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Three months later . . .

Leia groaned. She was tired. Tired of being chased like an animal, tired of wondering if that Dark Jedi was going to show up and most of all she was tired of pushing.

"One more push." Cilghal told Leia. "That's what you said at the last push!" Leia nearly shrieked. "I mean it this time." The Mon Cala Healer said calmly.

I'm sure that she does mean it this time." Han said gently. Leia just squeezed his hand as another contraction coursed through her.


Han smiled as he held his newborn daughter in his arms. She was just hours old but she was perfect Leia was holding their second son close. Bail had already seen them and had been taken back to the Jixton/Sci-Fi quarters and was sound asleep. He was a mixture of interested in them but at the same time disappointed whe he was told that they wouldn't be playing with him anytime soon.


Luke sighed as he held Mara close to him. After being gone for three months he was happy to be back in the Temple and with his friends and family again.

"So, are we having a boy or a girl?" Luke asked his wife. "Don't you want it to be a surprise?" Mara asked. Luke smiled playfully at her. "It would be nice to know how we should decorate the room we have decided would be the baby's room." He told her.


Anakin Skywalker's eyes narrowed as a figure moved across the Plaza. It was tainted by the Dark Side and it reminded him of the reports that he had read about a Dark Jedi helping Thrawn with his campaign against the Republic.

The figure ascended the steps and Anakin recognized the figure. "Master C'baoth?" he asked, confused.


Ahsoka was getting ready for bed when a piercing shriek echoed throughout the Temple. She knew what the shriek meant: attack.


Sierra raced down the corridors for the entrance with her mother, Kira. A few others joined them. If the Temple was in danger than the intruders would either be stopped or they would die trying. The children and other students were being evacuated as she walked.

The sound of clashing lightsabers reached her.

She reached for her lightsaber and prepared to fight to the death.


C'Baoth smiled as he fought the strange creatures guarding the entrance to the Jedi Temple. They had refused him entrance after he refused to tell them where he had been the last thirty odd years.

The creatures guarding the Temple were excellent fighters but soon they would tire of fighting and then he would dispatch them.

He felt more Jedi approach.

Reaching into the Force he sent a Force Wave at the two creatures he was fighting; their cloaks fell empty to the ground and their lightsabers clattered on the ground. Confused C'Baoth reached out with the Force in order to find them.

A disturbance in the Force.

C'Baoth turned in the direction of the disturbance and caught a vibro blade that was intended for his heart.

"So, the Noghri have decided to betray the Empire and help the Jedi." He said coldly. "It was the Empire that betrayed us." A Noghri voice spat.

C'Baoth turned back to the Jedi on the steps. He recognized several standing there. One was Master Kira Dasha. She had been a knight when he had disappeared. The others he recognized from holos. Ahsoka Jixton, Sierra Lukas, Corray Ly-pah and Luke Skywalker.

For a brief moment C'Baoth felt fear. There was no way that he could face that many Jedi and get the son and daughter of the Chosen One.


Corray Ly-pah smiled vaguely. This would be her first time in combat against an enemy wielding a lightsaber.

Slowly she descended the steps with Sierra. The Dark Jedi sent a blast of Force Lighting at them. Corray caught the lighting in her had and dispersed it back into the Force.

She ignited her lightsaber and then engaged the Dark Jedi.


Luke watched for several heartbeats as Corray fought the Dark Jedi before joining in.

It was an interesting battle. The Dark Jedi would now and then throw Force Lighting at them but he would either deflect it with his lightsaber or catch it in his hand.


Pellaeon watched the battle play out.

"Everything is going as planned." Thrawn said. "Soon we will crush the Republic and we will show those pitiful rebels what happens when Grand Admiral Thrawn leads a war gr-"

Pellaeon turned away from the battle to see what was wrong with the Grand Admiral and gasped. Embedded in the chest of the Grand Admiral was a dagger; Rukh was missing.

"It was so artfully done." Thrawn whispered before going limp.


Corray watched as the Dark Jedi faltered instinctively her lightsaber sank into the Dark Jedi's chest.

Pulling her lightsaber out of the Dark Jedi she watched as he collapsed the the stairs, dead.

She swallowed. She hadn't meant to take his life but now it was too late. "You did the right thing." Luke told her.

"Master!" Adi Lukas's voice called. "The Imperials surrendered!"


Mara laid her head on Luke's chest. "We got to pick out names for the baby." She told her husband. "If it's a boy I like Jaymes and if it's a girl I like Ayrin." Mara said. "I like the name Anak for a boy and Padmé for a girl." Luke said. "Padmé Ayrin Skywalker." Mara said thoughtfully. "I like the sound of it." She said with a smile.


The End

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