. She moaned, wanting him to free her from the barrier between his hand and her most private area.

"What do you want Hinata?" Naruto asked huskily.

"Please…" She moaned under his caressing hands.

"Yes?" He asked smirking, not that Hinata could see it with her eyes closed in ecstasy.

"Oh please Naruto…" She moaned again.

"What do you want me to do? Tell me Hinata." He challenged her.

He wanted to know how far she would be willing to go.

"I, I want …" She started followed by a loud moan as he sucked her left breast.

"Just take me, I can't wait any longer. I need you." She cried desperately.

"Tell me exactly how you want me to take you. What do you need?" He ordered her to tell him, pulling down her panties.

Hinata put her legs around his waist, rubbing her pussy on his cock, getting a grunt of pleasure form Naruto, who felt his cock standing at attention again.

"I want you to put you big, hard cock into my pussy and fuck me as hard as you can. I want you to suck my tits until I don't know about proper behaviour anymore. I want to ride you hard and feel you filling me." She finally told him with a manic look in her eyes..

"As you wish." He replied and carried her to the shore. It would be too uncomfortable to take her on the water.

He made a shadow clone which laid their still dry jackets next to each other to give them a blanket. Naruto lowered Hinata onto the makeshift blanket and began licking her wet folds to prepare her for taking his cock. He knew it would be easier the wetter he got her. And he was sure she was a virgin as well. Hinata moaned while he licked her pussy and entered her with his tongue. She wanted to push her hands through his hair, but found them held over her head by the shadow clone.

"No, no, no Hinata, we are now controlling this. You wanted me to suck your tits, well I can do that while boss sucks your pussy to get you wet and relaxed enough to take his cock."

The clone said and began sucking her breasts hard. Hinata gasped at the twofold sensations on her body. Shadow clones was an awesome jutsu. She felt her orgasm building in her pussy. Naruto was really pushing her into bliss.

"Oh, Naruto." She moaned, only to moan louder when he entered a finger into her pussy, stroking her clit and increasing her pleasure.

"Naruto, I'm gonna cum." She shouted, unloading her juice over his face.

"Hm, you taste great Hinata." Naruto commented.

Naruto only too happily licked it all up. He waited for her to come down from her climax and dispelled his shadow clone. He positioned himself over her and kissed her lovingly. He had read that for a female virgin the first time having sex was painful as he would rupture her hymen. Yes, Jiraiya's books gave their readers that kind of knowledge.

Eventually Hinata was ready to continue. Naruto positioned his cock at the entrance of her pussy.

"Ready to have your desire become reality?" He asked her seductively.

"Oh yes, make me yours, Naruto." Hinata pleaded.

Naruto complied and slowly entered her pussy with his cock, giving her time to adjust to him. He loved the feeling he got from her pussy clinging to his hard cock. He finally met resistance. He knew what he had to do.

"Just do it fast." She whispered.

He complied and with one hard thrust, he pushed his cock the whole way inside her pussy, getting a small cry of pain from her. Even if he wanted to go on, he knew she needed a bit of time to get over the pain he had caused. He kissed her face and entered her mouth with his tongue, willing her to forget about the pain of losing her virginity. Finally she signaled him that she was ready to go on. Naruto pulled back from her pussy and thrust in again. First slowly, he also had to get used to the awesome feeling it was to fuck the gorgeous girl under him.

Then he found a good rhythm to continue. He pushed in and out of her, enjoying her moans of pleasure that he was giving her. His own lust from the repeated thrusts into her was driving him wild. Then he upped the pace and she met him with lifting her hips to take him in deeper. She had wanted him to fuck her hard and when he pulled back and slammed back into her, she cried in pleasure.

"Oh yes, harder, Naruto, fuck me harder." She shouted.

Naruto, remembering something from the book, pulled completely out of her and gave her and order. He had already figured out that she liked being dominated.

"On your hands and knees."

Hinata, shivering from lust, complied immediately. Naruto got behind her and began thrusting into her pussy again, this time he did it harder than before.

