Author note: so my brain is full of sillyness. If you didn't already guess that, this fic will be confirmation of my terrible sillyness. I am still working hard on Zuko and Katara's quest, but this little joyous plot bunny popped into my head and would not be silenced. It's about how Zuko and Katara are trying to keep their relationship a secret, but also trying to get it on as much as possible. Ah young, new love. Tragically, for our dynamic duo everybody finds out they are an item through a series of naked mishaps. I'll do all the important characters, in order of discovery. Toph is up first, because she is my favourite.

Without further ado.

*Whispered parts are in caps- so whisper them in your head*

Zuko and Katara were IN LOVE. But neither of them had been able to say it to each other just yet. Let alone announce it to their friends. They wanted to keep their relationship a SECRET, just for a little while. So they had been SECRETLY seeing each other and night and SECRETLY sneaking into each other rooms when they thought no one would notice. Because it was a SECRET. So don't tell anyone because it's a really BIG SECRET.

Naked mishap one! The mishap with Toph.

Toph was storming down the halls of the palace. She was furious. She couldn't believe those traitors. Aang and Sokka! Worried about her! Pfft! They should be worried about themselves when she got through with them. But first she had to see Sparky, just to clear something up. She was NOT going home anytime soon.

She'd over heard Aang and Sokka talking about her and wondering whether they should send her home to her parents. For Christmas. Because Sokka was worried that she never spoke about them, or wanted to write to them to contact them in any way. Family was important. It could be good for her to fix things with her parents. Pah! She didn't want to go home.

She thought Sparky would understand. He'd had one crazy overbearing parent that he didn't want anything to do with; surely he'd sympathize with her because she had two. Granted her parents weren't homicidal maniacs. But still. Sparky was boss of this place. He wouldn't make her go home. He would never do that to her, she was sure of it.

"Sparky I have to talk to you!" she announced as she earthbended the doors open. They swung closed behind her forcefully and there was an odd scraping noise when the popped lock slide against the wood. Oh Sparky had locked it.

There were two yelps of surprise and a lot of commotion. Sparky had company.

"Toph what are you doing here! " Sparky cried out in surprise.

"I have to talk to you." Toph said, hands on her hips.

"Well this isn't a good time right now. Can it wait? I locked that door for a reason." Sparky said sounding a little miffed. Toph could hazard a guess why. She knew who Sparky's guest was and all she could say about that was that it was about time already! She felt a little bad for interrupting them.

" oops. Sorry, Sparky. Sorry Katara." She apologized.

"What makes you think Katara's here?" Sparky said sounding apprehensive. She was blind, she wasn't stupid.

"I felt her feet a second ago, but I bet she's standing on the bed now. Because she thinks I won't be able to see her with my earthbending up there." There was a delicate sort of silence. "I'm right, aren't I?" Toph prompted.

"Look Toph, this is kind of awkward. Could you come back in like fifteen minutes and I promise what ever you want to talk to me about will get my full attention." Sparky said placatingly, but obviously wanting to get her out of the room.

"No, make it half an hour." Katara interrupted firmly. She'd stepped back down to the floor, obviously realizing that there was no point hiding from Toph on the bed, because Toph knew all. Her heart beat was fluttering like crazy and there was something off about the two of them.

" Are you two naked?" Toph always asked the blunt question.

"No, we were just, err, playing pai sho." Sparky offered. Bloody hell, how dumb did he think she was.

"You are such a liar."

When she came back in half an hour Sparky was there. Clothed she guess. He promised that he'd never send her home if she didn't want to go. All she had to do was promise to never tell anybody what she'd seen…err felt…no, sensed. Toph readily agreed. That's all she wanted, a promise that she wouldn't be sent home arbitrarily. She also figured that Uncle Iroh wasn't just anybody. He was Uncle Iroh and that made him exempt from such promises of secrecy. Zuko couldn't expect her to keep gossip this juicy from her pai sho partner.