The mice were getting a bit impatient at how they have to wait for the next map to load. Our hero in this story is a little mouse, who had just started playing this kind of game so, basically to make you feel like you're really into this story and game, let's call him Noob. He knew that his going to be the next shman for the next map. He was rally nervos because it was he's first time. The downcount for the next map started.


„Ill make it!" Noob thought to himself. Little did he know that the next map was one of the ahrdest ever. Not even the Pro's could make it. The map loaded. He spawned on top of somekind of a platform. And under the platform he heard a bunch of mice murmurs.

Suddenly, Noob panicked. He saw the map completely now. It was something he had never EVER seen in his life. It was so horrible that it can't even be described. Noob noticed the shaman tools he could summon. There was a two kins of plaknks plank, cannon, boxes and many other things he didn't know wat they were. But that makes sence. Since his a mouse.

The mice under him were already getting impatient.

„Go nub shaman!" screamed some mice. Noob couldn't see who it was because he was too busy figuring out what to do. Not that he came up with a brilliant idea but being busy trying to figurē out the map is very important for the shaman. Noob tried to spawn a plank but he somehow couldn't. To summon something, the shaman must raise his or her paws in the air and sing Taio Cruz's song Dynamite lyrics „I throw my hands up in the air sometimes saying AYO gotta let go!" but sence his so noobish he had no idea he had to sing. He raised his paws up but all he could see is the soul of the plank. Seeing the soul of something is really creepy so he panicked even more. Now, he couldn't understand what was going on around him. He heard alotof screams and annoyed howls from the mice below him. He now was enraged by what's happening around him. He couldn't believe that the're where so many mean mice out there. His anger summoned the Cannon. He aimed for the mice below him. The next thing he heard was mice screaming in terror and falling out of the maps range, turning into soulless bubbles.

I'm a murderer... Noob thought. He couldn't believe he actually killed someone. In fact, he dident just kill one mice. He killed at least 234 mice. How could he continue living on with such a horrible sin hidden down in his heart? He knew that whenever he'd see a bunch of mice or himself even, hed thank of the horrible murder he had done.

No.. I can't live on like this. Not with such a horrible darkness in my heart.

He took a step closer to the end of the platform. He's eyes started sweating. They were sweating so much that his vision blurred.

Noob looked at the bottom of the map. There it was. The sun.

It's really beautiful. How could I never notice how beautiful it is?

He yet again took a step closer to the platforms end. Then, without even realizing, he fell down into the abyss. While falling, his life flashed before his eyes. All the cheese he had gather and the 2 firsts he had achieved. He was relieved until he saw the angry faces of the mice alive under his platform. He now could face them. They were yelling something to him but he couldn't understand it nor could he hear it. He had already fell. Fell down into the darkness of his soul and the end of the map. He turned into dark red bubbles because of all the sin he had commited.

Am I dead yet? No.. How could I be dead if I can hear my own thoughts? There's sometihng wrong. I can feel my soul being consumed by something dark and evil. I don't like this at all. What's going on? No.. Stay back!

To Be Continued.