Deleted Scenes

I kept these around just in case I wanted to add them back into the story-line. I never used them, but felt like it would be sort of interesting to share. I even added a few notes as to why the scene was deleted (other than the obvious "golly this sucks!" reasons).

So, if you're really bored out of your mind, be my guest!

Chapter 2: Sam's thoughts about the "Wes" ring

Turquoise? And gold? Those are two way too cheery colors! But, it's from Danny, and that's all that matters. Still I can't help but wonder where he got it. Did he buy it himself? And then had my name engraved on the inside even though it was originally meant for Valerie? …I do feel kind of funny wearing something originally meant for another girl, especially Valerie…

Jncera's Notes: "I scratched this because I didn't feel like it was very in-character of Sam to fret so much over a piece of jewelry."

Chapter 2: Conversation from lunch with the Mansons with Danny giving an example of a "weird question"

"Delightful!" Mr. Manson practically clapped, "What kinds of weird questions?"

"Umm…" Danny thought for a moment, staring off into the garden, "This one caught me off guard: 'If aliens landed in front of you and offered you a position on their planet, what would you choose and why?'"

Everyone at the table paused for a second and then started laughing.

"That is quite random!" interjected Mr. Manson, "How on earth did you answer? No pun intended." He chuckled at himself, and Sam almost choked on her broccoli and cheese quiche.

Danny looked over at Sam to make sure she was okay, and then replied, "Well I said I would want to be their leader, and then command that they never make contact with Earth again, and then return back here." He caught Sam's eye and smiled. "I like it here on Earth."

Jncera's Notes: "I had that in there when the plot originally contained aliens, so it was kind of a foreshadowing. Then, I came up with a new plot, and this conversation just seemed way too corny and out of place."

Chapter 3: Old plot-line where Vlad, still floating on a rock in space, encounters aliens who want to conquer Earth

A movement to his right caught his eye. It was an object that seemed to be getting larger. Another asteroid? It was moving too fast to be a space rock. Vlad stepped back in shock as it came closer and hovered above him. It was a spaceship… or, well, it looked like a vessel of some sort. It wasn't sleek and shiny like those portrayed in science-fiction movies, but disc-shaped and really…spiky. Before he could further react, a giant metal claw fell from the vessel and grabbed him, pulling him inside. Instead of phasing through, his curiosity burned brighter than caution. As his eyes adjusted to the sudden brightness, shapes came to form, and Vlad's jaw dropped.

Aliens, meet Ghost. Ghost, say hi to Aliens.

Oh, these weren't your stereotypical green aliens with disproportionally large eyes set on a disproportionally large head. These looked like a horrific blend of dark brown alien-flesh and machine, yet also strangely human-like. Each alien had what seemed to be bazooka-like weapons surgically attached to each arm. Their legs had no flesh—just bone, and their heads were dark and dome-shaped, void of faces. And they were tall—taller than any human. There were about four surrounding Vlad, staring and silent, and Vlad felt an inkling of terror and apprehension. He raised his guard and readied his ghost powers.

The metal claw holding him suddenly loosened, and returned to somewhere above him. Vlad slowly stood up, still wary of the aliens.

One of the aliens stepped aside and pointed at a holographic image sprouting from a stand nearby. The image was of a floating planet. Vlad took a stepped closer and realized it was an image of Earth!

"Yes, that is where I am from," Vlad answered slowly, unsure if it was pointless to speak. Did they even understand? He followed with a nod.

The alien that pointed at the image of Earth spoke, although the sound seemed to be coming from its torso rather than its head, "How." It was a dark menacing voice tinged with static noise, like a haunted radio.

Vlad stared at the alien's torso, slightly shocked. "How what? How I'm from there?"


"Ahh, so you want to conquer Earth, and you require my assistance?" Vlad paced around the holographic image of Earth.

"Demand," growled the alien.

Vlad roared in laughter, "No one demands anything from Vlad Plasmius!" He shot a magenta Ghost-Ray at the alien, sending it crashing into a wall.

The other three aliens quickly fired their weapons at Vlad, who simply went intangible. He soared invisibly around the confused aliens, laughing sinisterly. "You can't defeat me! Your weapons of fire and metal have no effect on me."

The aliens stopped firing and looked cautiously around the room, weapons still ready. Their comrade that had fallen lay lifeless on the floor with a steaming hole oozing brown liquid from its chest, right where a human's heart would be located.

"Now, I can help you conquer Earth," growled Vlad, still invisible, "But you'll do it under my terms."

Jncera's Notes: "This plot idea came to me after watching Battle:LA (good movie, by the way, no matter what the critics say). But then I had a better idea."

Chapter 3: Description of Sam's townhouse as Danny wanders around it

The grand foyer led to a gallery, with an elevator and a spiraling marble staircase with delicate iron banisters. Past the gallery was a grand living room, decorated in classy Old-Age opulence, complete with a grand piano in the middle, glowing from the morning light traveling through the French windows from behind. Danny could see the greenery of the garden beyond.