"Oh yes, just like that." Hinata moaned lustfully.

His hard and fast thrusts made her see stars; she loved every second of it. Just when she felt she was going to cum, he slammed into her again, pushing her over the threshold. The walls of her pussy clenched around his cock and Naruto couldn't control himself any longer and shot his load into her with a mighty cry.

He carefully pulled out of her and lay down beside her, fully enjoying the feeling his orgasm shot through his body. He knew he wanted to do it again. He could continue, but he would leave it to Hinata.

Some time later, none of the two had any measure of time; Hinata turned Naruto on his back and sat across him, showing off her perfect body.

"I think I remember wanting to ride you like a horse." She teased him.

"You think you can tame this steed?" Naruto teased back.

"I will have to try to find out, don't you think so, Naruto?" She asked cutely.

It was enough to get Naruto's cock hard again.

"I accept your challenge, my Lady." He said and grabbed Hinata's waist, lifting her above his hard cock.

He lowered her on it, until his full length was emerged in her pussy once again.

Hinata moaned at the welcome feeling of his cock inside of her again. Now she wanted to take advantage of being on top of him and began moving her hips forward and backward, increasing her speed with every push.

Naruto watched her breasts bouncing up and down while she was riding him, he groaned at the pleasure she was giving him.

"Play with your tits for me." He told her and like a good little submissive, Hinata began fondling her breasts for him.

He supported her hips with his hands loving the show she gave him. Eventually he had enough of just looking and pushed his upper body up and began licking her nipples, playing with them with his tongue. He gently bit them, getting some excited cries from Hinata.

"Yes, moan for me, cry my name." He whispered in her ear, while suppressing his moans of pleasure.

"Yes, Naruto, oh yes." Hinata brought out, as he came together with her, matching her movements with his hips.

"You are mine, mine alone." Naruto told her while he felt his orgasm coming closer.

"Yes, I am yours. Yours alone. I don't want any other man, just you." She promised.

With a last powerful thrust, Hinata came again and Naruto followed a split second after, unloading a second big load of his seed in her. He was just glad he had remembered to use a jutsu for preventing pregnancy for Hinata when they were dancing on the water.

Naruto held Hinata in his arms. They had made love one more time after waking up from a peaceful sleep. After that they had taken a bath in the pond, Hinata needed to get used to the sore feeling between her legs. Now they were lying on the ground together, naked, waiting for their clothes to completely dry. Naruto had made a small fire and put their clothes beside the fire to dry. They knew dawn was an hour or so away and they weren't in a hurry to return to Konoha.

"How are we going to tell my clan that we are together now?" Hinata asked Naruto worried.

"Hey, I am the hero of Konoha now, remember? They would be crazy to forbid you to be together with me." He joked.

Hinata bit her bottom lip in concern. Her father would probably be okay with her choice of boyfriend, now that Naruto had proven himself, but the elders would give them problems.

"I think my father would accept you, as would Neji and Hanabi, but the elders would not be that tolerant. They will argue over your lack of being from a clan."

"Oh, I am from a clan, it might be a small one, and only I am left of it, but I am sure the Namikaze had clan status in Konoha." Naruto answered.

"You are from the Namikaze clan?" Hinata asked surprised.

"Yes, I found out during the battle against Pain. My father was Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime Hokage. I think that should shut up any arguments, don't you think?" He asked, lowering his head and kissing her passionately.

Hinata could only agree. None of the elders would dare to say that the son of the Yondaime was unworthy of having a relationship with the Hyuga heiress.

It was around nine in the morning when the two returned to the village arm in arm. Naruto had told Hinata everything about the battle and his doubts if he could really bring peace to the world. Hinata had assured him he would manage it. He never gave up and she loved him for it. She would always support him and be by his side. Naruto for the first time felt completely at peace. The world might put stones in his way, but with this angel, that had come to him in the moonlight, he would get them out of his way. He would conquer each obstacle, knowing that there was a beautiful woman who loved him for who he was. His personal Angel in the Moonlight.