Author's Note: This is my first fic ever and English isn't my native language, so please don't judge too harsh. It has no beginning so you can "unleash your imagination". Hope you'll enjoy it, though it's kind of sad. Reviews please!

"Oh, wench. Such a preposterous idea could come only to your big ugly head..."

"What idea?" Brienne spat a blood clot.

"The idea of giving your life for the Kingslayer with shit instead of honour."

"But I didn't..."

"Oh, really? With wounds like yours can you truly believe you'll live long and happy life and give a dozen sons to the man, who'll be witless enough to marry you?"

"I only wanted to say I didn't give my life for the Kingslayer..."

"For whom then? For the man who fucked his own sister and betrayed his own brother? For the man who tried to kill innocent child? For the man who felt nothing when he heard of his first-born's death? For the man who always lies? For the man to whom you can feel nothing but despisal?

"No. For the man who has been faithful to one woman all his life, though the choice wasn't quite... proper. For the man who tries to follow his heart, not some stupid oaths... "

Jaime raised an eyebrow and grinned.

"...for the man who saved my life for so many times when it was far more sensible just to let me die. For the man who has some light within, even if he can't see it. For the man I...

She shuddered and close her eyes as pain stroke her like a lightning.

"What?" yelled Jaime. He grabbed her with his hands, the flesh and the golden, and pulled her closer to him.

Finally she opened her eyes and whispered:

"Thank you, Jaime..."

"For what?"

"For sapphires..."

She reached out and touched his stubble-covered cheek with her pointer finger and closed her sapphire eyes for evermore.

And he roared like a great lion of western hills. His roar was full of pain, anger, despair and something else that even he was afraid to name...