„Um.. Hey, Shadow. I have to tell you something." Noob, while looking totally nota t her, said.

„If it's about you loving me or anything like that, I don't care. I'm busy practicing walljumping." Shadow said in a rather annoyed tone. She didn't intend to sound so mean but that's how she is around her friends.

„No, it's about my past. I need to tell you this so that I wouldn't be the only one suffering of this. I want to push it all on you so that I'd feel a bit more free from the inside because my life is so rough I can't keep all the bad things inside." He said a bit shamefully. He had never said anything like that in his life. It felt good. He will most definitely say that again sometime because it makes him sound romantic. He likes that.

„Um, ok. Let's go to a room where no one will bother us."

They went to room 395827. It was a great idea because no one would ever be able to write such a hard combination of numbers. Shadow indeed was a master at this game. They sat down on a platform. Noob looked into Shadow's eyes and saw her getting a bit impatient and nervous. He smiled at her and Shadow flinched. Was his smile really that ugly? Anyway..

„Shadow. I have to tell you about my past but before that please promies me that you will always stay by my side and you won't have me because of what I just said, okay?"

„Yeah, just hurry up with it."

„My life is horrible, I was born in a horrible family, my father hit my mother and so she couldn't take it anymore so she took a gun and killed herself. My father after that blamed him for tha he used violence to show him mother how much he loved her, so he started beating me up and I couldn't take it anymore so I ran away from home only to be caught by humans and put into somekind of a game and stuffed inside the land of Transformice. My first weeks were horrible, they made me test out all the new maps and everything. I kept dying all over again. It hurt me so much that I started thinking of murdering everyone. The place where I was, was secured so it was impossible to escape but I used my geniusmouse mind and ran away and ended up in normal maps. Then it was my turn to be shaman and I turned all evil and killed everyone and then I killed myself and woke up in a dark place where weird voices were talking to me and I respawned in your map with you being shaman and I fell in love with you but I had to troll you. After your map I spent 938295 hours searching for you to confess my feelings to you and now we're here and you're listening to me say everything about my past." Noob took a deep breath and looked at Shadow. She was so pissed of at him that he saw a blazing red aura behind her. He freaked out.

„TL;DR!" Shadow yelled at him and surprisingly enough she was shaman and she spawned a cannon and aimed at him. Noob couldn't move and he was stiff in fear. He couldn't believe he was betrayed by his lover. She shot the cannon by singing Taio Cruz's Dynamite song's lyrics and shot him down the platform. Shadow saw red and black bubbles and that's when she realized what she had done. She couldn't believe herself and started crying. She cried for 2 seconds and then started laughing like a maniac and then cried again. She wouldn't be able to live with such a horrible sin inside of her. She had killed her one and only. Shadow slowly started singing Dynamite and aimed the cannon at herself. She cried while summoning it and then she felt the cannon hit her and push her off the platform, turning herself into bubbles.