Danny sipped his tea and walked to the fireplace. Above the mantle was an oil painting of the Mansons. Sam, although her face was serious, she looked…relaxed, yet her violet eyes still remained penetrating and hypnotic. Danny wondered amusingly what sort of bribery or her parents agreed to in exchange for the absence of a scowl.

He returned to the gallery and ascended the stairs to the second floor, which contained a drawing room near the front of the house, and a majestic dining room with a towering ceiling and a glittering gold chandelier, hung over a large mahogany dining table. He could only imagine the chandelier's sparkle during a Manson dinner party, cascading light onto all the jewels and richness of the owners and guests. And, with a silent chuckle, he could also imagine Sam's looks of ennui as she frowned and glared through these events. He's heard one or two stories (correction, rants) about them from Sam, and from her opinion, they were the beginning designs of cruel and unusual punishment. The Mansons stopped requiring Sam's presence however, after she gloomed her way through so many that guests were beginning to spread rumors about the Mansons' lack of "child-rearing-etiquette". No doubt that was the reason why Sam wasn't required on these country-club brunches either.

Danny wandered back into the drawing room, richly furnished with leather couches, and mahogany side tables above a lush Oriental rug. There was a harp in the corner next to the fireplace, and Danny stared curiously at it, wondering if Sam knew how to play, but then laughed at the image. Somehow…it just didn't fit.

The third floor only contained a library near the front of the house, as the back was closed off, presumably part of the dining room's high walls and ceiling. The library housed floor to ceiling shelves of books, and comfortable arm-chairs in front of a fireplace (Danny wondered just how many fireplaces one house needed). Danny could only imagine Jazz's delight if she ever stepped into this room. There was a large wooden reading table by the windows as well, and Danny remembered this was where he, Tucker, and Sam had spent an evening studying after being grounded for sneaking off to Freakshow's circus (well, Danny was under mind-control, so he technically didn't sneak off to anything).

Danny ascended the stairs to the floor he knew very well—Sam's bedroom was located here, as well as her grandmother's towards the back. He assumed the last floor above them was where Mr. and Mrs. Manson's room was, along with whatever fancy areas that accompanied it and required an entire floor.

Jncera's Notes: "I modeled the layout from a floor-plan I found of a NYC townhouse on 5th Ave/Central Park. I took out the scene because it seemed extremely irrelevant. I'm kind of a house-layout-fanatic, so I just went overboard. Also, it would have made the chapter really really long. That's what she said. That didn't make sense."

Chapter 5: Original discovery of Sam's locket by Danny

Something bright amongst the crumbled concrete caught his eye. He picked it up and blew away the dirt. When he saw what it was, his breath caught in his throat again. It was Sam's locket—she must have dropped it or…Danny's eyes flashed green. Or Dan had ripped it off and flung it to be buried with Danny. His fingers wrapped around the cold silver heart. Don't worry Sam; I'm coming for you. Dan will pay for what he did to you.

Jncera's Notes: "I thought having Valerie find and giving it to Danny would be more symbolic of her "letting go" of Danny. It's also a great contrast to Sam having "Valerie's ring". While that ring was originally meant for Valerie, it had always belonged to Sam, but Sam's locket is entirely hers, and never Valerie's. I think I'm just incoherently rambling now."

Chapter 6: A Dan and Sam moment

Sam stopped breathing for a moment as she thought of Danny. She did vaguely remember the deafening noise of what sounded like a torrential rockslide. Danny's okay; I know he is; he has to be okay.

Dan observed the expression in Sam's eyes, pleased as they changed from a composed calm to dread. "Don't worry little violet," he said as he reached out a finger to stroke her pale cheek, "It was only part of the second floor. I wouldn't let your precious die that easily."

Sam closed her eyes at the touch and drew in a trembling breath, willing herself not to flinch as his icy finger traveled from her cheekbone down to her neck.

Jncera's Notes: "I just couldn't find a home for this little scene."

Chapter 7: Jncera had a nutty moment during angry Danny vs. I-don't-wanna-fight-you-bro-Dan

"You have no right to treat Sam like that," replied Dan, still invisible. His voice was steady, but laced with a feeling of regret that was unfortunately lost to his younger self.

Danny's eyes flashed and he felt his head swim with outrage. "Who do you think you are—"

Before Danny could finish his sentence, Dan suddenly broke out into song: "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? RUNNIN' ROUND LEAVIN' SCARS, COLLECTING YOUR JAR OF HEARTS, TEARING LOVE APART !"

Danny blinked in surprise. "What the f—"


Jncera's Notes: "…Yeah…this is what happens when you mix Oreos with Christina Perri. Although, if this story were a movie, this scene would have been a fantastic blooper-prank-moment."