Under the sea, there is a strange blue light. A blue light unlike any other. It could possess the mightiest of beings. Long ago, it was held by a mystical tribe, who wished to use this power to their own evil ends. However, this blue light seemed to keep a spirit who was evil to a greater extent than any of the other basic evils the ancient tribe had used it for...

Unfortunately, the troubles caused by it were so widespread, everyone who had witnessed the dark powers of the light had locked it away in the deepest of all realms. They'd locked it in the Forsaken Abyss. A place no-one dared to enter. Anyone daring to enter this area would be neutralized. Only a select few would be able to withstand the hottest wrecks, the coldest corridors.

But there is this boy. He has a great power to control the waters and push his way to victory. Howeer, he has yet to exhibit his powers on anything. He refused to harm even the opposing tribe, and their annoying cronies. A pacifist, so to speak. Boy oh boy, did everyone hate that... Nobody would have ever expected him to be the savior of the village one day. The Hero of River. And his name. Was Crackle Jale.

"OUCHIE!" Speaking of Crackle. He was currently being tested on his durability. His trainer being his brother, who liked to use scare tactics and violent attacks to train the younger. Alas, these works did not appear to have an effect on the one he was trying to strengthen. All it did was make him go farther into his hole of fright.

"Come on, you wimp! Get over here and try to knock back these electric spikes with your shield!" Three electric lightling bolts fired quickly at the other's rock shield. Unfortunately, he couldn't hold it up fast enough, and, once again, was knocked back by the force of the attack. "Ahh...That one hurt worse...Than the last 5...Pizasio, I wanna stop..."

Pizasio did a dounble facepalm combo and trudged on forward to Crackle's location, clear across the lake. "Why'd I have to get stuck with such a weak brother like you? Good Ingrid, I don't deserve this." He roughly picked his brother and flung him back to their training spot. H honestly thought he couldn't get his bro to work properly.

Suddenly, it began to rain harder than earlier. You could practically hear your ears ringing. Crackle cringed at the thunder and dashed back inside. He sure gives up easily when it comes to weather conditions.

Pizasio groaned out loud and sat on a rock. "You have GOT to be joking. If he can't even stand rhe basic thunder problems around here, and realize that it wasn't going to kill him to stand out in the freezing emperature for a bit, I could make some progress here...I'm starting to doubt the village elder's prophecy that he's gonna be a hero one day. Klomorage, he's such a wimp!" He kicked a rock andgrily and yelled to the sky.


It was going to be a very long time before, Crackle got a hero's position, huh?