"Harken Forth"

Genre: Everything
Time Frame:

Summary: The moments behind myth and legend.

Notes: These were written for a challenge at another site, where one writes twenty sets of five drabbles for a total hundred. The prompts did not come from me, so I am doing my best to work with what I am given – which is half of the fun, in the end.

Anything and everything is up for grabs with these, and I will try to be versatile with my characters and setting – so look out, and I hope you have as much fun reading them as I did writing them.

Week I: and they will continue wandering, these things of steel amongst the stars

I. Lights

The first time it happened, it was an accident.

Loki had remembered thinking that the training ring was too hot. The dust clung to the sweat of him, and the steel in his hand was molten. Thor's attacks were relentless, and he had been thinking, if I could only. . .

The light that leapt from his fingertips was a fervid, verdant thing that had Thor flying backwards. Magic, that snaked back under the skin of him as soon as the clearing quieted, his heavy breathing as stunned as Thor's.

Thor's eyes were bright upon him. And he grinned. "Brother, do that again!"

II. Camera

"There are no pictures in these."

"Believe it or not, there are some who look to books for the words they hold," Loki's voice was distracted – for unraveling the wards around the forbidden sections of the library was no simple feat.

Thor marveled at that. "Truly?"

Finally, Loki did roll his eyes. "Here, I have it."

Thor leaned forward to see the ancient book in his hands – a journal detailing the canyons of Invaldi, and the beasts who lived there.

"Not so useless after all, brother?" Loki mocked.

Thor rolled his shoulders, his smile a knife wound. "Come now, I feel the hunt approaching."

III. Action

There were few things that Sif found more fascinating than traveling by the bifröst.

Leading them, Thor held a fisted hand out before him as if to challenge both time space. The stars brightened him, mocking him: you small little princeling of a thing. But they let him keep his charge.

Beside her, Loki let the shadows between the stars swallow him; their light forged him, and he seemed to ebb in time with the passing of the universe more so than the rest of them.

Sif merely slanted her eyes ahead, and waited for their destination to rush upon them.

IV. Roll

You were both born to be kings.

The memory was an axis, spinning the whole of his future. Such a silly thing to say; he had thought at the time, with the firstborn being groomed for the throne, and the second son ready to be the adviser in the shadows. The words were nothing but a consolation; empty.

You were both born to be kings.

Loki looked down to see the blue that frosted over his skin; a stigma that only a careful whisper of spells hid.

You were both born to be kings.

Yes . . . of his father's people, he was.

V. Shoot

Thor still called him brother.

The title had hit him like a blow that first time they'd faced each other after the destruction of the bifröst. With steel meeting under the shadow of Midgard, the mortal warriors – Avengers, their arrogance dubbed them - were a flanking ring to them the whole of the battle.

"Brother, come home," Thor bid him over the cross of their blades.

Something uncomfortable lodged deep within him. And still he whispered, "I do not need you." I do not miss you. Loki refused to call him brother.

It was the greatest lie he had ever told.