Time for Thrawn! *evil laughter* I hope I don't butcher this too badly.

May the Force be with me.


Leia was uncomfortable. She tossed and turned in bed for several hours trying to get a good position. But it seemed that being pregnant with twins meant that everything was doubled.

Finally she gave up, climbed carefully out of bed, headed for the kitchen area and poured herself a cup of blue milk and heated it up a bit.

Leaning against the counter she sipped the milk slowly.

There was trouble in the galaxy. Just how much they couldn't be sure. But with the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn in certainly spelled trouble.

At the moment they were playing a waiting game with the esteemed Grand Admiral. Waiting for Thrawn to make a move. And Leia felt that he would make his move soon but it would be a move they weren't expecting.


In another part of the Jedi Temple Mara Jade Kryze looked at wedding dresses. Luke had proposed to her four months ago and they were trying to put together a wedding that would satisfy the people that wanted to see Leia's wedding.

Another thing that was bothering her was Thrawn. She had met him on a handful of occasions and was impressed by his military prowess. But she had to admit that her future father-in-law was the better strategist, but not by much.

"Just run off to Mandalore and get married in a quiet ceremony." Her soon to be father-in-law said from the far corner of the room.

"Just fix the comm station." She shot back. "Besides people expect a big wedding."

Ani muttered something in Huttese that Mara didn't quite catch and went back to fixing the comm station.


The next day . . .

Han sighed.

He didn't like the idea of taking his pregnant wife on a mission for the Republic much less when there was Thrawn to worry about as well.

But no the Bimms want to Leia to accompany Riina Agoth to the Bimmisaari.

And to make matters worse they were told not to bring the Falcon.

Han turned and watched as Leia finished braiding her hair.

"I don't like this." He told her. "I like it even less, but Bimmisaari is important to the Republic and they did request me." Leia said.

"To the Demons with it! Your pregnant with twins. You should be taking it easy and relaxing." Han said.

"No rest for the wicked." Leia said playfully.


Leia knelt in front of Bail.

"Be good for Ahsoka, Jix and Ani, okay?" she told her two year old son. "I be good." Bail said.

Leia smiled and stood.

"Thank you Ahsoka and Jix for agreeing to take him while we are gone." She said to the two adults in the hanger.

Ahsoka smiled."It's no big deal, besides it's Skyguy's turn to guard the entrance to the Temple." Leia nodded, turned and boarded the Twilight.


The trip to Bimmisaari was long and boring. Riina Agoth barely spoke more than two words the entire time.

If it wasn't for Leia's company Han thought that there was a real possibility that he would have gone insane.


Leia sighed.

She was bored out of her mind so she jumped at the chance for a tour of one of the rooms that had tapestries dating back to the time of a war between the Jedi and Sith.

It really was quite interesting, until Leia felt strange presences in the room with her.

She turned to see a group of small gray skinned aliens watching her.

They stared at each other for several heartbeats before the aliens started to advance on her.

Leia closed her eyes and reached into the Force and shoved the aliens backwards. Then she sprinted passed them and out of the building and into the streets. She could feel them pursuing her.

She headed for the denser parts of the street and to the spaceport.

Once there she boarded the Twilight and she locked the gangplank, sat down and examined her twins. They were alright.


Mara paced in front of her mother.

"I don't want a big wedding." She told her mother. "I just want to get married in some quiet place surrounded by friends and family. But so many people want us to have a big wedding and everything." She said as she sat down on the sofa.

Satine reached over to her only child and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. "If you do not want a big wedding then don' t have one. Only invite friends and family. Do what makes you happy."


She was being watched.

Ahsoka turned to see several gray skinned aliens watching her..

She gripped Ailyn and Bail's hands tighter and hurried through one of the many open air markets on Coruscant. They were following her. They were subtle about it but they were following her.

What do they want? She wondered.

Ahsoka led the aliens through half of the market before carefully heading back for her speeder.

She quickly put the children in the back and secured them before jumping in and flying off to the Jedi Temple.