Author's Note: I know, I know, long time no see with these. Lets fix that now. :p

I guess you could call this the result of watching the Avengers trailer one to many times. (And that said, do you know how much fun it is having Tony Stark take a prat fall? I may have indulged in that here. More than once. Hey - I was not an Iron Man fan until Robert Downy Jr. donned the suit. ;) ) On another note, I think I mixed timelines with Boom here - I believe that T'Challa married Storm after his time as an Avenger (my Civil War!verse is fuzzy ), but I was soooooo thinking about the showdown between Ultimates!verse Thor and Storm when I wrote this, and I could not resist.

Week XVI: "the mighty of earth"


Tony Stark's assessment was simple: "I thought that he'd be more ripped."

It didn't matter that Thor was built like a freaking linebacker who had gotten his hands on Banner's serum, but Pepper's eyes had lingeredon the Thunderer, and incredibly charismatic and stunning man that Tony was, he still had nothing on a God.

Of course, he was pretty sure that Pepper had looked just becauseof his annoyance. "I don't know, Mr. Stark," Pepper smirked thoughtfully. "He looked well from where I was standing."

"Must have been the light," Tony pouted.

"Indeed." Her smirk grew.

Still, all things aside . . . "Pepper, I want his cape."


Clint Barton found that the only thing better than sparring with the Thunderer was when his shield-maiden came to Earth to play. The woman was fierce and resolute, and Clint thrived in finally fighting a person who was far past his equal in the ring.

Tony laughed the first time he saw on of their matches. "Clint, you're letting a girl kick your ass."

In no time, Sif had offered her challenge, and Stark was climbing into the ring sans suit.

"Twenty bucks says she busts his nose," Darcy smirked from the sidelines.

Clint grinned. "Oh, I don't know I'd take that bet."


T'Challa brought a girl home to meet the team not long after their formation.

Ororo Monroe, one of Xavier's own, was a striking woman with dark skin and hair the color of the clouds. Her eyes, when she took to the sky, were completely white, the pure white of lightning, and Thor grinned when he felt the storms that lingered in her veins, echoing his own – for there's were kindred of spirits.

She raised a delicate hand, and around them, the sky started to rumble.

"Not bad," Thor declared as he raised Mjölnir to answer her challenge. "For a mortal."


"Still you say that magicks are nothing to the might of your science?"

Tony glared at his teammate, fingers twitching as he started to pry the ruined remains of his armor from his body.

"What's a bolt of lightening every once in a while?" Tony scathed as he threw his helmet to the ground. "Although, the information that your little brother was capable of possessing machinery could have been useful beforehand." Hence the bolt of lightning Thor had hit him with.

Thor shrugged. "You were insulting the ways of seiðr. Just be glad that you escaped with only a ruined suit."


"The man of iron is a dead weight without his armor," Sif declared.

Pepper winced as the shield-maiden sat down between Jane and Darcy. "That bad?"

"He relies on the strength of his suit, and forgets that his body is a weapon," Sif frowned. "He fights as a child amongst men – no technique, only stupid determination and faith in the infallibility of his armor. I merely pointed out his . . . weaknesses."

Natasha grinned wickedly, and summed it up: "She broke his nose during round one."

Darcy smirked. "And I totally have it all on tape," she held up her phone. "Now, hello facebook . . ."